This is how At Volcanus and Ryan reforms Strakk goes in Ryan's, Thomas' and Crash's Adventures of Bionicle: The Legend Reborn.

Ryan F-Freeman: You Agori use your Glatorians for sport?

Metus: Not sport, problem solving.

Sci-Rianna: So it's more better then killing each other.

Ryan F-Freeman: Well. It is better then Morro or seeing Quintessa.

[They keep walking]

Sci-Ryan: Who is the red warrior?

Metis: The red warrior, Ackar, used to be the greatest Glatorian in all of Bara Magna.

[Sci-Ryan nods]

Raanu: Ah, Metus. Good you're here. Look at Ackar, I tell you his days are numbered. I practically had to beg him to fight.

Metus: Mats Nui, Ryan, and friends, meet Raanu, he's the leader of this village. These guys are new in town.

Raanu: Hmm.

[Raanu looks at the two fighting then looks back at the others]

Raanu: What do you think?

Sci-Ryan: He fights with no fear. That really is a rare quality.

Raanu: True enough, but he's lost his taste for battle and once a Glatorian loses heart, it's not long he'll be defeated, must be banished. No doubt, that is why Metus brought you all here tonight.

Metus: [gasps and looks shocked]

Sci-Ryan: I don't understand any of it and so does Mata Nui.

Metus: [chuckles] Let's not get ahead of ourselves, Raanu. But, there's still plenty of time to find a new first Glatorian to take Ackar's place. By the way, did I mention I can recruit Glatorians?

Mata Nui: This red warrior fights with the courage of a true Toa.

Odette: You mean Ackar? I think he has the skills of a warrior.

Fire Agori: He's done it!

Ice Agori: Get up, Strakk!

[Raanu looks on]

[Back to the arena]

Ackar: Conceed. Yield to me. And this goes no further.

[He thinks for a bit]

Strakk: Alright. You win.

Ackar: You leave with your honor in tacked. And I with your shield, in victory.

[Strakk picks up his axe]

Fire Agori: Watch out!

Strakk: You're finished, old...

[Sci-Ryan pushes Strakk out of the way]

Sci-Ryan: Sorry.

[Strakk growls]

[Sci-Ryan summons his Keyblade]

Strakk: I'll cut you down for that, outsiders.

Sci-Ryan: I'll take you back to the way you came from. Denmark.

[Sci-Ryan fights Straak]

[Sci-Ryan blocks some attacks]

Sci-Ryan: Perry. Thrust!

Ackar: Strakk, no! Your fight's with me!

Strakk: You're next, Ackar! He asked for it! Now he's going to get it!

[Mata Nui puts the Vorox tail on his mask]

[A flash happens and the tail turns into a sword]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa.

Strakk: How...?

[Sci-Ryan helps Mata Nui beat Straak. Sci-Ryan points his Keyblade at Straak]

Mata Nui: Conceed.

Straak: Fine.

Sci-Ryan: So they can hear you.

Strakk: I conceed!

[The crowd cheers]

[Sci-Ryan smiles]

Ice Agori 1: Who are those strangers?

Ice Agori 2: Whose village will they fight for?

[Strakk tries to grab his axe]

[Ackar steps oh the axe]

Ackar: Don't.

[Strakk goes to Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: Don't worry, buddy. I could let you join Mata Nui's side. You could be a true Toa.

Strakk: Okay.

Ackar: [to Mata Nui and Sci-Ryan] Your victory, your shield.

Mata Nui: You won honorably.

Sci-Ryan: It is nice. But this prize is yours. You won.

Ackar: Okay. In that case. [tosses Strakk's shield to Evil Anna] I got plenty of shields.

[Sci-Ryan looks at the crowd]

[Ackar sighs]

Ackar: Oh, how quickly they forget. I'm already an outcast.

Sci-Ryan: Look. It's not too late. I know we haven’t met. Name's Ryan F-Freeman of Crystal Prep. But, call me Sci-Ryan.

Ackar: Nice to meet you, Sci-Ryan. That is why you got a interesting sword.

Sci-Ryan: It's called a Keyblade.

Ackar: Well, it is not like your friend here jumped in the arena. Armed only a tail and... [points at Click] that thing.

Sci-Ryan: Yeah.

Ackar: Perhaps. [sighs] I am in your debts, strangers.

[Sci-Ryan smiles]

[Later, at Ackar's home]

Mata Nui: You won all these?

[Our heroes see some shields]

Ackar: Yes. And what good they do me? Should've packed in long before this.

Sci-Ryan: But you stayed. Why?

Ackar: Duty. Pride. But a Glatorian who's passed his pride is no good to anyone.

Ryan F-Freeman: That would be dishonor to be beaten without a fight.

Sci-Ryan: Ackar, you carried something special like me and Twilight. And that makes you a true Toa like Strakk.

Ackar: Toa?

[Crash nods]

Crash Bandicoot: A Toa is some kind of hero.

[Metus arrives]

Metus: Mata Nui and Sci-Ryan. You were brilliant. Raanu will pay anything we ask and if you don't like this village, no problem. I can get the other leaders to bid for you.

Sci-Ryan: That is nice.

Mata Nui: But no.

Emmet: Looks like Metus is up to something.

Metus: Do you realize what you're passing up? The life of a first Glatorian.

Sci-Ryan: Cool. But, I don't know.

Ackar: Ah, yes. Look how great it worked out for me.

Sci-Ryan: Sorry, Metus. But, the answer is still "no".

Metus: Okay, I hear you, but when you change your mind...

Sci-Ryan: We will not.

Metus: Playing hard to get. I can respect that. Soon you'll be coming around begging me to take you back.

[Mata Nui and Sci-Ryan growl]

Metus: Okay. That's a joke. You don't beg. I'm going now.

[Our heroes laugh]

Ackar: So, strangers, what are your plans?

Ryan F-Freeman: My friends and I need to help Mata Nui get back to his home land.

Ackar: Which is?

Sci-Ryan: You might think it sounds a bit crazy.

Ackar: Well no crazier than your friend here jumping in to the arena. Armed with only a tail and... [points at Click] that thing.

Evil Ryan: You said it, Ackar. At least he has some skills somewhere.

Sci-Ryan: Mata Nui's home is far from here on another world.

Ackar: What?

Evil Ryan: Let me tell you. Mata Nui here was a powerful being, but now he lost everything to his evil brother, Makuta, who is inslaving his people. That is why my friends and I came to this world and help Mata Nui find a way back.

[Kiina pops up with Codylight, followed by Spikewave and Sidecord]

Kiina: I knew it!

Codylight Sparkle: Yes, buds!

Strakk: Whoa.

Kiina: Woo-hoo! Proof. Proof of what I've been saying for years, friends.

Spikewave: Easy, girl. I know my friends know some other worlds.

Codylight Sparkle: Spikewave. I know those guys are my friends. Right?

Spikewave: Yes, bud. No bad guys, only heroes.

Mata Nui: [draws his sword] Who are these?

Cody Itsuka: Easy, Mata Nui. They are friends.

Kiina: Name's Kiina, a Glatorian. One of the best and you just owe me a lot of bets.

Sci-Ryan: Nice to meet you, Kiina.

Codylight Sparkle: Name's Codylight. A Prime-Prince like Ryan. And this Is my friends.

Spikewave: Hello. I am Spikewave.

Sidecord: The name's Cord. Sidecord.

Kiina: They told me that they are from another world.

[Ryan looks at Mata Nui]

Kiina: Kiina's delusional. There's no such thing as other worlds. Yeah, well they prove it.

[Sci-Ryan sighs]

Ackar: Uh, it's okay, although I don't always agree with her methods, such as lurking in the shadows, as far as Glatorian goes, Kiina ranks.

Kiina: [sing-song] I was right, I was right.

Ackar: I trust her with my life.

[Sci-Ryan rolls his eyes]

Mata Nui: Good to meet you, Kiina.

Odette: It is nice to have someone you can trust.

[Kinna stops]

Kiina: So what they're saying is true?

[Ackar shrugs]

[Kinna looks at Click]

Kiina: Let me guess. You call him Click.

[Click whirls]

Kiina: Hey, I was just kidding.

Sci-Ryan: I like that name. Click it is. [to Mata Nui] It is a bit the same like you said.

Kiina: Wow. Real other worlders. Finally, someone to convince the Agori there's a place better than this miserable wasteland.

Ackar: They need our help, Kiina. And I owe them.

Alphablock D: Ackar is right.


Crash Bandicoot: Maybe we could take the Cat's car.

Kiina: He got a car?

Crash Bandicoot: Yeah.

[Crash takes Kinna to a car that looks like Ironhide's vehicle mode]


Crash Bandicoot: That is just the dust cover. [takes The cover off] Here it is. The Super Luxcurious Omidriectional Whatchamigigger. Or S.L.O.W for short.

Kiina: I think I maybe of help, bug I'm gonna want something in return. I want out of this dump. You have to take me with you.