This is how At Onu-Koro and Fighting the three Rahkshi and their partners goes in Ryan's, Thomas' and Crash's Adventures of Bionicle: Mask of Light.

[At Onu-Koro]

Pohatu: Onua, my friend, it seems that you did well with mining.

Onua: [laughs] Pohatu. Look around you. Mining has never been better. Oh. You should try it sometime. Try to do a real job. Say. How goes the carving?

Pohatu: Their work is magnificent. But, not as good as the news I'm going to tell.

[Pohatu jumps on a platform]

Pohatu: Matoran of Onu-Koro! The mask of light.... Has been found!

[The crowd cheers. Ryan, Twilight, and their friends arrive tired]

Pohatu: Jaller, the Captain of the guard of Ta-Koro, Ryan and Twilight, the Prime-Prince and Princess of Equestria. And Takua the chronicler even now seek the Seventh Toa and the NEXO Toa Knight. [spots Ryan] Prime-Prince. Where is the herald?

Ryan F-Freeman: Well, Pohatu. It's just that... We got separated... After we met the Rahkshi.

Ouna: Hmmmm. Rahkshi?

Pohatu: What is Rahkshi?

[A bit of the wall explodes and Dingodile, Leonard, and Megatronus Prime (RID 2015) arrive with Turahk, Kurahk, and Vorahk]

Dingodile: G'day, mates.

Ryan F-Freeman: Those.

Crash Bandicoot: Except...

Takua: Different ones.

Sci-Ryan: Let me and these two Toa handle them. Say it with me, Toa Onua.

Onua and Sci-Ryan: Welcome to Onu-Koro!!

[They use their powers to bury their enemies]

Sci-Ryan: That takes care of that.

[The three Rahkshi and their partners get up from the rubble]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. That red one got a rock on its head.

[Turahk shakes his head and the rock falls off]

Leonard the King Pig: Oh. My techno-human friend from Nevada. Makuta told me about you.

Crash Bandicoot: What are you dong here, Dingodile?

Dingodile: Rumor is that Twilight Sparkle is the herald of the NEXO Toa Knight. And I want a piece of that pie.

[Turahk nods. Vorahk jumps and Onua grabs his staff. Vorahk absorbs Onua's powers]

Onua: Ugh! Ma... my strength.... my power...

Sci-Ryan: ONUA!!!! [summons his Keyblade and charges at the Rahkshi]

[Turahk uses his Staff of Fear power at Sci-Ryan But, he dodges and hits Pohatu]

Emmet: POHATU!!!!

Sci-Ryan: Whoa. Fear powers? Like one of the NEXO Knights, I have...

Crash Bandicoot: No fear~

Sci-Ryan: What he sang.

Dingodile: Bring here the butter. I'm gonna make toast!

Ryan Tokisaki: Ryan have been granted additional power by the Primes. To make sure Makuta's brother will be awaken!

Megatronus Prime: Like you, Ryan Tokisaki, I too have been granted additional power. From a source far greater than a Prime.

Ryan Tokisaki: Wait. Is Twilight a Prime or is Ryan a Prime?

Ryan F-Freeman: I am! And even that Rianna is with Takua. She is the real herald.

Twilight Sparkle: Huh? You mean that Ryan is a Prime?

Rianna F-Fiona: Yes. I am a Prime and the herald! And I want you and Takua to flee!

Ryan Tokisaki: If you think these Rahkshi can scare me, you are wrong. [summons his Keyblade and Flintlock gun] You are not the only one with a Keyblade. Right?

[Leonard is about to attack Ryan when Jessie Primefan hits Leonard and Megatronus]

Jessie Primefan: I think you forgot someone, mister.

Megatronus Prime: Jessie? You dare challenge me? I am a Prime!!

Jessie Primefan: You abandoned that name when you killed Solus Prime.

Megatronus Prime: There's only room for one Prime in this universe and that Prime is me!

Ryan F-Freeman: You said that last time. So. Maybe you accept me as a Prime.

Dingodile: Right. Now, you've gone and done it. The Miraculous and the Matrix are Ryan Repulsa's.

Ryan F-Freeman: If the shoe fits.

Megatronus Prime: [mimics Jessie from Toy Story 2] Say that again.

Ryan F-Freeman: If. The. Shoe. Fits.

Megatronus Prime: Okay, that's it.

[Vorahk hides behind a pillar and peeks out from behind it]

[Ryan attacks Megatronus then he pins Ryan to the floor]

[Vorahk pulls out some popcorn and eats a few]

Megartonus Prime: Earth, Cybertron, and all the other worlds played a part in my humiliating exile. And they did allow Rianna to be a Prime.

Matau T. Monkey: Oh. That is why she's a descendant of Solus Prime.

Ryan F-Freeman: He's right.

[Twilight sees Ryan about to get killed and charges at Megatronus and hits him]

Megatronus Prime: Ow!

Twilight Sparkle: Stay away from Ryan!

[Ryan's Matrix glows and sees Tahu and Ryafar]

Ryafar: Rahkshi!

Tahu: Get away!

Ryan F-Freeman: Twilight! My Matrix is glowing!

Twilight Sparkle: Why?

[Kurahk fires his Staff of Anger at Tahu and Ryafar]

Takua: No! Tahu!

Emmet: No! Rya far!

[Ryan points his Keyblade then Lewa takes our heroes]

Lewa: Wind Fly!

[Our heroes got to a safe spot]

Lewa: Quick speed to Jaller and Casey. Warn them. [flies off]

Takua: We will.

Rianna F-Fiona: Count on us. Come on, Pewku. Ok. Here we go. Up up. Keep going.

Takua: Keep going, Peeku.

[Our heroes start to climb up the wall to the exit up top with Ryan, with the Symbiote suit on, carrying Twilight. Turahk punches hole and our two heroes got out of the way]

[Vorahk tries to grab Twilight but fails]

Megatronus Prime: YOU CANNOT ESCAPE US!

[Outside, Leonard, in his robot suit, climb up with Dingodile then a Hook lodges in Megatronus' arm]

Megatronus Prime: Who threw a Hook?

Pohatu: I did, Megatronus Prime! Former love of Solus Prime.

[Pohatu throws another hook]

Megatronus Prime: Oh come on!

Dingodile: D'oh. We'll handle these blocks.

[Dingodile and his four friends run toward the Toa while Vorahk helps Megatronus]

Pohatu: Want to handle them?

Onua: It'll be a pleasure!

[Onua uses his powers and rocks fall on the villains and Megatronus. The heroes escape and the Toa win]

Pohatu: Well done! But, how did you keep the ceiling from collapsing on US TOO?!

[The Toa flee as rocks fall]

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