Here's when our heroes arrive at South America in Return to Paradise Falls.

Brian: [groaning, awakening]

Skyla: Brian! You're alright.

Brian: What happened?

Skyla: Don't worry, everyone is fine. I pulled Kipper and the others down and steered the ship.

Brian: Great.

[he then looks out the window only to find them floating above a cluster of clouds]

Brian: That's weird. I can't tell where we are.

Edd: Nor can I, there's too many clouds under us.

Kipp;er: Come on, let's take a closer look.

Brian: We'll go down, find a bus stop and pretended this never happened.

Skyla: Never happened?

[Brian then starts to bring the ship down]

[Kipper pops a few balloons and the bench floats down]

Brian: Don't worry, we'll go another time.

[as the ship floats downward]

Penny Ling: How long do you think it'll take to get to the ground?

Brian: Where up pretty high, it could take hours for us to get down.

[Then something passes them]

Brian: The hell... was that a building or something? YAH! 

[An object passes them]

Skyla: Mommy, Daddy, what was that?

Brian: Wait a second, we can't be close to the ground...

[there was the ground]

Brian: Yet!

[Then the blimp starts sliding on the rocks]

Brian: YAAAHH!!

Skyla: [screaming]

[then the bench hits a bump, making Kipper and his friends fall off]

Kipper: Oh no! Don't let it get away! [runs after it]

[he then grabs a rope, but he starts being lifted up]

Tiger: Kipper! [grabs his legs]

Pig: Tiger! [grabs his legs]

Arnold: [grabs Pig's leg]

Kipper: Hang on, Arnold!

Tiger: Wha! We're heading for that cliff!

[They lean over the edge]

Kipper, Tiger, and Pig: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian: Skyla help me pull them up!

Skyla: [races over to them and uses her magic to pull them back]

[then the winds starts to blow the clouds away revealing Paradise Falls!]

Brian: [gasps] 

Skyla: There it is.

Cadance: We made it. We made it!

Tiger: How do we get across?

Kiccup: Skyla try and climb up the rope and get the bench down!

Skyla: Okay. [flies up]

Tiger: Reach it there.

[But Skyla lands on her flank]

Skyla: That's how far I can fly up.

Brian: What? That's it?! We came all this way, [echoing] JUST TO GET STUCK AT THE WRONG END OF THIS ROCK PILE!?!

Pig: Bother! Now what?

Spongebob: We can still get their by foot.

Tiger: By foot?

Spongebob: Yeah, you could walk your bench along with us.

[They soon begin walking]

Squidward: Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow,

SpongeBob: [singing] Paradise Falls! Paradise Falls is the place for you and me! Paradise Fall is the place!...

Squidward: And my feet are killing me!

Brian: Okay, we need to do this quickly.

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