Here's how the meeting of Canterlot Castle goes and Team Griffin/Eeveelution arrive in Attack of the Clone Equines.

[It then comes to Canterlot Castle]

Barret Barricade: We just don't know how much longer this can keep up. More star systems are falling for the separatists, but I will not let this republic for a thousand years be split in 2. Negotiations will not fail this time.

Russell Ferguson: But if they do, there won't be enough Jedi to defend the Republic. Jedi are meant for keeping peace, not fighting like soldiers.

Princess Luna: The Dark Side corrupts everything. It's impossible to see into the future.

[then a hologram of a Royal Guard turns on]

Royal Guard (on hologram) Your highnesses, Sunset Shimmer and her colleges have arrived.

Princess Celestia: Good, send them in.

[the doors arre opened and Sunset, The Human Mane 5, Sunrise, and BB-8 all walk in]

Twilight: Oh, Sunset! I sensed the explosion on the platform! I'm glad you're alright.

Sunset Shimmer: But you know who's responsible for it?

Twilight: We have the police with Judy and Nick investigating at this point.

Sunset Shimmer: I believe that Trixie was behind it.

Cadance: It couldn't be. Trixie Lulamoon is a Sith, not an assassin.

Barret Barricade: In order for your safety Sunset Shimmer, I deceided to put every guard available to defend you.

Human Applejack: Ya think that's a wise idea?

Sunset Shimmer: Prince Barret, I don't think...

Barret Barricade: The situation is that serious.

Princess Celestia: Or for better circumstanses. How about some old friends? Like, Brian Griffin.

Shining Armor: That's possible. He, the Eeveelutions, Selena, Breon, and the rest of the Griffins are returning from their holiday.

Princess Celestia: Please, Sunset Shimmer. Do it for us.

[Sunset thinks for a moment and agrees]

Shining Armor: I'll contact them right away.

Sunset Shimmer: Thank you, Shining Armor.

[in the elevator, we view Brian, the Eeveelutions, Selena, Breon, and the rest of the Griffins inside it as Chris is nervous]

Lois: Are you nervous?

Chris: No. Just shy.

Brian: You haven't been this way since we've fell into that pack of Raptors on Isla Sorna.

Umbreon: You fell into that nightmare, Brian. And we had to rescue you.

Brian: Oh, yeah. [chuckles] [then he notices Chris is sweating] Chris. You're sweating. Relax, take a deep breath.

Chris: We're gonna be surronded by a lot of girls, Brian.

Glaceon: Hey!

Chris: Oh, sorry.

[Soon the elevator door opens and they step out]

Sunrise Shimmer: Selena!

Selena: Sunrise!

[The 2 hug]

Sunrise Shimmer: It's been forever!

Selena: I'm glad to meet you again.

Sunrise Shimmer: Mom! They've arrived!

Sunset Shimmer: [walks in]

Brian: It's good to see you again, Sunset.

Sunset Shimmer: You too. Brian. Aswell as your family. (notices Chris) Chris! My, you're handsome.

Chris: So are you. I mean! Nice to meet you.

Sunset Shimmer: Oookay.

[They all have a seat]

Human Twilight: We've dispatched many guards we can to defend you from anything that comes in.

Sunset Shimmer: I don't want any protection. I want answers. I wanna know who's trying to kill me.

Lois: We're here to protect you, Sunset. Not to start an investigation.

Chris: We will find out who's trying to kill you. I promise.

Brian: We will not excude our mandate, Chris.

Chris: I meant that in the interest of protecting Sunset.

Sylveon: Don't you start this again Chris, and please pay attention to our lead this time.

Chris: Why?

Vaporeon: Why What?

Chris: Why do you guys think we were assigned this task? If we're not to find the killer, protection's the job for Police, sercurity, and royal guards, not Jedi Knights. It's all overkill! Investigate is implied!

Vinny: But never the less, we are to do as the Council instructed us. And you will find your place, Chris.

Human Rarity: Well, if you ask me, with you lot here now, the mystery surrounding the threat will be revealed sooner than later.

Sunset Shimmer: Well if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna turn in for the night.

Sunrise Shimmer: Good night.

[she walks towards their bedroom]

Human Raibow: We'll request for Guards to be placed on every floor of the building, and we'll be in the control room.

Sunrise Shimmer: It's a good thing you guys are here.

Chris: Yeah. But she acted like I wasn't even here. She hardley reconizes me.

Sunny Flare: Relax. She's just nervous of what's going on.

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