Here's how the play goes in Diesel City Adventure: The Search for The Cartoon Flamers' instruments.

[the train is now on its way to Hollywood once more]

Jimmy: Alright, 2 more minutes guys!

Mr. Blik: Hey Pablo.

Pablo: Yeah?

Mr. Blik: I'm sorry for what I said to you earlier. I misjudged you. You really can come up with escape plans and lead the team. At first I thought you could never, but you proved me wrong, you saved us all. So, I wanted to say sorry for misjudging you and thanks for helping us.

Pablo: It's alright, Mr. Blik. All is forgiven. [they shake hands]

Mr. Blik: Thanks. Hug?

Pablo: Sure.

[They hug]

Jimmy: Hollywood, here we come!

[the train soon arrives in Hollywood]

Spongebob: Alright, you guys are on!

[They reach to the stage and perform!]

[then a little later, after 5 songs]

Eddy: Alright, before we leave we'd like to sing one more song, deticated to our friend who helped us make it here. [to the others] Alright, just like we rehearsed, 1, 2, 3!

["Johnny B. good" starts playing]

Eddy: Deep down Cartoon World close to CW Big City
Way back up in the woods among the evergreens
There stood a big blue house made of earth and wood
Where lived a blue penguin named Pablo
Who maybe had a panic attack here and there
But he could think things through just like a ringing a bellGo go
Go Pablo go
Go Pablo go
Go Pablo go
Go Pablo go
PabloGo go
Go Pablo go
Go Pablo go
Go Pablo go
Go Pablo go

[instrumental bit]

[they do a big final and the crowd goes wild]

[Fades back to present]

Blackie: And so, the Cartoon Flamers had a fantastic concert and Decastor was finaly arrested after long last, and Pablo had gained a new respect for heroism. The End.

Human Rraity: That was a nice story.

Zoe Trent: I'll say. I'm glad Pablo has gained a new respect.

Pepper Clark: I certainly have a new respect for Pablo now. Right, Peter?

Peter: Yeah, he's better than me re telling the story of Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. And, Pablo's a great penguin.

[The lights turn on!]

Joe: The powers back!

Human Rainbow: Awesome!

Spongebob: So what do you and the others think of that story Yuna? Yuna?

[but the foals are fast asleep]

Human Fluttershy: They're asleep. [covers them with a blanket]

Russel Ferguson: Blackie, I'm just wondering. was that a story or did it actually happen?

Blackie: That's up to you, my hedgehog firend, but if you really wanna know, then you could always ask him.

Ruseel Ferguson: "Him"?

Peter: Look!

[The door opens to reveal Decastor!]

Quagmire: Oh, my God! It's him!

Sunil Nevla: YAH!! [he jumps into Human Fluttershy's arms]

Decastator: Hey, have any of you seen a blue and yellow penguin with a helicopter beanie?

Brian: Uh, no. We haven't.

Human Rarity: [faints]

Zoe Trent: Rarity!

Peter: Yaa.. well.. uh. [faints]

Brian: Oh, my God! Peter!

Quagmire: Peter, speak to me. Speak to me.

Zoe Trent: [hops on Rarity and waves in her face] Rarity, speak to me!

Decastor: What's the matter with them? Something they ate?

Sunil Nevla: [nervous] No, It's just a figment of their imagination.

Decastor: Oh. Sorry to desturb you. 

Blackie: Yeah. Well, good night, Decastor. Don't slam the door, you might wake up the foals.

Decastor: [closes the door gently and leaves]

Spongebob: Well, I think that story will help the foals over come thier cold.

Blackie: Ya know, Sponge. I think it will too.

[the end credits then play TATMR He's a really useful engine" and then The Inspector gadget theme]

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