This is how At CarGo High School and meeting Danny Carbunkle goes in Crash, Thomas and Ryan Go To CarGo.

[The gang arrives outside a school]

Matau T. Monkey: By Primus. Those cars go to High School?

Evil Ryan: I think so. But they don't go to CHS.

Sci-Ryan: Or CPA.

Ryan F-Freeman: Well. If we can know that sign. It could say something.

[They look around]

Cody Fairbrother: CarGo High? Any ideas?

Ryan F-Freeman: [to the Dazzlings] This is it, girls. The moment we have been waiting for.

Sonata Dusk: Lunch!?

Ryan F-Freeman: No, Sonata. The moment for us to sing a song.

Sonata Dusk: Oh. Right.

Adagio Dazzle: Our voices are just great enough to get them rallied together, we will have some fans.

Aria Blaze: So, we're just gonna do like we always do? Sing a song then help a car named after a ghostboy named Danny? Some plan, Ryanagio.

Ryan F-Freeman: It won't be like before, Aria. He might be here. With our magic, we can make Megatron to do our bidding.

[Ryan and Adagio smirks until Sonata speaks up]

Sonata Dusk: But we can get lunch after. Right?

Ryan Tokisaki: [holds up a poster] It's Taco Tuesday!

Ryan F-Freeman: Just follow my lead.

Aria Blaze: Or my lead.

Adagio Dazzle and Ryan F-Freeman: My (Ryan's) lead!

[Sci-Ryan giggles and Evil Anna glares like Aria]

Bertram T. Monkey: Evil Anna? Why are you glaring like Aria?

Evil Anna: Uh, I have an habit like Aria. What do you think Megatron is? Ember McLame?

[The song "We're Equestria Girls" starts playing as the pendants glow]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey, hey~

We may seem different as night and day~

Adagio Dazzle: But Equestria Girls see things a different way~

Aria Blaze: Look a little deeper and you will see~

Sonata Dusk: You know that I'm just like you and you're just like me~

Ryan and the Dazzlings: We're Equestria girls and we're here to shout~

That the magic of friendship is what is all about

We're Equestria Girls standing side by side~

Finding the magic of Friendship deep inside~

Equestria Girls~

[Some of the cars come over to the windows]

Ryan F-Freeman: Twilight Sparkle's a princess who shines~

Cody Itsuka: Fluttershy so sweet and kind~

Emmet: Applejack has a country flare~

Sir Daniel Fortesque (EG): Rarity knows what to wear~

Spikewave: Everyone wants Rainbow Dash on their side~

Matau T. Monkey: No one's more fun than Pinkie Pie~

Ryan and the Dazzlings: Generous~ Honesty~ Laughter, kindness, loyalty~

[More cars show up]

Ryan Tokisaki: Free to be what we will be~

Living life in harmony~

Ryan and the Dazzlings: We're Equestria Girls and we're here to shout~

That the magic of friendship is what is all about~

[Ryan and the Dazzlings pony up to thier anthro siren forms with pony ears, siren wings and longer hair]

Ryan and the Dazzlings: We're Equestria girls and we're here to say~

Matau T. Monkey: We're gonna see things a different way~

Ryan F-Freeman: Equestra girls~

Megatron: [under Ryan and the Dazzlings' spell] I will do what you say, my master.

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow. They love us. I feel adored.

Ryan Tokisaki: Ryan? Where did you get those things on your back?

Ryan F-Freeman: I got theae when I become a siren. And those wings look likes Aria's with blue highlights.

Bertram T. Monkey: Well. Megatron is under thier spell. Sunset needs me as her bodyguard.

[Megatron shakes it off]

Bertram T. Monkey: [screams] Too. Soon! Al! Give Sunset an Ale-hand, bro!

Jessie Primefan: Don't be silly.

Ryan Tokisaki: So. Why is Ryan a siren?

Matau T. Monkey: Because he can absorb other characters abilities.

Ryan F-Freeman: [talks like himself and Adagio] That's right.

Sci-Ryan: Wow. How did you speak like that?

Ryan F-Freeman: Well, it's that Adagio taught me to speak in two voices at the same time.

Matau T. Monkey: And does Crash know that Danny is here like Ryan is a Prime-prince?

Mattis T. Monkey: We have to find him. A bit like I saw Ryan in the "The Cat Returns" world as a... a....

Crash Bandicoot: Cat? Yup.

Matau T. Monkey: Well, time to find Danny Carbunkle.


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