Ash Ketchum Meets Joseph: King of Dreams is an upcoming Pokémon crossover made by Toonwriter. It will be uploaded on Google Drive in the near future.


Ash and his friends travel back in time to Ancient Egypt and meet a young Canaanite gifted with the ability to interpret dreams named Joseph, who had been sold into slavery by his jealous and selfish older brothers. But when Joseph was jailed for a long time, Ash and his friends decide to teach him how to get around Egypt. But as time went by, the Pharaoh had two dreams with a similar story. Joseph tells him that both dreams mean seven years of plenty and seven years of famine will strike Egypt and everyone will die of starvation. Ash and his friends decide to help Joseph carry out his plan to store as much food as they can before the seven years of famine happens.


  • This movie is a prequel to Ash Ketchum Meets The Prince of Egypt.
  • In the middle of the movie, when Ash and his friends meet Joseph for the first time, they will ask about Joseph's family. Joseph tells them that his family all died from a terrible plague and left him orphaned. But when his brothers came to Egypt for food, Clemont overhears Joseph revealing to Asenath that the men he accused were his brothers. After hearing that, Clemont reveals to Ash that Joseph had been lying the whole time. Ash at first didn't believe it, but when he finds the mural with pictures of him, his father Jacob, and his brothers on it, Ash was shocked and angry at the same time. But Serena consoled him and asked him to find it in his heart to forgive him, which he did when Joseph reveals himself to his brothers.


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