This is where the pets and Skiff arrive at Gabby Gums in The Littlest Pet Shop Pets Save The Wonder Pets.

[we then see a building at the schoolhouse]

[inside, we see the evil quartet]

Silver Spoon: Soon, once we sell them will be rich!

Brittany: Yeah, but like, who could we sell them to?

Whittany: Mabye Tirek or Ernie?

Diamond Tiara; No. we should sell them to someone very, very rich. someone who would give anything to own these pets.

Cashmere: McLeach or Clayton?

Velvet: Yeah, they'll work.

[then outside, we see Skiff role into the platform]

Skiff: So, what now?

Penny Ling: We'll head inside and get them. Then we'll race back out here to you.

Skiff: Okay.

[the pets then open an air vent and head inside the vent]

[we then go inside the building and view the vents]

Pepper Clark: [from inside vent] Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Zoe Trent: [from inside the vent] Stop asking that! Anyway, I can't tell. Penny Ling's blocking my sight.

[we then go inside the vent]

Penny Ling: I can't help it, I'm big bone!

Pepper Clark: OI should've of been up front!

Vinnie Terrio: Uh, no thanks. I've been behind you before, sometimes it ain't such a great place to be.

Zoe Trent: Can we focus on the fact that the Wonder Pets need our help?

Russel Ferguson: I'm with Zoe on this, if we wanna save our heroes we have to stay focused.

Zoe Trent: Yes.

[they soon reach another vent opening and open it]

[they then carefully walk along a support beam]

Minka Mark: Look, there they are! points down to the cage]

Penny Ling: But how do we get to them?

Russel Ferguson: I got it!

[he then explains the plan to the others and then we fade into the next scene where we see Pepper with a rope tied onto her]

Pepper Clark: Okay, start lowering me!

[they begin to slowly lower her down]

Sunil Nevla: Oh! Of all the ideas we might've thought of, I'm sure this one does not rank very high!

Pepper Clark: Chillax, Sunil! I can't free the wonder Pets in a shinch! And those dummies won't even know I was here! "Sneaky's" my middle name!

Sunil Nevla: I thought her middle name was, "Mildred".

Zoe Trent: Never mind that, let just get her closer.

[but when Pepper is only 300 meters from the ground, and then the pets lose their grip on the rope!]

Pepper Clark: WHOA!!!!

[she then hits the ground with a thump]

Zoe Trent: Pepper!

[the girsls hear the thump]

Diamond Tiara: What was that?

Britannny: Chincillas, check it out.

[the Chincillas go into the other room]

Pepper Clark: [unties the rope from her] Alright, now to get the keys. [she slowly moves foward]

[then she hears the door open]

Velvet: Where are you?

Cashmere: we know you're in here.

[Pepper is now hiding in a hiding spot]

Velvet: Someone should be here.

[the Chinchillas then go into another room]

Pepper Clark: [sighs] That was close. [she then walks up to a desk and grabs the keys]

[the Wonder Pets then hear Pepper approaching]

Ming-Ming: Who are you?

Pepper Clark: Shhh.. The name's Pepper Clark, I'm here to save you. [unlocks the lock]

Tuck: Thanks, Pepper.

Pepper Clark: Come on, we've gotta get out of here, before those chinchillas see us!

[they then race for the rope and Pepper quickly ties it back on her]

Ming-Ming: Going up!

Pepper Clark: [pulls the rope twice]

Russel Ferguson: Pull her up!

[They did so]

[but Pepper is halfway up, Silver Spoon comes in!]

Silver Spoon: Hey, you're that comedian skunk!

Pepper Clark; WAH!! Faster, guys! Faster! Silver Spoon's in here!

[the other pets grunt as they hoist Pepper up at a faster rate]

Silver Spoon: [tries to shoot her]

[soon Pepper's back at the top]

Pepper Clark: Hah! You'll have to try better than that!

Sunil Nevla: Can we get out of here, now?

Russel Ferguson: Yes! Let's go!

Silver Spoon: Girls, those lame pets are here!

[they then race through the vents and then make it out to Skiff]

Skiff: What is it?

Vinnie Terrio: We've been seen by them! We have to leave now!

[They hop on Skiff and sailed out]

Dimaond Tiara: Let's move!

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