Here's how Latham Cole's train and the others head toward the mine in Wrath of the Century

[we then see Anna lying on a bed]

Anna: [groans as she wakes up]

[in another part of the coach]

Latham Cole: Your tatics have been most effective, captain. With the buffaloes in retreat, we'll be in promintory summit ahead of schedule.

Jay Fuller: Believe me, what they have done to the settlements, we have given back tenfold.

[then Anna comes in]

Latham Cole: Princess Anna, feeling better?

Anna: A little.

Latham Cole: It was the least I could do, after what you've been through.

Jay Fuller: You should cinsider yourself a lucky women, Princess Anna. Had Mr. Cole had not come along when he did, with those dangerous villains, who knows what matter of volations might've transfired...

Latham Cole: Captain, Captain. Please.

Anna: Well, thank you. I'm in your debt.

Latham Cole: No, it is I who is in debt, ever since those savages, and those recreated dinosaurs. I prayed I'd at least get one important person to safety.

Anna: Thank you.

[we return to Brian, Vinny, and John Reid, still journeying and towing Butch.]

Brian: Latham Cole!

[Anna looks out the window and sees them approaching]

Anna: Guys!

[she almost heads outside when Cole steps in front of her]

Latham Cole: You don't really know who it is.

Anna: Well I intend to find out.

Vinny: Latham Cole!

Latham Cole: Lindal, take Princess Anna to the supply car for her own safety.

[then Cole steps outside]

Latham Cole: What is it, friends?

Brian: We've brought the man you've been searching for.

John Reid: [throws Butch down]

Latham Cole: Butch Cavendish, it's like one of those great lizards buried deep in the desert, last of a dying Breed. [kicks him]

John Reid: That's enough.

Brian: We brought this man for justice. [cuts him loose]

Latham Cole: Of course. Soldier? [he then hand cuffs Butch]

Lindal: [comes in, pointing a gun] Just doing my job, Princess Anna.

Princess Anna: If you wanna keep me in here, you're gonna have to shoot me. Is that part of your job?

[then the train starts moving,]

[the jolt then makes Landel drop his gun and then Anna force pushs him and then force lifts a crate in front of him]

Anna: Don't do anything stupid, I'm going out.

[she then opens the door and sees Silver]

Anna: Silver?

[At the mine]

Little Strongheart: Tonto? Tonto, you alright?

Tonto: [gets back up] [groans] Stupid white dog.

Big Grizz: Yeah, he's alright.

[we now come to the rest of the team]

Dusty: [through radio] We've found Tonto, but Brian, Vinny, and John Reid have taken Butch to Latham Cole!

Thomas: We must get to the mine before Latham Cole's train gets there.

Percy: Come on! To the mine!

Lockdown: Hijacked part of my ship, how did you let this happened? Shut down darkmatter drives, reverse course at lightspped and get us back! Thomas has taken my trophy case, and he will feel my wrath!

[we return to the team, who are now speeding down the tracks towards the mine]

Lady: [blowing her whistle]

Sideshow Bob: Who the hell is that?

[they look around and see the engines]

Ernie: [as Vin Diesel] Get down!

[the engines then race pass them]

Ernie: I want Droideka's in there at once!

Nightmare Moon: Forget Droidekas! I have something better. [walks in]

Sideshow Bob: I hope I know what she's doing.

[we reutrn to our heroes still going down the line then 2 T-1 Terminators appear!]

Thomas: Cinder and Ashes! HKs!

T-1 Terminators: [firing]

Thomas: [fires back]

Ernie: Where are those Droidekas?!

Evil Stewie: But, my lord. Nigtmare Moon said...

Ernie: Forget what she said. Get those Droideka's in there. NOW!

[back with our heroes they are trying to find cover as the T-1s fire their miniguns]

[Then Droideka's rol behind them]

Eevee: Mom! Destroyers!

[Eevee, and Sylveon deploy their sabers and deflect their blasters]

Eevee: They're shield generators!

Sylveon: Wait, Who's that?

[we now see Nightmare Moon slowly walking up]

Yuna: Oh no.

Nightmare Moon: Nice of you to drop in, so what do you think of my new guards? Impressive aren't they? It took me forever to find them. [to the T-1 terminators] Now finish them!

[the T-1 continue their line of fire]

Blackie: You guys encountered them before, how you destroy them before?

T-850: Leave it to me.

[one of the T1s searches for them but the T-850 sneaks up behind it and then breaks its head then rips off one of its miniguns and then kills the other T-1 with it.]

Yuna: Good work.

T-850: [thumbs up]

Sunil Nevla: Wait, weren't they also flying HKs from before?

[then a flying HK appears!]

Quagmire: What the hell?


Cleveland: That's not fair!

T-850: [fires an H&K G63 rifle at it] Get to the mine!

Peter: Come on!

[they race away just as Nightmare Moon reappears (sten gun in grip)]

T-850: [tries to fire, but the gun is empty]

Nightmare Moon: [fires]

[but the T-850 isn't effected]

Nightmare Moon: What?! [continues firing as the T-850 approaches her but then he grabs her gun then bends the barrel, and throws it asside] Fine, we'll do this the hard way! [she Force Lightning shocks him then bucks him, and then causing his head to hang loose as he hits the ground] Hmm, I may have some use for you. [she lights her horn up]

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