Here's how Latham Cole's train and the others head toward the mine in Wrath of the Century

[we then see Anna lying on a bed]

Anna: [groans as she wakes up]

[in another part of the coach]

Latham Cole: Your tatics have been most effective, captain. With the buffaloes in retreat, we'll be in promintory summit ahead of schedule.

Jay Fuller: Believe me, what they have done to the settlements, we have given back tenfold.

[then Anna comes in]

Latham Cole: Princess Anna, feeling better?

Anna: A little.

Latham Cole: It was the least I could do, after what you've been through.

Jay Fuller: You should cinsider yourself a lucky women, Princess Anna. Had Mr. Cole had not come along when he did, with those dangerous villains, who knows what matter of volations might've transfired...

Latham Cole: Captain, Captain. Please.

Anna: Well, thank you. I'm in your debt.

Latham Cole: No, it is I who is in debt, ever since those savages, and those recreated dinosaurs. I prayed I'd at least get one important person to safety.

Anna: Thank you.

[we return to Brian, Vinny, and John Reid, still journeying and towing Butch.]

Brian: Latham Cole!

[Anna looks out the window and sees them approaching]

Anna: Guys!

[she almost heads outside when Cole steps in front of her]

Latham Cole: You don't really know who it is.

Anna: Well I intend to find out.

Vinny: Latham Cole!

Latham Cole: Lindal, take Princess Anna to the supply car for her own safety.

[then Cole steps outside]

Latham Cole: What is it, friends?

Brian: We've brought the man you've been searching for.

John Reid: [throws Butch down]

Latham Cole: Butch Cavendish, it's like one of those great lizards buried deep in the desert, last of a dying Breed. [kicks him]

John Reid: That's enough.

Brian: We brought this man for justice. [cuts him loose]

Latham Cole: Of course. Soldier? [he then hand cuffs Butch]

Lindal: [comes in, pointing a gun] Just doing my job, Princess Anna.

Princess Anna: If you wanna keep me in here, you're gonna have to shoot me. Is that part of your job?

[then the train starts moving,]

[the jolt then makes Landel drop his gun and then Anna force pushs him and then force lifts a crate in front of him]

Anna: Don't do anything stupid, I'm going out.

[she then opens the door and sees Silver]

Anna: Silver?

[At the mine]

Little Strongheart: Tonto? Tonto, you alright?

Tonto: [gets back up] [groans] Stupid white dog.

Big Grizz: Yeah, he's alright.

[we now come to the rest of the team]

Dusty: [through radio] We've found Tonto, but Brian, Vinny, and John Reid have taken Butch to Latham Cole!

Thomas: We must get to the mine before Latham Cole's train gets there.

Percy: Come on! To the mine!

Lady: [blowing her whistle]

: Who the hell is that?

[they look around and see the engines]

Count Ratan: [as Vin Diesel] Get down!

[the engines then race pass them]

Count Ratan: I want my troops in there at once!

Nightmare Moon: Forget them! I have something better. [walks in]

: I hope I know what she's doing.

[we reutrn to our heroes still going down the line then 2 T-1 Terminators appear!]

Thomas: Cinder and Ashes! HKs!

T-1 Terminators: [firing]

Thomas: [fires back]

Sylveon: Wait, Who's that?

[we now see Nightmare Moon slowly walking up]

Yuna: Oh no.

Nightmare Moon: Nice of you to drop in, so what do you think of my new guards? Impressive aren't they? It took me forever to find them. [to the T-1 terminators] Now finish them!

[the T-1 continue their line of fire]

Blackie: You guys encountered them before, how you destroy them before?

T-850: Leave it to me.

[one of the T1s searches for them but the T-850 sneaks up behind it and then breaks its head then rips off one of its miniguns and then kills the other T-1 with it.]

Yuna: Good work.

T-850: [thumbs up]

Sunil Nevla: Wait, weren't they also flying HKs from before?

[then a flying HK appears!]

Quagmire: What the hell?


Cleveland: That's not fair!

T-850: [fires an H&K G63 rifle at it] Get to the mine!

Peter: Come on!

[they race away just as Nightmare Moon reappears (sten gun in grip)]

T-850: [tries to fire, but the gun is empty]

Nightmare Moon: [fires]

[but the T-850 isn't effected]

Nightmare Moon: What?! [continues firing as the T-850 approaches her but then he grabs her gun then bends the barrel, and throws it asside] Fine, we'll do this the hard way! [she Force Lightning shocks him then bucks him, and then causing his head to hang loose as he hits the ground] Hmm, I may have some use for you. [she lights her horn up]