Here is the scene where Ash, Pikachu, Tai & Agumon Emerl meets Hoopa and they meet Meray and Rigby & Mordecai's old friend Nikolai in Team Robot in Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages.

(Then we see Ash, Pikachu, Tai, Agumon and Emerl are dragged outside of the ring reveal to be a Confined Hoopa)

Hoopa: Ali Hoopa-

(He sees the five heroes as they crash to the ground)

Emerl: Ow!

Tai Kamiya: That hurts.

Agumon: You said it.

Ash Ketchum: Hey? Where are we?!

Emerl: I don't know?

Tai Kamiya: Take a look at this.

Ash Ketchum: (Looks at the ring) Did you think it came through this?

(Ash points his finger and then reaches his arm inside the ring)

Agumon: Is that a ring?

Emerl: But, where did that come from?

(Then suddenly Hoopa came in front of the ring)

Hoopa: Were you surprised?

Tai Kamiya: (Jumps) Whoa!

Agumon: (Jumps) Yikes!

Emerl: (Jumps) What the?!

Ash Ketchum: (Jumps) We sure are.

Pikachu: Pika.

Ash Ketchum: So who are you?

Emerl: Wait are you...?

(Hoopa eats the donut and swallows)

Hoopa: Hoopa!

Ash Ketchum: Hoopa? Are you are Pokémon?

Agumon: It is a Pokémon.

Emerl: The Legendary Pokémon that can uses it's rings to summon everything.

(Pikachu grabs Ash's ears and turns)

Ash Ketchum: Hey, what is it Pikachu?

Emerl: Is there a problem?

(Then they see the view of the city. Ash remembers the tower in the flashback)

Ash Ketchum: It's Dahara City.

Pikachu: Pika.

Emerl: Oh my gosh!

Agumon: No, way!

(They run to Hoopa)

Ash Ketchum: So the ring did that?

Tai Kamiya: Your the one who transported us here to this place, didn't you?

Hoopa: Hoopa never saw one of those.

Ash Ketchum: Well this is Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pika.

Hoopa: Pikan!

Ash Ketchum: No not Pikan, it's Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pikachu.

Ash Ketchum: And my name is Ash.

Emerl: And I'm Emerl leader of the Sega Unit Patrol Squad 1.

Tai Kamiya: My name is Tai.

Agumon: I'm Tai's digimon Agumon.

Hoopa: Ashkan. Emerkan. Taikan. Agukan.

Ash Ketchum: It's Ash.

Emerl: I'm Emerl.

Tai Kamiya: I'm Tai.

Agumon: It's Agumon.

Hoopa: It's Ashkan and Emerkan.

Ash Ketchum: No, it's Ash.

Emerl: No, I'm Emerl.

Tai Kamiya: I told you it's Tai.

Agumon: And my name is Agumon.

Hoopa: (Repeats) Pikan, Ashkan, Emerkan, Taikan, Agukan.

Ash Ketchum: Your kinda strange.

Pikachu: Pika.

Emerl: I'm sure it's just being playful.

Tai & Agumon: Tell me about it.

Hoopa: Do you like Pikan?

Ash Ketchum: You mean, Pikachu. Pikachu's my best friend.

Emerl: Don't forget that we're your best friends too, Ash.

Ash Ketchum: That's right, Emerl.

Hoopa: Best friends, huh? Look. (Hoopa brings out two rings)

Tai Kamiya: What is Hoopa going to do now?

Hoopa: Ali Hoopa Ring!

(Hoopa summons a swarm of Pikachu)

Emerl: What the?!

Agumon: Pikachu!

Tai Kamiya: Lots of them!

Hoopa: Hoopa! Hoopa! Hoopa! Hoopa!

(Then 5 Cosplay Pikachus appears)

Agumon: Five Cosplay Pikachu!

Hoopa: Hoopa! Hoopa!

(Then Hoopa stops bring more and it's rings comes back to it's horns)

Hoopa: Were you surprised?

Emerl: We sure are.

(Then six Pikachu hangs on Ash's arms and legs and he trips)

Tai Kamiya: Now which one is Ash's Pikachu?

Agumon: How should I know? There's so many of them.

Hoopa: Ashkan. Ashkan! 'Kay Now which one's your Pikan?

Emerl: I don't know? There's so many of them and it's hard to find out which one is Ash's Pikachu?

(Ash grabs his Pikachu)

Ash Ketchum: This one.

Pikachu: Pikachu.

Emerl: Good thinking finding out which one is yours.

Hoopa: (Falls to the ground and starts whining) Awww Hoopa lost! Hoopa lost!

Agumon: Give it a rest kid.

Tai Kamiya: Uh, Agumon.

Emerl: All the Pikachu are going to zap us!

(Then a group of Pikachu unleash their Thunderbolt attack zapping Ash, Emerl, Tai and Agumon. Then we see a woman and a goat appears and sees the event)

Nikolai: Come on.

(Cut to Ash, Emerl, Tai and Agumon are zapped)

Emerl: Well, that was shocking.

Tai Kamiya: I can feel electricity is paralyzing my body!

Agumon: Yeah, me too.

Meray: Hoopa! What's all this?

Nikolai: What did you do?

Hoopa: Meray! Nikolai!

Ash Ketchum: Your trainers?

Emerl: Who is that Goat?

Tai Kamiya: And that woman too?

Meray: What are all these Pikachu doing here?

Hoopa: Hoopa ringed them here!

Meray: I told you not to do that, didn't I?! Send them back or you wouldn't get your donut. Do you understand?

Nikolai: Meray, be careful!

(Meray accidentally steps on one of Pikachu's tail and shocks her)

Hoopa: (Snickers)

(Meray Got paralyzed)

Nikolai: Are you okay?

Meray: I'm fine and send them all back!

Tai Kamiya: Okay.

Pikachu: Pikachu! Pika Pika!

(Then Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to listen to many Pikachus, Much to everyone's surprise)

Agumon: That's quiet shocking.

Tai Kamiya: So what is Pikachu doing now?

(Then Pikachu jumps and listens to many pikachus)

Meray: Oh my word.

Hoopa: Amazing, Pikan, amazing!

Ash Ketchum: Alright, Hoopa. Now!

Hoopa: Hoopa!

(Hoopa flies next to Ash's Pikachu where tells all of the Pikachu to listen to him)

Hoopa: Pikan, leave it up to Hoopa!

(Hoopa brings out two rings as all the Pikachu went inside the ring)

Ash Ketchum: All Right!

Hoopa: (Repeats) Let's go!

Tai Kamiya: I think we're almost done.

Hoopa: That's good, Let's go!

(Then Ash, Emerl, Tai, Agumon, Nikolai and Meray walks up to Pikachu and Hoopa)

Hoopa: Let's go!

(All of the many pikachus send them back where they belong Then Hoopa puts two rings back into it's horns)

Ash Ketchum: Thanks, Pikachu. Good job.

Agumon: You did a good job.

Meray: Thank you very much.

Nikolai: Did a wonderful job.

Emerl: Your very welcome.

Meray: But, who are you people.

Hoopa: (Giggles)

(Back at the Pokémon Center)

Sparx: What's taking them?

Chumley: Uh, are they're going to be okay?

Slumbo: I think so.

T.K. Takaishi: I'm feeling worried about Ash, Pikachu, Emerl, Tai and Agumon.

Patamon: Me, too.

Kari Kamiya: Where could Tai be disappear to? I'm beginning to worry about him and Agumon.

Gatomon: Same here. 

Philmac: I look everywhere and there's no sign of them anywhere.

Xion: I sure hope, Emerl is okay.

Buttercup: What's taking them so long?!

Gilda: Yeah, This is taking a while.

Rainbow Dash: (Groans) There taking a little while!

Fluttershy: I'm feeling worried.

Discord: I'm sure they're will be okay.

CJ: When will they come back?

Mordecai: (Sighs) I don't know?

Anger: It was those Villains I'm gonna make them all punished for kidnapping our friends!

Disgust: Anger, Stay cool.

Fear: Find a happy place. 

Mark EVO: Geez.

(Then a ring appears)

Ash Ketchum: We're back!

Emerl: Did you miss us?

Tai & Agumon: What's up!

Sweetie Belle: There they are!

Pinkie Pie: Found them!

Bonnie: Ash!

Xion: Emerl!

Kari Kamiya: Tai! Agumon!

Mordecai: Dudes!

Matt Ishida: How did you get back there?!

Raimundo: Where have you guys been?

Thomas the Tank Engine: Are the five of you okay?

Agumon: Come on.

(Ash pulls Bonnie into the ring)

Serena: Bonnie!

(Serena gets inside the ring too)

Emily: What is going on here?

Gordon: What is this?

Emerl: You're next, Clemont.

Agumon: Grab him.

(Ash grabs Clemont into the ring)

King Dedede: What the heck?

Escargoon: What's going on?

Tai Kamiya: Come with us.

(Tai and Agumon grabs King Dedede and Escargoon)

Rouge: Where they're going?

Dave: What's with the ring?

Emerl: (Pops out of the ring) What are you waiting for everyone? Let's go. (Goes back in the ring)

Smitty: Okay, let's go.

Scott: Okay. 

Philmac: Ah man.

Shadow: Chaos Control!

(Team Robot members teleport where Ash, Emerl, Tai and Agumon drag the heroes into a different location)

Twilight Sparkle: We'll that was strange.

Sunset Shimmer: Yeah, that ring came out of nowhere and our friends are here and transport us here.

G-Merl: Where are we?

Armadillomon: And what is this?!

Gobba: Look!

(They see Dahara City)

Clemont: Dahara City!

Bonnie: But how?

Knuckles: How did we get here?!

Tennesse Tuxedo: What the heck is that?!

Tai Kamiya: The ring.

Agumon: Tell them, Ash.

Ash Ketchum: It was this ring. It brought us here.

Emerl: Go on and show yourself to our friends.

(The ring change to a small shape and goes back to Hoopa's horns)

Hoopa: Were you surprised? Come on! Were you surprised?

Serena: Yeah, I sure was.

Kitty Katswell: I sure was too.

Applejack: We are surprised.

Cream: Same here.

Bonnie: A Pokémon?

Clemont: I've never seen it before.

Twilight Sparkle: It is a Pokémon.

Ash Ketchum: See it's name is Hoopa.

Discord: Hoopa, Nice name.

Twilight Sparkle: Oh, yeah! I've heard of Hoopa before in the history book of Pokémon.

Ash Ketchum: It tricked Chespin and Teslo into eating a Tamato Berry as a prank.

Volectro: So that's why.

Takuya Kanbara: So it was Hoopa replacing donuts to Tamato berries and that makes Chespin's and Teslo's mouth on fire, which is that bad.

Joe Kido: (In Dave's voice) What is wrong with you?!

Rainbow Dash: That's a good prank.

Disgust: You mean a not good prank.

Teslo: You burn't my mouth!

Krader: Yeah! That's not funny!

Kimiko: (Laughing) Very funny.

Christopher Thorndyke: That was a little funny.

(Hoopa Giggles)

Joy: Hi Hoopa, Nice to be Joyful!

Sora Takenouchi: Wow, look at Hoopa.

Mimi Tachikawa: It's so cute!

Scootaloo: It is cute.

Applejack: Your so adorable!

Edward: That's Hoopa.

Anna: Wow, A Ghost and Psychic type!

Honey Lemon: Hello Hoopa!

Wasabi: Looks very playful.

Fred: Now your telling.

Elsa: Nice to meet you!

Kari Kamiya: You love eating Donuts! Don't you?

Slusho: It kinda does like donuts!

(Meray and Nikolai arrives)

Meray: We're sorry you were startled.

T.K. Takaishi: That's okay.

Rouge: Yeah, it was necessary.

Kiva: There's no need to be worried.

Classic Tails: I'm sure Hoopa is just being playful.

Nikolai: What's up?

Vampos: Who is that goat?

Rigby and Mordecai: Nikolai!

Mordecai: It's good to see you!

Nikolai: Good to see you too.

Emerl: You know him?

Rigby: Yeah, he was a really cool friend of me and Mordecai and our friends in the park.

Kiva: He might be nice.

Bash: He is nice.

Discord: I have never met him before.

Skarloey: Now we do.

Emerl: Nice to meet you, Nikolai. My name is Emerl the leader of the Sega Unit Patrol Squad 1.

Nikolai: Nice to meet you too.

(Emerl and Nikolai shake their hands)

Carol: Your so nice.

Milla: Nikolai is nice name.

Nikolai: Thank you. So who are those colorful creatures?

Tai Kamiya: We like to introduce you to the Mixels.

Agumon: This is Flain, Vulk and Zorch the Infernites.

Gabumon: These are the Cragsters. Krader, Seismo and Shuff.

G-Merl: Meet the Electroids. Teslo, Zaptor and Volectro.

Elsa: This is Flurr, Slumbo and Lunk the Frosticons.

Percy: Meet the Gobba, Jawg and Chomly the Fang Gang.

Mimi Tachikawa: This is Kraw, Tentro and Balk the Flexers.

Matt Ishida: Meet Glomp, Glurt and Torts the Glorp Corp.

Tommy Himi: Meet Scorpi, Footi and Hoogi the Spikels.

Kari Kamiya: I like you to meet Magnifo, Mesmo and Wizwuz the Wiztastics.

Zoe Orimoto: There we got Niksput, Nurp-Naut and Rokit the Orbitons.

Takato Matsuki: Theses are Infernites cousins. Burnard, Meltus and Flamzer.

Izzy Izumi: This is Globert, Vampos and Boogly the Glowkies.

Davis Motomiya: This is Gox, Jinky and Kazmo the Klinkers.

Joe Kido: Meet Frosticon cousins. Krog, Chilbo and Snoof.

Cody Hida: Meet the Lixers. Spugg, Turg and Tungster.

Sora: This is Kramm, Forx and Wuzzo the Weldos.

Sonic: These are Glorp Corp Cousins. Dribbal, Gurggle and Slusho.

T.K. Takaishi: And at last but not least. Vaka-Waka, Snax and Berp the Munchos.

Tai Kamiya: You can call them Mixels for short.

Nikolai: It's really nice to meet all of you Mixels.

Rich: I'm glad you meet them.

J.P. Shibayama: Who are you ma'am?

Meray: My name is Meray. I'm taking care of Hoopa.

Lilac: It's an honor to meet you.

Joy: Your so nice. Very nice.

Zoe Orimoto: That reminds me of something.

Scorpi: What?

Wuzzo: Ash's Backpack and Serena's bag.

Berp: Oh, yeah, that's right.

Spyro: We can't leave their stuffs behind.

Burnard: Hoopa bring them here.

(At the Pokémon Center a ring apppears and Hoopa grabs Ash's backpack and Serena's backpack)

(Ash puts his shirt on)

Ash Ketchum: Oh, man. I'm really thirsty wow.

Clemont: I really love a nice cool drink of water.

Joe Kido: I want cool water too.

Gomamon: I want water too.

Tai Kamiya: I'm hot, bring us a bottle of water.

Goofy: I'm thirsty too.

Donald Duck: Same here.

Hiro Hamada: I want water too.

Tails: I want water as well.

Bonnie: Yeah, water please.

Ryo Akiyama: Cyberdramon and I need water too.

Sonic: Go ahead bring us water.

Sora: Bring me water too.

Hoopa: Okay. Water, water, water!

(Hoopa brings out a ring and grew into a large size. Then a ring appears and sucks the water from the pool)

Hoopa: Water! Ali Hoopa Ring!

(Water comes out and splashes the heroes)

Hoopa: Lots of water! Lots of water!

Nikolai: No, Hoopa! That's wrong!

Meray: That's too much! They only wanted a cup of water!

(Then the water stops leaving the heroes soaked and wet)

Flain: Oh, man!

Gobba: Whoa!

Serena: No! I'm soaking wet!

Kraw: I'm so wet!

Bonnie: Why did you do that?

Disgust: Ugh, Now you got us all wet!

Flamzer: This is a joke?

Meltus: Not funny.

Gabumon: Soaked and Unlucky.

Matt Ishida: Seriously?

Shuff: We said bottle of water!

Gox: Not the water from the pool!

Burnard: Look what you did! You make me and the Infernites and cousins lost our fire!

Teslo: Not cool!

Krader: Yeah! That's not cool!

Cody Hida: Wow, now Hoopa got us all soggy.

Armadillomon: Not nice!

Glomp: What was that for?!

Sadness: That isn't funny.

Volectro: Yeah!

Teslo: You were suppose to bring a bottle of water!

Anger: Congratulations Hoopa, You got us all wet, First The water balloons and now you.

Sonic: Look on the bright side. We wouldn't be hot from the heat.

Scorpi: Oh yeah, Now I get it.

Clemont: Well, at least we all got cooled off.

Snoof: So to the others.

Boogly: Yeah, us too.

Seismo: You're right.

Teslo: Okay, That's funny.

Magnifo: I think it is.

Wizwuz: It sure is.

Kiva: Well, we love going for a splash in the summer!

Rigby: Next time, bring us a bottle of water instead of the water from the pool.

Eileen: Or we should just say Bottle of water.

(Nurse Joy and Wigglytuff sees the pool is empty)

Nikolai: So what are you trying to do?

Serena: Well, we we're planing to go see Dahara tower.

Vampos: That's right.

Rheneas: I can't wait to get there.

Flurr: They even say there's a mythical Pokémon in the tower.

Meray: Oh, we're going too.

Takuya Kanbara: Wow! That's kinda cool you're coming with us to see Dahara tower.

Ash Ketchum: I know.

Hoopa: Let's go together.

Bonnie: Okay. Why don't we all travel by rings.

Clemont: That's a great idea!

Knuckles: That's a very smart idea, Bonnie.

Sir Handel: What are we waiting for?

Rusty: Use the ring to transport us to Dahara Tower.

(Hoopa brings out a ring as everyone goes in and they enter Dahara Tower)

Volectro: That was easy!

Teslo: Yeah, now we wait for our friends to come.

Duncan: Right.

(Back to the others)

Emerl: Alright, let's go. Lady's first.

Xion: Thanks, Emerl.

(Xion gets in the ring)

Huey: Shall we?

Dewey: Sure.

Louie: Okay.

(Huey, Dewey and Louie gets in the ring)

Mordecai: You first, CJ.

CJ: Thank you.

Rigby: Don't forget about you.

Eileen: That's really nice of you.

(CJ and Eileen gets in the ring)

Hoopa: Hoopa, too!

Meray: Hold on!

Nikolai: Wait!

(As Hoopa enters the ring trying to get through, but it suddenly bounces Hoopa off)

Ash Ketchum: Hoopa, you okay?

Shuff: What happened?

Cynder: I don't know?

Meray: Hoopa. How could you forget?

Davis Motomiya: Alright, I don't understand why did the ring bounces Hoopa off?

(Serena, Bonnie, Pikachu, Dedenne, Xion, CJ, Eileen Volectro and Teslo pops out of the ring)

Teslo: What's the hold up?

Eileen: What's taking you so long?

Serena: Guys. Something wrong already?

Bonnie: Hurry up already!

Pikachu: Pika, pika.

Xion: Is there a problem?

Nikolai: We need to talk about Hoopa.

(Meanwhile, Team Rocket are on the Meowth Balloon looking at Dahara city)

Meowth: Well looky what we got here. The twerp.

James: A company by Pikachu.

(Jessie's binoculars zooms in to see Hoopa)

Jessie: What Pokémon is that? Strange.

(Cut to the heroes)

Raimundo: Okay, why can't Hoopa go through?

Meray: Unfortunately, Hoopa can't travel through it's own ring just yet.

Michelangelo: Bummer.

Raphael: Well that really stinks.

Donatello: Maybe someday it will travel through it's own ring soon.

Ash Ketchum: Oh, I see.

James the Red Engine: I really hate that Ring can't let Hoopa past.

Sadness: So what do we do now?

Rigby: Yeah, we can travel the ring, but Hoopa can't past through.

Ash Ketchum: That's easy will just walk.

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Sora Takenouchi: Try to cheer Hoopa up by giving it something it likes, Serena.

Serena: Good idea. (She brings a box of donuts and opens it) This is will cheer you right up, then we can go.

Hoopa: Oh, wow! Donuts! (Hoopa eats the donut)

Kari Kamiya: So?

Serena: Is it good?

Hoopa: It's so yummy!

(Hoopa spins and then smiles)

Mimi Tachikawa: Hoopa is so adorable!

Sora Takenouchi: I really like Hoopa a lot!

Biyomon: Me, too!

Honey Lemon: You said it!

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