Here's how Anthea and Concordia healed Ash and resurrected Ash in Weekenders Adventures of I, Robot.

[In the forest Anthea and Concordia are going to but Ash's body into the water to help heal Ash's wounded when he was killed]

Anthea: I hope this will work.

Concordia: It might and it may not.

[They Ash's body into the pond and magically heals his wound, and then Ash is risen]

Ash: [opens his eyes] Uh.. wha... what's going on?

Anthea: Hello Ash.

Ash: Anthea?......Concordia?

Anthea: Yes, Ash.

Concordia: We've resurrected you, Ash.

Ash: How did you know my name?

Anthea: We have been spying you, on your adventures.

Concordia: but we have to get you back to your friends, they need you.

Ash: What?!

Anthea: They're in trouble.

Ash: Well, what are we waiting for! Let's go!

Concordia: Then we must act fast.

Ash: Right!

[Ash, Anthea, and Concordia head toward the others]