Here's how the asteroid choose, arriving at the Pewterschmidt house, and Chris' hunt for Marguerite begins in Attack of the Clone Equines.

[Soon it sidesipes to Rogue's ship heading towards Geonosis, followed by Blythe's Jedi starfighter and follows them]

[but then the scanner picks up Blythe's Jedi Starfighter]

Leo: Dad, I think we're being tracked!

Rogue: She must've put a homing device on our hull! Hang on son, we'll fly into the asteroid feild. And we'll havce some special suprises for her.

Leo: [chuckles sinisterly]

[Then as the ship flies into the asteroid feild, the ship releases a sonic bomb]

T7: [beeps in concern]

Blythe Baxter: Oh great, sonic bombs! Stand by!

[she then flies around it, but then bomb hits an asteroid and explodes, sending several bits flying at Blythe's Starfighter.]

T7: [beeps]

[tyhen another sonic bomb is dropped and it explodes, which sends more bits flying everywhere, but Blythe manages to avoid them]

Rogue: She doesn't seem to take a hint, this girl. [he then flies the ship into a tunnel in one asteroid.]

[Blythe follows behind, just as Rogue's ship isflying for several rockways]

Leo: Watch out!

[but Rogue manages to avoid them and he flies out, just Blythe flies out too]

Blythe Baxter: Hey! Where'd they go?

[then Rogue's ship flies out from behind another asteroid and flies behind Blythe's starfighter]

Lep: Get her, dad! FIRE!!!

[Rogue then fires the laser turrents at Blythe's ship]

Blythe Baxter: Blast! This is why I prefer having the the pets with me when flying!

[She tries to avoid the shots, but gets her!]

Leo: We got her!

Rogue: Time to finish her off.

[then he fires rockets!]

Blythe Baxter: Oh, great! [she then flies around several asteriods, trying to lose it, but it keeps up with her] T7, prepare to release the spare part canisters.

T7: [beeps in response]

Blythe Baxter: Release them now!

[T7 releases the spare parts canisters and the rocket hits the spare parts as Blythe escapes and her shiup doesn't appear on the scanner again]

Rogue: Well, I think that's the last we'll see her.

Leo: [chuckles in delight]

[But as they fly intop the autmostphere, we see Blythe's Starfighter hiding on another asteroid, as Rogue's ship then flies in and then lands in a landing bay]

Blythe Baxter: Alright, we've waited long enough. Let's go in, T7.

T7: [beeps]

[Blythe then flies into the planet and flies above the surface]

Blythe Baxter: Looks like some Sepratist starships, T7.

T7: [beeps in agreement]

[Blythe then lands her Starfighter out somehwere near the cliffs and then hops out]

Blythe Baxter: Stay here, T7. I'll go check in out.

[She goes to check things out and it sideswipes back to Chris and Sunset]

Sunset Shimmer: BB-8, stay with the ship.

Duck: Anyone wanna go for a swim in the pond?

Little Bear: We already did that, this morning.

Cat: Let's go find something to eat.

Little Bear: But we just had lunch!

Cat: So?

Hen: So we're not hungry.

Chris: Little Bear?

Little Bear: [gasps] Chris! You're here! And Sunset Shimmer too.

Sunset Shimmer: Hello, Little Bear.

K-2SO: What's this then? [then he sees Chris and Sunset Shimmer] Oh! Master Chris Griffin, and Mrs. Sunset Shimmer! What are you doing here?

Chris: I'm here to see Marguerite.

Owl: Oh. Perhaps it's for the best if we come indoors. [flies inside]

Carter: Chris! How's my nephew doing?

Chris: Just fine, thank you. Is Marguerite here?

Barbara: No. She's not.

[Soon it shows that there telling a story about what happened]

Carter: She was out in the woods for a morning walk.

Barbara: But then, some velociraptors came out of nowhere. And took her away without a trace.

Carter: We think that she's dead.

[Chris then stands up]

Cat: Chris, what are you doing?

Chris: I'm going to find Marguerite.

Emily: She's dead, Chris.

Chris: I don't care. Sunset, stay with them. These are good people.

Sunset Shimmer: Oh, Chris. [hugs him]

Chris: I'll be back [he hops on a speeder bike and rides off with "Duel of the Fates" playing in the background]

[we watch as Chris drives onward as he stops at numerous places and asks for directions as his search continues]

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