Here is how At Hogwarts Castle goes in Happy Birthday, Skyla!.

Meanwhile, at Hogwarts Castle.

Rita's Brother #1: That sign should be over there.

Rita's Sister: No. That goes there.

Rita's Brother #2: No, There.

Titanic: Alright, Little ones. Let us do this our way.

Rita's Mother: Very well played, Your Highness.

Titanic: Thank you.

Britannic: Hugo? Rita? You two wish to speak?

Hugo: Yes, Your Majesty.

Rita the Fox: (clears her throat) Can we make contact with Yuna and the others?

Titanic: You two have our permission.

Rita the Fox: Thank you, Princess Titanic.

Titanic: (notice Rita's siblings roughhousing) Alright, That's enough!

Olympic: Is this anyway to behave?

Rita's Siblings: Sorry.

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