Here's how Boulder mountain goes in Return of Boulder.

Narrator: The next day as the engines were working, the Crusaders were closely watching Rusty.

Sweetie Belle: Okay, Rusty. Let's see what's really going on.

[They follow behind him]

Narrator: Later in the afternoon, the Crusaders notice Rusty taking a different track.

Scootaloo: Huh? Why's Rusty going that way?

[They follow him down the other lane]

Apple Bloom: This is very strange. Rusty almost never takes a different track.

Sweetie Belle: Where is he going?

Narrator: The Crusaders continue to follow Rusty until they come to a a small mountain. And the Crusaders then hide in a bush and watch, and they are shocked to see Boulder on the top of the mountain!

CMC: [gasps]

Narrator: As the Crusaders watch, the wokemen who were with Rusty build pikes around Boulder so he won't fall.

Scootaloo: So that's what's going on.

Sweetie Belle: He was looking at Boulder!

Apple Bloom: No wonder he was actin' all funny-like.

Scootaloo: Yeah, I would be too.

Sweetie Belle: We should tell the others.

Apple Bloom: Ah' don't know about doin' that. What if Rusty finds out we did?

Scootaloo: Don't worry, he doesn't know we're here.

Sweetie Belle: Well, let's go before he notices us.

[the crusaders then sneak away inside the bush]

Rusty: [hears the rustling] Huh? [he looks back and the bush is already gone] Hmm, I thought I heard something. 

Workmen: Rusty! C'mon!

Rusty: Oh! Coming!

Narrator: Then with determination, the CMC fly back to Berk and soon are explaining everything.

Scootaloo: And that's how it happened!

Snotlout: So, let me get this straight.  You're saying that Rusty is distracted with.... a rock?

Apple Bloom: Eeyup.

Snotlout: That's stupid! What's the big deal? It's just a rock!

Sweetie Belle: No, Snotlout, you don't understand. Rusty's had a crazy experience with that Boulder.

Snotlout: What are you talking about?

Astrid: Yeah, how can a giant boulder have such a huge impact on a narrow gauge diesel?

Apple Bloom: Well, long ago, that boulder used ta' be on a realla' tall cliff...


Narrator: The next day the sun shown, Thumper was wroking harder than ever. Suddenly, Rusty noticed something.

Rusty: Boulder's moving!

[we see Boulder slightly move]

Rusty's Drvier: Don't be so daft, it can't!

Narrator: Said the driver. But it could!

[Then Boulder fall off the mountain and lands on the track! Then he starts rolling!]

Rusty: It's rolling along our line!

[Rusty then reverses back as the boulder chases him, and then he stops by a tree]

Rusty's Driver: We'll stop here until Boulder passes by.

Narrator: Said the driver. But Boulder was no where to be seen. Then...

Rusty's Driver: (looks back) Oh, no! It's behind us!

[Rusty then takes off as the Boulder bumps the tree and chases him]

Narrator: Just ahead, they saw a small junction. One line went uphill. Boulder thundered past.

[Rusty drives on the upper track as Boulder races down the line, then we now view Skarloey]

Narrator: Meanwhile, Skarloey was making his way to the quarry. Then he saw Boulder!

[we then see Boulder racing for Skarloey]

Skarloey: [reverses back] HELP!!

Narrator: Boulder was catching up fast!

[Skarleoy then drives into a siding as Boulder races past and knocks over a water tower]

Skarloey: We must warn the yards!

Narraor: Shouted, Skarloey.

Rusty: Yes! But how?!

Narrator: Called, Rusty.

[Boulder contiue to race down the line, as we see Rheneas]

Narrator: Boulder rounded a bend, there, ahead was Rheneas.

Rheneas: It's running loose!

Narrator: Yelled Rheneas.

[boulder then appears in front of him and rheneas races back]

Narrator: His driver drove him back as fast as he could!

Rheneas: HURRY!!

[we now watch as Rheneas races back with Boulder hot on his tail, then they race across the viaduct, and then Rheneas speeds into a siding and smashes into the buffers while Boulder races past and down the line.]

Rheneas' Driver: Better a smash than a squash.

Narrator: Sighed his driver. At the yards Percy was collecting trucks, then he heard boulder!

[we see Boulder approaching from around the corner]

Percy: [whistles} Oh no! It's heading straight for me!

Narrator: Squeked Percy.

[Percy shuts his eyes as Boulder passes by and then it destroys a shed in a firey inferno!]

Narrator: When Sir Topham Hatt expected the damage, he decided to close the mine. Then he looked at Boulder.

Sir Topham Hatt: We should had left this part of the island... alone.

Narrator: They moved Boulder to a hill close by the yards. Rusty was sure, that on a clear night, it is gazing up on the mountain, and that it's sighs are being carried on the wind, till where it once used to stand, proud, and silent. I wonder if Rusty's right, don't you?

[flashback ends]

Snoutlout: Ah, that makes sense.

Astrid: Oh man, I'd feel the same way if something like that happened to me.

Fishlegs: Wait, you don't think that the Boulder, could possible roll off by itself again?

Scootaloo: Maybe, we don't know.

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