This is how at the campout and forest chase goes in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle Meet Shrek 4-D.

[At a campsite, Mater is telling the story of Ghostlight]

Mater: A couple were heading down the very Route 66 inch of the mother road when they saw a pale blue glow. The light got closer and closer until there was nothin' left except some old tires and axels. I'm tellin' ya, there ain't nothing the Ghostlight hates more than the sound of clankin' metal.

Percy: [gasps]

James: Oh, stop it, Mater. You're scaring Percy.

Mater: That's what the story of the Ghostlight is supposed to do. Scare people.

[There is a sudden scream]

Thomas: [looks at Twilight] Did you just scream Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: Uh, no.

[The scream is heard again]

Lightening McQueen: Ah-ha! This time, I knew it was you, Sal.

Sally Carrera: Stickers, I didn't scream either. But I know who it belongs to.

Thomas: [gasps] Princess Fiona! She's in trouble!

[Thomas puffs off and the others follow him. He arrives just in time to see Thelonious ridding off with Fiona]

Thomas: Fiona! [speeds up]

Fiona: Thomas?

Thomas: Fiona!

Fiona: Thomas!

[Thelonious speeds into the forest, Thomas follows. The others arrive and chase after them]

Edward: Thomas! Thomas! Come back!

Percy: You just can't go into a forest like that!

James: That forest is forbidden!

Henry: Thomas!

[Thelonious rides on with Thomas hot on his tail]

Thomas: Let her go, Thelonious!

Thelonious: Never! [throws a bomb at Thomas]

[Thomas dodges the bomb and puffs on. He gets closer but is forced back by the horse's feet]

Thomas: Thelonious, if you don't let Fiona go, I'll tell Shrek!

Thelonious: If ya want me to let her go, you'll have to catch me first!

Thomas: Fiona!

Fiona: Thomas!

[the chase through the forest continues until Thelonious jumps over a bridge. Thomas notices, jumps into robot form and tries to stop]

Percy: Thomas!

Twilight: Thom!

[Thomas leaps over the bridge]

Thomas: Phew! That was a close one!

James: Go, Thomas!

Henry: Don't encourage him, James!

[the chase continues until Thomas looses them in a dead end graveyard]

Thomas: Fiona!

Fiona: [in distance] Thomas!

[the others arrive]

Edward: Thomas, what were you thinking?

Henry: [panting] He wasn't thinking, Edward. He sensed that Fiona was in trouble.

Twilight: Thomas, you know what Shrek said. This forest is forbidden.

Thomas: I know, Twilight. But we have to save Princess Fiona, even if does mean we have to die.

James: What?!

Gordon: There is no way that I am risking my tender for a captured princess.

Percy: Count me out on that one. Because, we'd be too scared to do it even if we tried.

Thomas: Percy, look, even if we are scared, we can still rescue Fiona.

Henry: What if something bad happens to us or a mad-axe murderer comes out of nowhere and murders us?

James: Or what if... [gasps] Lord Farquaad's ghost shows up?

Thomas: Why do you say that, James?

James: Because, look! [points to Farquaad's grave]

Thomas: James, Farquaad was eaten by Dragon years ago.

Henry: We know but, what if his ghost comes to get us?

Optimus Prime: Henry, there is no such thing as ghosts. They don't even exist anymore.

Pac-Man: Trust me, Prime. Me, Spiral and Cylindria have experienced some bad things with ghosts.

Spiral: Except four of them are good.

Cylindria: Their names are Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde. And we need to get Fiona back.

Sideswipe: And quickly before Shrek and the others find out.

Percy: Yeah. Remember what Gator said. "Being brave isn't about not being scared, being brave is about what you do, even when you do feel scared".

Thomas: Let's go!

[Our heroes move away from the scene. Back at the swamp, Shrek and Donkey arrive home]

Gingy: Hi, guys!

Puss in Boots: Back already?

Shrek: Hi, fellas.

Donkey: Hey! Where are Thomas, Twilight and their crew?

Shrek: [gasps] Oh, no!

Donkey: What?

Shrek: Thomas and Twilight organized a campout after me and Fiona celebrated our honeymoon.

[They race to the campsite only to find it empty]

Donkey: I think they went after Fiona!

Shrek: [gasps] You're right, Donkey. Look! Twilight left hoofprints.

Gingy: He's right. Let's follow 'em.

Puss in Boots: If we are going to find that tank engine and his lass, we need to head in that direction.

Shrek: You're right, Puss in Boots. Let's go!

[The group sets off. In the graveyard, Thomas is leading away]

Thomas: Come on, guys. I think I heard Fiona this way.

Edward: Thomas, I think we should head back to the swamp. It's safe there.

Thomas: No, Edward. There's no turning back now.

James: Thomas, we have got to be careful. One wrong turn and we could get lost in here.

Percy: Yeah. And besides, it's spooky.

Thomas: Don't worry, Percy. Even though we're scared, we can still rescue Fiona.

Bumblebee: He's right, guys. We can do it if we believe we can.

Optimus Prime: We need to hurry. Fiona needs us.

Thomas: [whistles for Fiona] Fiona, we can't see you. But if you can hear us, call my name as loud as you can.

[there is no reply]

Thomas: Fiona?

[there's still no reply]

Thomas: [sighs] I wish there was something we could do.

Baymax: Now that's a wish I can make come true. [activates his wings and takes flight]

Pac-Man: Where's he headin' tah?

Bumblebee: How should I know?

[Baymax is now high above the trees]

Fixit: What can you see from up there, Baymax?

[Baymax flies back down]

Baymax: [sighs] Nothing.

Thomas: Ugh! I knew we couldn't do anything.

Clocker: Don't worry, Thomas. We'll rescue Fiona, no matter what it takes.

Optimus: Clocker is right. Let's go!

[The groups moves away from the scene]

Shrek: I'm sure we'll find them. [turns to his friends] Come on, fellas, pick up the pace.

Donkey: But we've been walkin' for hours, Shrek.

Gingy: Yeah.

Puss: Can we stop?

Shrek: No! Not until we find Thomas and his crew.

Big Bad Wolf: Oh, come on!

Donkey: Come on, Guys! Shrek is right! We can't slow down now! We need to pick up the pace!

Puss In Boots: Yeah. Vavanous, amigos.

Gingy: Yeah! We can't slow down.

Shrek: Let's go!

[the group continues on. In the graveyard, Thomas and the others are still searching for Fiona]

Kai: Ugh! There's no way we're gonna find 'em.

[A sudden hand comes out of the fog and grabs Jay by the scruff of the neck. It pulls him out of sight and the others, not noticing what is happening, continue their search]

Kai: She has to be around here somewhere.

Nya: Yeah. But where?

Bumblebee: Guys, quiet! Quiet! I think I heard something.

Jay: [in distance] Leave me alone! Please? Just leave me alone.

Bumblebee: Over there.

Cole: [in ghost form] No. In here.

Optimus: Let's keep looking.

Thomas: Yeah. Besides, Bumblebee, you must be imagening hearing that noise.

Fluttershy: I'm scared.

James: Look, Fluttershy. We are only doing this for Fiona's sake.

Percy: There's nothing to be afraid of.

Fluttershy: Oh. Okay.

Bumblebee: [hears the same noise] Do you guys hear that?

Optimus: I heard something.

Jay: [in distance] Hey! Somebody help! Please?

Toby: That voice!

Thomas: It's Jay!

Mavis: I found it!

Joy: Found what?

Disgust: Jay!

[There's a blue Jay sitting on a tree branch]

Fear: Disgust! Thomas didn't mean that kind of Jay. He meant Jay as in the blue ninja.

Disgust: Well, it's not my fault Mavis thought he meant the bird.

Anger: Right.

[Disgust, Anger and Fear start arguing]

Sadness: Please, Don't argue.

Thomas: Guys? GUYS!

Percy: What is it?

Thomas: I was trying to get Anger, Fear and Disgust's attention.

Toby: Okay.

Thomas: Anger, Disgust, Fear! Hey!

Anger: What?!

Thomas: Stop arguing.

Disgust: Fine.

Thomas: We have to save Jay and Fiona. But, we have to split up. We're in this together. Right, Bumblebee?

[Thomas looks around, But Bumblebee is gone]

Thomas: Bumblebee, Oh no, Where is he?

Twilight: Hmm. Bumblebee must have gone off to save Fiona by himself.

Percy: Right.

Thomas: Bumblebee won't make it out there alone.

Optimus: Oh. Going out there for Fiona, he's going to get himself killed.

Emily: Oh dear.

Hot Shot: Okay, here's the plan. Me, Red Alert and Clocker will go and rescue Jay. The rest of you will go find Bumblebee and save Fiona. Has everyone got that?

Thomas: Got it.

Hot Shot: Then, let's go!

[The group splits up. Meanwhile, Shrek's search party continues on]

Shrek: Come on, fellas. Hurry up.

Percy: Okay.

Donkey: I don't think I can walk on a meter more.

James: Don't be afraid Donkey.

Disgust: James, he's not scared. He's just tired.

Sadness: Yeah, Toby, why don't you give it a go.

Toby: Um, okay. [slowly moves forward]

Fear: Don't get quicker.

[Toby strains and puffs on but eventually gives up]

Toby: It's hard.

Thomas: [sighs] Wonder how Hot Shot's getting on.

Percy: I don't know.

[Elsewhere, Hot Shot is following Jay's trail with Red Alert and Clocker]

Hot Shot: Come on, guys. I think I heard Jay this way.

Red Alert: Got it.

Clocker: This place looks creepy.

Red Alert: I know. But don't mind how this place looks and keep up.

Hot Shot: Okay.

Clocker: Right.

Red Alert: I sense something.

Hot Shot: What?

Red Alert: Let's go.

[The three Autobots reach a clearing, where they find Jay and the ghost Ninja Morro]

Hot Shot: Oh no.

Clocker: Let's go help him.

[Hot Shot stops Clocker]

Clocker: What's wrong Hot Shot?

Hot Shot: We can't just rush in blindly. We have to wait until the ghost is out of sight.

Clocker: Really, why is that?

Hot Shot: Because, we don't want him seeing us.

Clocker: Now I get it.

Hot Shot: Now, let's stay up here until he leaves.

Clocker: Kay.

[Morro goes and the bots leap from the cliff]

Hot Shot: Are we falling?!

Red Alert: No. We're jumping down and landing our feet so that we can rescue Jay.

Hot Shot: Right.

[The three bots land on their feet in front of Jay]

Clocker: Jay, we found you.

Jay: Yeah. And it's about time too.

Red Alert: Now, let's get you out of those ties.

Jay: Okay.

[The three bots untie Jay]

Jay: Thanks.

Red Alert: No problem.

Clocker: Let's get going.

Hot Shot: Right.

Jay: So, where are we heading off to?

Hot Shot: Thelonious has kidnapped Fiona but order of someone. But we don't who.

Clocker: Why?

Hot Shot: Because, we haven't found out yet. Duh!

Clocker: Oh really?

Hot Shot: Clocker. I'm serious.

Red Alert: Please don't be serious.

Hot Shot: He just doesn't get what I'm talking about.

Clocker: Okay?

Jay: Guys, knock it off.

Red Alert: Geez.

Hot Shot: Forget it. Let's just find Fiona.

Red Alert: Right.

Hot Shot: Clocker, can you track her down?

Clocker: Yes.

Hot Shot: How?

Red Alert: Over there.

Hot Shot: What?

Clocker: There.

Hot Shot: No. What did you find, Red Alert?

Red Alert: I Found it.

Hot Shot: What is it?

[Red Alert points to some spooky castle in the distance]

Red Alert: My sensors indicate that Fiona is being held hostage in that castle somewhere.

Clocker: Shall we go check it out?

Hot Shot: Yeah.

Red Alert: Then let's go.

[The three bots and Jay race towards the castle]

Jay: Let's go in.

Hot Shot: Alright. But remember, we don't want to draw attention to ourselves.

Clocker: Right.

[The three bots and Jay enter the castle. Elsewhere, Bumblebee is walking alone]

Bumblebee: Okay, I'm alone now.

[He suddenly hears Fiona's voice]

Bumblebee: I heard something.

[Bumblebee runs in the direction of the voice]

Bumblebee: Fiona, I found her!

Fiona: B-Bumblebee!

Bumblebee: Don't worry, I'm here to save you.

Fiona: Bumblebee, you shouldn't be here. You have to go. Thelonious...

[Before she can continue, Thelonious charges right into Bumblebee. Suddenly, the ghost of Lord Farquaad appears]

Bumblebee: Who are you?!

Lord Farquaad: Surely, you remember your old enemy, Bumblebee. It tis I, Lord Farquuad!

Bumblebee: It can't be!

Lord Farquaad: I may have been eaten by your dragon friend, but my spirit lives on.

Bumblebee: No, It cannot be!

Lord Farquaad: I know you may be thinking that now. But, it's true. I can't believe how foolish you were to come here on your own to save the princess.

Bumblebee: You wouldn't!

Lord Farquaad: Oh, but I would. You see, I've kidnapped Princess Fiona to kill her and make her my spirit wife. A remake of my last failed attempt.

Bumblebee: I'm not afraid of you!

Lord Farquuad: I know you aren't. How selfish of you to come alone.

Bumblebee: What did you say to me?!

Lord Farquuad: I said how selfish of you to come alone.

Bumblebee: So what, You'll shall be more afraid of this!

[Bumblebee aims his arm cannons]

Bumblebee: Prepare to be cooked!

[Bumblebee fires and Farquaad disappears. But Farquaad reappears after a split second]

Lord Farquaad: See? I'm a spirit, You'll never defeat me.

[Suddenly, Hot Shot, Red Alert, Clocker and Jay burst in through the wall]

Lord Farquaad: What?

Red Alert: That's enough!

Lord Farquaad: Impossible!

Bumblebee: Guys!

Clocker: Sorry we're late!

Lord Farquaad: How did you get in here?

Hot Shot: I follow the path!

Lord Farquaad: But still, it's selfish for this young bumblebot to come alone.

Clocker: You wouldn't dare, but bring it on!

[Clocker attempts crush Farquaad but Farquaad teleports away]

Hot Shot: He got away.

Lord Farquaad: [while invisible] That doesn't mean I'm still here.

Clocker: That voice!

[Something punches Clocker]

Clocker: Ow!

Hot Shot: Clocker!

Clocker: That hurt me, Who did that?!

[Farquaad reappears]

Farquaad: I did!

Red Alert: How dare you!

[Red Alert attacks Farquaad but Farquaad becomes invisible again]

Red Alert: Darn it, Again! [The invisible Farquaad punches Red Alert]

Red Alert: Argh!

Hot Shot: Red Alert!

Red Alert: Who's Did it again?!

Farquaad: Still me!

Clocker: Why you!

[Hot Shot races into battle along with Jay. But Farquaad throws sand in Jay's eyes and knocks him out. Then, he punches Hot Shot]

Bumblebee: Hot Shot! Jay!

Farquaad: [evil laugh]

Jay: Farquaad, That was very mean!

[But Jay blacks out after a split second]

Clocker: Are you okay?

[Jay doesn't respond]

Bumblebee: He's not answering!

Hot Shot: That's because he's been knocked out.

Clocker: Your gonna pay for that!

Farquaad: Oh, am I now?

[The rest of the team appears in the doorway]

Thomas: Guys! We're here!

Joy: I'm glad you're okay!

[Nya suddenly spots the unconscious Jay]

Nya: Oh no, Jay!

Ratchet: Is he alright?

Disgust: Something is not good, We better wake him up.

[Everyone rushes over to Jay]

Thomas: Jay! It's me, Thomas! Can you hear me?

Twilight: Jay!

Nya: Jay! It's me! Nya!

Applejack: Quick, Someone fetch me a Bucket of Water!

Apple Bloom: Got one right here, sis!

[Apple Bloom kicks it and the water falls out on to Jay. But it doesn't work]

[In Jay's Dream]

Jay: I love you, Nya!

Nya: That's Sweet!

[They kiss. In reality, Nya stares down at Jay]

[Jay wakes up]

Jay: Nya!

Nya: Jay!

Jay: Boy, that ghost guy got a lot of sand in my eyes!

Nya: That's a Shocker!

[Thomas suddenly sees Farquaad]

Thomas: Is that who I think it is? No. It can't be.

Twilight: Farquaad!

Percy: That's not good!

Farquaad: Welcome, everyone. To witness the execution of Shrek's new wife, Princess Fiona.

Toby: What?!

Bumblebee: Don't you get it? He's gonna kill Fiona and make her his spirit wife.

Nya: It's impossible!

Bumblebee: Nya! It's not an illusion! It's all real!

Nya: Right!

Thomas: I don't understand. How did Farquaad's spirit survive?

Jay: I don't think I can stay awake much longer.

Nya: Hang in there, Jay.

Jay: Right.

Farquaad: If you want Fiona to stay alive, you'll have to go through me.

Anger: I'll show you!

[Anger sets a blaze and Joy picks him up, trying to burn Farquaad]

Farquaad: Hah! Spirits can't be burned.

Anger: What?!

Joy: That's it! Spirits are the ghosts of people who lived in the past but came back in the present.

Fear: That's not good.

Sadness: Now what do we do? Jay's struggling to stay awake.

Thomas: I think I know someone who can help.

Toby: I have an idea.

Sadness: That's right! Thomas knows this police bot named Deckerd. He can combine with a large truck to form J-Decker.

Thomas: Indeed.

Rainbow Dash: [gasps] You mean there are other Transformers out there?

Thomas: I'll call Optimus Prime.

Disgust: But Sadness said you knew Deckerd. So why not call him?

Sadness: Okay.

[Thomas radios Deckerd]

Deckerd: Yes?

Thomas: We need your help.

Deckerd: Thomas?

Thomas: We have a problem.

Deckerd: Thomas. What's the problem?

Thomas: Farquaad is a Spirit and he can't be stopped.

Deckerd: You mean, he's returned?

Thomas: That's right!

Deckerd: Right! I'll gather the Brave Police and we'll be right there!

Thomas: Thanks.

Deckerd: You're welcome. [turns off the radio] Brave Police!

(Brave Police arrives)

Deckerd: Drill Boy, Dumpson, Shadowmaru, McCrane, Power Joe, GunMax, Duke, listen up. Farquaad has returned as a spirit.

Drill Boy: That's not good.

McCrane: I thought he'd perished at the hands of a dragon friend of Donkey's.

Power Joe: Yeah, Same here.

Deckerd: Or so we thought. Farquaad has kidnapped Princess Fiona, which is even worse.

Shadowmaru: Farquaad the mean spirit.

Dumpson: If the creep's body was decayed, then, how did his spirit survive?

GunMax: I don't know.

Deckerd: Thomas and his crew are already at his abandoned castle in Dulock. So, we'll head to join them and rescue Fiona.

McCrane: Please, Let me help you.

Deckerd: McCrane. I did say "We".

McCrane: Right.

Deckerd: Brave Police, move out!

Power Joe: Got it!

Drill Boy: On my way!

Dumpson: Let's go!

GunMax: Be there in a jiffy.

Shadowmaru: That spirit needs a serious talking to.

McCrane: Got it.

Deckerd: Let's do this.

[The Brave Police set off. Back at the castle, Farquaad stares at Thomas]

Thomas: Alright then, No more Mr. nice engine.

[Thomas fires his iron blasters but they don't kill Farquaad]

Thomas: He's too powerful.

Farquaad: Nice shot. Now it's my turn. [turns invisible]

Toby: Be careful.

[Farquaad kicks Thomas into a wall]

Thomas: Ouch!

[Farquaad becomes visible again and laughs evilly]

Thomas: I had it!

[Suddenly, the Brave Police shows up]

Deckerd: Hold it right there!

Sadness: It's the Brave Police.

Joy: Thank goodness!

[Jay blacks out again]

Nya: Jay!

McCrane: I will take care of him.

Nya: Please. Hurry.

McCrane: No problem.

[Deckerd rushes to help Thomas]

Deckerd: Thomas, I know how to stop him!

Thomas: How? He's too strong now that he's a spirit!

Deckerd: I have to use a Vacuum cleaner.

Thomas: But a ghost can't be vaccumed up. Can't you think of another plan?

Deckerd: Never mind. Let's just get Fiona outta here.

Thomas: Okay!

Drill Boy: Coming through!

[Drill Boy drills a hole in the wall while Shadowmaru cuts Fiona's ties and picks her up]

Shadowmaru: I got ya!

Fiona: Thanks. Shadowmaru.

Duke: Everyone follow me.

Thomas: Right.

[Everyone follows Duke outside]

Percy: Let's hurry.

[Farquaad stops them]

Farquaad: Just where do you think you're going?

James: Escaping!

Farquaad: Well, I think that outcome is unlikely. [Summons a stone version of Dragon]

Deckerd: What the heck?!

Disgust: It's a stone version of Dragon!

McCrane: I'll shoot it!

Shadowmaru: Got it!

Deckerd: Be careful, McCrane!

McCrane: Don't worry!

[McCrane tries to blast it but the stone Dragon doesn't take a single shot]

McCrane: What the...?

Farquaad: Hah! Your weapons won't work against my stone dragon!

[The Stone Dragon steps on McCrane]

McCrane: Ow.

Thomas: McCrane! [charges]

[The Stone Dragon breathes fire, forcing Thomas to retreat]

GunMax: Time to end this.

Deckerd: Stop, GunMax!

GunMax: I got this.

Thomas: GunMax, don't do it.

GunMax: I'm listening.

Drill Boy: But you look like you're going to do it anyway.

Shadowmaru: Don't do it, GunMax!

GunMax: I'll be fine.

Bumblebee: GunMax!

[GunMax tries to tackle the Dragon but bounces off it]

GunMax: Do'h!

Optimus: We told you not to do it!

[The Stone Dragon chokes McCrane with its foot]

McCrane: [choking] H-Help!

Bumblebee: Uh oh, this is bad!

Twilight: Hang on, McCrane!

[Twilight teleports the entire adventures team away]

Fear: That was close.

Thomas: [looks at McCrane] Are you alright now, McCrane?

McCrane: I'm fine.

Nya: What about Jay?

Toby: He sleeping like a baby.

Nya: That's a relief.

Thomas: I'm just glad you're safe, Fiona.

Fiona: Thanks.

[Thomas sees Deckerd deep in thought]

Thomas: Deckerd, is there anything you can do?

Deckerd: Something tells me that the Stone Dragon will be looking for us. So, until we get rid of Farquaad, we'll just have to run from it.

Thomas: Right.

Pinkie Pie: Shh. I think I hear it now.

Applejack: We have to be quiet.

[They hide behind a rock wall as the Dragon approaches]

Lightening Mcqueen: We better run!

Deckerd: No! We'll wait until it goes past.

Thomas: Deckerd. It might see us if we do.

McCrane: He does have a point.

Thomas: Who?

McCrane: I was talking about you.

Thomas: Oh.

Deckerd: I know, McCrane. But we have to leave the running for now. So, we'll wait until it goes by.

Thomas: Roger.

GunMax: He never gives up his rules and regulations thing, does he?

McCrane: Yeah.

Thomas: That's what he swore when we met from the start.

Fear: I know.

[Thomas has a flashback]

Thomas: (Voiceover) I remember.

[In the flashback, Deckerd stands in front of Thomas]

Deckerd: (Flashback) Thomas.

Thomas: (Flashback) Yes, Deckerd?

Deckerd: I want to tell you something.

Thomas: What is it?

Deckerd: It's a secret.

Thomas: Then, I promise not to tell anyone.

Deckerd: You were an engine remember.

Thomas: Yes. But what's the secret got to do with that?

Deckerd: About being a hero.

Thomas: Would you mind just telling me the secret already?

Deckerd: Because I wanted to tell you about the prime.

Thomas: What's a prime?

Deckerd: A Prime is a special type of Cybertronian which is created by the Matrix of Leadership.

Thomas: Neat.

Deckerd: But there's something else I have to say.

Thomas: What?

Deckerd: You're just an Engine.

Thomas: I know.

Deckerd: I know that once you meet Optimus Prime, heroic leader of the Autobots and learned the code of the Primes, you'll do great things someday.

Thomas: I know.

Deckerd: Yeah.

Thomas: Indeed.

Deckerd: [chuckles] Thomas, I swear to never give up my rules and regulations thing, no matter what happens.

Thomas: Thanks, Deckerd.

Deckerd: You're welcome.

[Thomas' flashback ends]

Thomas: I will always remember that moment.

Clocker: So, I was right about that.

Thomas: Right about what?

Clocker: You know.

Thomas: Oh, right. [turns to Deckerd] Has it gone yet, Deckerd?

Deckerd: I don't know.

[The Stone Dragon appears and Deckerd ducks back out of sight]

Thomas: Where are you going?

Deckerd: Nowhere! I'm staying here with you guys! I just didn't want it to see me.

Thomas: Oh.

Percy: Then what are we waiting for?!

Thomas: Percy! We can't move yet! The Stone Dragon's still there!

Twilight: And I can still remember the day Deckerd lost his best friend Yuuta in my mind.

Thomas: Me too.

Percy: We must be more careful.

[Thomas has another flashback]

Thomas: Okay now, i'm getting more afraid, i think we should run.

Deckerd: Right. Move on my signal.

Thomas: Got it.

[The Stone Dragon prepares to breathe fire]

Percy: Run!

Deckerd: Percy, I'm the one giving the signal. Now!

[Everyone starts running]

Anger: I think we're heating up!

Deckerd: Never mind! Keep running!

Fear: I'm going fast as I can!

[They make it past just in time]

Disgust: That was close.

Shadowmaru: I know!

Sadness: So what are we going to do?

McCrane: Not sure.

[Thomas sees Deckerd deep in thought]

Thomas: Deckerd...?

Deckerd: What?

Thomas: I'm sorry you lost Yuuta.

Deckard: I know.

[Deckerd flashes back to the day Yuuta died]

Yuuta: Deckerd, my friend.

Deckerd: Yuuta! Don't die! I need you!

Yuuta: I won't die.

[Suddenly, Yuuta is shot by a bullet in the heart]

Yuuta: Argh! [hits the ground]

[Deckerd runs up to him]

Deckerd: Yuuta!

Yuuta: Ugh... I'm shot.

Deckerd: Yuuta! Get up!

Yuuta: I-I can't!

Deckerd: Come on! You can do it!

Yuuta: I'm sorry... Deckerd.

Deckerd: You can't die, Yuuta!

[Yuuta dies]

Deckerd: Yuuta! Wake up! Yuuta!

[Shadowmaru runs up]

Shadowmaru: What's wrong, Deckerd?

Dumpson: Yeah. What's up, big fella?

Clocker: What's wrong?!

GunMax: Yeah. What's with the long face?

Thomas: It looks like he's upset.

[Drill Boy walks up]

Drill Boy: What's wrong with the boss?

Deckerd: My best friend is dead.

Shadowmaru: WHAT?!

Drill Boy: It can't be!

[Deckerd starts to tear up]

Duke: Boss...?

Clocker: Are you alright?

[Yuuta doesn't answer]

Duke: The boss is not breahing.

Deckerd: Like I said, he's gone for good.

Duke: It cannot be.

[Deckerd starts to sob]

Drill Boy: Why.

Deckerd: [while sobbing] Yu-Yuuta!

Shadowmaru: I'm sorry.

[Later, at Yuuta's funeral]

Shadowmaru: [making an announcement] I would like to know, that Clocker, Drill Boy, Duke, GunMax, and Deckerd. Would like to say something.

[Deckerd steps forward]

Deckerd: [clears throat] My friend, Yuuta, died dreadfully due to a shot in the heart.

Drill Boy: It would be really bad if it happened to me.

GunMax: We will miss the boss dearly.

Clocker: He will be remembered by us.

Deckerd: And we will always take the day he died to heart.

Shadowmaru: So, if you have any questions, raise your hand.

[Someone raises their hand as Deckerd starts to tear up again]

Shadowmaru: Yes, Sunset Shimmer.

Sunset Shimmer: Will Yuuta always be with us even though he is dead?

Shadowmaru: Yes. Probably.

Deckerd: Yu-Yuuta!

Duke: [places his hand on Deckerd's shoulder] I'm sorry, Deckerd.

Clocker: It's not your fault.

Deckerd: No. It's my fault.

Thomas: Deckerd!

Twilight: Don't blame yourself!

Percy: It wasn't your fault!

[Deckerd starts to sob]

Duke: Deckerd...!

Drill Boy: What do we do without the boss, Deckerd?

Shadowmaru: Wait for the sobbing to stop, Drill Boy. Be patient.

[Deckerd starts to cry]

Deckerd: I should helpped him.

Clocker: D-Deckerd.

Drill Boy: We're sorry.

Thomas: So, what do we do now, Deckerd?

Deckerd: I was filled with Legacy.

Thomas: I know. But, what do we do now that Yuuta's gone?

Deckerd: I know who's responsible for killing Yuuta.

Thomas: Who, Deckerd?

Clocker: Who's the villain repsonible?

Duke: Tell us, Deckerd!

Drill Boy: What's the name of the villain?

[Deckerd thinks for a moment]

Thomas: Are you going to tell us or not?

Percy: Go on, tell What's the villain name.

Shadowmaru: Quiet! He's thinking about it. We mustn't interfere.

Percy: Right.

[Deckerd finishes thinking]

Thomas: Now are you going to tell us, Deckerd? Tell me first if you want to.

Duke: King Nixel?

Thomas: Did Deckerd just tell you that, Duke?

Bumblebee: Or did you just find that out yourself?

Rusty: Tell us, Duke!

Optimus: Then who did it?

Duke: King Nixel. Deckerd told me so. Deckerd,if you would like to tell more.

Deckerd: King Nixel Hated the DigiDestined and their Digimon.

Gabumon: You mean us?

Deckerd: Yeah, King Nixel from Team Robot in Pokemon XY The Series.

Gabumon: Oh, now i see.

Thomas: So, then, why did he kill Yuuta?

Agumon: You'll see, King Nixel Shot Yuuta by The Nixels.

Thomas: Yes. But, why though?

Deckerd: He did this.

Thomas: I know. But, why?

Deckerd: He is the ruler of the Nixels.

Thomas: Yeah. I know. But I want the reason why he killed Yuuta.

Deckerd: Lord Farquaad.

Thomas: What about Lord Farquaad?

Deckerd: He Killed Yuuta, That did it.

Thomas: I know. But why would Lord Farquaad help King Nixel to kill your best friend? What did Yuuta ever do to King Nixel?

Deckerd: Yes.

Thomas: "Yes" what?

Deckerd: He did help King Nixel.

Thomas: Yes, I know. But, what did Yuuta ever do to King Nixel?

Deckerd: King Nixel Used a shotgun to kill Yuuta.

Thomas: But, I want to know what Yuuta did to make King Nixel do this.

Deckerd: King Nixel was mad at Yuuta.

Thomas: What did Yuuta do to make King Nixel mad?

Deckerd: Yuuta Called King Nixel, A Spiky crown nixel.

Thomas: Oh, no.

[The flashback ends]

Thomas: There you have it.

Deckerd: Shush! I think I hear the Stone Dragon. We can hide behind that rock until it goes by.

Thomas: (Quietly) Okay.

Deckerd: Why are you whispering?

Thomas: I don't want to get loud.

Deckerd: Oh.

[Everyone ducks behind the rock]

Fear: Don't get too loud.

Pinkie: Oh. She's ginoarmous.

Applejack: Weird.

Twilight: That's because dragons are meant to be that size.

Anger: Yeah, we get it.

Deckerd: Still, I will never forgive Lord Farquaad for what he did to Yuuta.

Clocker: I Know.

Deckerd: I hope to avenge my boss one day.

Drill Boy: Yeah.

Thomas: Yeah. I know how you feel, Deckerd.

Deckerd: Yeah, I know.

[Deckerd peaks out at the stone dragon]

Clocker: What are you doing?!

Thomas: What does it look like he's doing? He's looking at the Stone Dragon. Aren't you, Deckerd?

Percy: Where's Deckerd?

Thomas: Right there.

Percy: Oh.

[Deckerd scans the Stone Dragon for a weak spot]

Deckerd: I found a weak spot.

Thomas: Where abouts?

Deckerd: The Chest.

Thomas: Oh. What do we have to do to the chest?

Deckerd: We have to destroy it.

Thomas: How? Lord Farquaad is controlling it.

Twilight: How are we gonna get rid of it without Farquaad controlling it further?

Duke: I have an idea. It seems crazy but you're going to have to trust me.

Thomas: What is it?

Duke: The Spirit.

Thomas: What's the spirit?

Duke: A Ghost is a Spirit.

Thomas: I know. But, are you talking about Lord Farquaad?

Duke: Yes.

Thomas: That's nice.

Rainbow Dash: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Are you crazy?

Applejack: Yeah, don't tell me what is that.

Duke: Trust me. It's the only way.

Fear: Way ahead of ya.

Thomas: Got it.

Duke: Then let's do it!

[Later, the Brave Police watch Farquaad from behind a rock]

Deckerd: We have to be quiet.

Power Joe: We know, we know.

Drill Boy: Yeah, extra quiet.

Deckerd: Keep your voices down will you?

Thomas: Yeah. Whisper voices.

Disgust: Okay.

Drill Boy: Oh. Right.

Duke: Then let's go.

[Duke slowly creeps up behind Farquaad]

Duke: That's it Farquaad.

GunMax: Follow Duke's lead. Now, the code word is stealth. No one makes a move until he says so.

Power Joe: Hello? I'm a power shovel. I know a thing or two about stealth.

GunMax: I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to Deckerd.

Deckerd: Less talk, more rock. [charges past GunMax]

GunMax: Watch it!

[Deckerd charges past Duke]

Duke: You almost knocked me!

[Deckerd charges towards Farquaad]

Deckerd: You're dead.

[Farquaad spots him]

Farquaad: Going somewhere?

[The Stone Dragon appears]

Deckerd: What?!

[GunMax runs up]

GunMax: Hold it right there!

[Deckerd turns]

Deckerd: GunMax!

Drill Boy: Wait!

GunMax: I said use stealth, Deckerd! You just lost us one of our leads!

Duke: Even so, he's still mad at Farquaad for what he did to the boss.

Deckerd: Yeah, it was hard.

GunMax: But still, he lost us one of our leads.

Anger: He's unstoppable!

[The Stone Dragon lunges at GunMax, mouth open wide]

GunMax: Don't eat me!

Farquaad: It's not going to.

GunMax: Oh.

Farquaad: But watch this! [clicks his fingers and the Stone Dragon grabs GunMax in its mouth]

GunMax: Help me!

Deckerd: GunMax!

Drill Boy: I'll stop it!

[Drill Boy kicks a spikey football at the Stone Dragon but the dragon takes off with GunMax still in its mouth]

Deckerd: After them!

[The rest of the Brave Police chase the Stone Dragon]

Shadowmaru: We're coming, GunMax!

McCrane: Just hang on.

[The Stone Dragon flies over a crevice]

Drill Boy: It's getting away!

Shadowmaru: Not if I can help it! [transforms into a jet]

Drill Boy: Let's hurry!

[The Brave Police jump over the crevice]

McCrane: We're almost there.

[The Stone Dragon dangles GunMax over a waterfall]

Deckerd: Come on, Let's hurry!

Drill Boy: Hey!

McCrane: Wait up!

Shadowmaru: Hey! Stone Dragon!

Drill Boy: I got you now!

[Drill Boy kicks the Stone Dragon. It lets go of GunMax and he falls]

Shadowmaru: I'm coming GunMax!

[Shadowmaru turns into his jet mode]

McCrane: Hang in there!

[McCrane throws his hook and grabs GunMax just in time]

GunMax: Thanks.

McCrane: No Problem.

[McCrane pulls GunMax up onto the cliff he is on]

GunMax: That was close.

McCrane: I know.

[The Stone Dragon closes in]

Shadowmaru: Look out!

GunMax: Let's get out of here.

Deckerd: I'll handle this! [jumps into the air and punches the Stone Dragon]

Shadowmaru: Take that!

[The Stone Dragon thrives in pain. As it does, it hits the cliffside and the Brave Police fall towards the water below]

GunMax: This is just Great!

Drill Boy: [gasps] I know what to do! [whistles for Donkey's friend, Dragon]

Deckerd: It's coming!

[Dragon appears and catches the Brave Police on her back]

Deckerd: That was close.

Drill Boy: Thanks, girl!

Dragon: [snorts]

GunMax: Now let's go find them!

Drill Boy: Got it!

[Dumpson sees the Stone Dragon behind them]

Dumpson: Guys! We have a problem!

Fear: What Problem?

[The Brave Police look behind them and see the Stone Dragon]

Drill Boy: It's coming back.

Deckerd: [to Dragon] Fly faster, girl! Yah!

[Dragon flies faster]

Deckerd: It's still following us!

Drill Boy: Let's hurry!

Dumpson: Guys! I think Dragon has a plan!

Drill Boy: What is it?

Dumpson: She's going to burn a hole in the cliffside and then in the tunnel she makes, the Stone Dragon will lose it's wings and fall.

Drill Boy: Got it.

[Dragon burns a tunnel in the cliffside, the Stone Dragon follows but loses it's wings in the process. When it comes out, it falls to a watery grave]

Drill Boy: Yeah!

Deckerd: That was too close.

McCrane: Way to go, Dragon!

Dumpson: Now let's move out.

[Dragon flies back to the castle]

McCrane: Okay, now we made it.

[Thomas aims his iron blaster at Farquaad]

Thomas: It's not over yet!

Farquaad: How could you have survived the Stone Dragon?

Thomas: The Stone Dragon got Destroyed.

Farquaad: How?

Thomas: The stone Wings are broken.

Farquaad: [growls] Face my ghostly wrath!

Thomas: Come on guys, avoid it.

[Everyone else does so]

Disgust: Okay, now we need our time to escape.

Drill Boy: Follow me! [drills a hole in the floor]

Disgust: Let's go.

[Everyone leaps into the hole, but not before Dragon breathes fire on Farquaad, killing him a second time]

Drill Boy: Way to go, Dragon!

Thomas: Nice one!

Shadowmaru: Shush! I think I heard Shrek up above!

Thomas: Sorry.

[Up above, Shrek leads his friends to the castle]

Shrek: We made it.

Donkey: Are you sure they're in there, Shrek? Because, I don't think so.

Shrek: Of course, Donkey. Now shut it!

Donkey: Okay, just be quiet.

Puss: Vavanos, amigos!

Fear: Keep quiet.

Puss: [quietly] I know.

Disgust: Right.

[The search party enters the castle]

Donkey: Now what?

Shrek: Thomas? Twilight?

Drill Boy: [comes out of the ground] Surprise!

McCrane: Good to see ya again!

Shrek: Thomas! Guys! Thank goodness you're safe!

Thomas: Yeah, I'm happy I found them.

Donkey: Where were you guys when got back to the swamp?

Thomas: Well, I found out.

Donkey: Found out what?

Twilight: He found out that Thelonious took Fiona.

Thomas: Yeah, That henchman.

Shrek: Then, why did you go off after him without telling us where you were going?

Thomas: Well, in the Haunted graveyard.

Shrek: Why? What happened in there?

Percy: Well, go on.

Thomas: I lost them in it.

Applejack: Bummer.

Twilight: But we found them eventually.

Toby: It was great.

Shrek: So, then what happened?

Thomas: Well.

Donkey: "Well" what?

Thomas: I don't know.

Duke: We saw Lord Farquaad's spirit.

Thomas: It's very scary.

Donkey: Wait a minute. Are you seriously tellin' the truth here?

Thomas: Yeah.

Donkey: Then, why would his spirit show up?

Percy: He was trying to scare us.

Thomas: No, Percy. He took Fiona to try and make her his spirit wife. Remember?

Percy: Then we gotta save her.

Fiona: You already did rescue me.

Thomas: Oh.

Shrek: Fiona! Thank goodness you're safe!

[The two ogres hug]

Toby: That was close!

Thomas: What was?

Toby: You know.

Thomas: Oh.

Twilight: So, should we head back?

Toby: Sure.

[As the gang heads back to the swamp, Spike and Luke are talking]

Luke: Okay, so Spike tell us where we can find her.

Spike: [laughs] Silly Luke. We already did find her. Remember?

Luke: Okay.

Spike: So, anyway, did you have fun today?

Luke: Yeah.

Spike: [gasps] Really? What was the best part?

Luke: Riding a Dragon.

Spike: That was my favourite part too.

Luke: Really Awesome.

[After Shrek and Fiona's honeymoon, the gang are back at the campsite]

Toby: Best vacation ever.

Thomas: It wasn't a vacation Toby. It was their honeymoon.

Toby: Right, sorry.

Pinkie: Okay! Who wants to tell the first ghost story?

Bumblebee: I do!

Pinkie: Okay!

Bumblebee: But, the thing about this story is that its all true.

[A haunted house comes up in Bumblebee's mind]

Pinkie: Spooky.

Bumblebee: [voiceover] It was on a dark and spooky night. Three young Autobots were on a mission to find out the strange happenings in an old boarded up house.

Pinkie: That's creepy.

Thomas: Shush! Pinkie!

Percy: Continue on.

Bumblebee: [voiceover] The three bots entered the house but found no one inside.

Optimus: Are you sure this is safe?

Bumblebee: You're not in the story, Prime.

Optimus: Sorry.

Bumblebee: [voiceover] The three bots split up in order to find out who was causing the strange happenings. But little did they know that those strange happenings were about to happen right under their noses.

Hot Shot: Are you sure we're going in.

Bumblebee: Hot Shot, none of you are in the story.

Hot Shot: Aw, i knew it.

Bumblebee: Anyways, [voiceover] The first Autobot got trapped. And the second got eaten by Scraplets. And just when the last little Autobot thought he was safe, there, standing right behind him, a few inches away was... [dramatic pause] Mr.Hyde!

(Dun Dun dun)

[Bumblebee puts on a Mr.Hyde costume to mime the episode]

Bumblebee: I'm Mr. Hyde!

[Rainbow Dash cronfronts him bravely]

Rainbow Dash: Okay then, prepare to be defeated!

Bumblebee: You can never defeat me. I'm way to dangerous and powerful.

Rainbow Dash: We'll just see you about that!

[Rainbow Dash jumps on him and the two begin play fighting]

Rainbow Dash: Give up, Hyde Bumblebee.

Bumblebee: Never!

[Twilight halts them]

Twilight: Hold it right there!

Rainbow Dash: What? We were just playing!

Bumblebee: Yeah, we're just having fun.

Twilight: Well, anyway, there's no time for that. We're going to find out who is going to tell the next ghost story.

Fluttershy: Right, next ghost story.

Thomas: Who's going to tell it?

Applejack: Me.

Twilight: Okay. Go ahead, AJ.

Applejack: Rainbow and Ah went to the old castle in the Everfree Forest. And I told her an acient legend.

Rainbow Dash: Yep, We went there.

Applejack: When Nightmare Moon was banished, not every bit of her dark magic went with her. And legend has it, that when nighttime falls on the castle, the dark magic takes the form of the Pony of Shadows.

Rainbow Dash: That's very spooky.

Percy: You mean, like a ghost?

Rainbow Dash: Not that ghost silly.

Applejack: [spookily] No pony knows!

Rainbow Dash: Okay, it creeps me out.

[Thomas suddenly blows out the fire]

Fluttershy: Who turn out the lights?!

Thomas: [turns on his lamp] There. Is that better?

Fluttershy: Sorry I was afraid of the dark.

Thomas: Anyways, I got a really spooky story.

Toby: Who?

Thomas: Me.

Toby: Yeah go on.

Thomas: This story is called The Legend of the Faceless Tank Engine.

Percy: Oh my.

Thomas: It was on a night much like this one and three little tank engines were having a campout. Just like this one.

Percy: Okay.

[A few minuets later]

Thomas: And just when the last little tank engine thought he was safe, there, standing right behind him, a few inches away, was [dramatic pause] The Faceless Tank Engine!

Fluttershy: (Screams)

Henry: Stop it, Thomas! You're scaring Fluttershy!

Thomas: Sorry.

James: Great story.

Toby: Okay, so who's next?

Oliver: Me.

Percy: Okay, tell us a story.

Oliver: Okay.

[A few hours later]

Percy: Continue on.

Oliver: That's all I know really.

Percy: Okay.

Sunset: [yawns] Anyways, It's bedtime.

Thomas: It's time for bed.

Twilight: Good night, Thomas.

Shining Armor: Night, Twily.

Percy: Night.

Princess Cadance: Night, everyone.

Fluttershy: Night.

Henry: Don't dream of the Faceless Tank Engine, Flutters.

Fluttershy: Okay.

Rarity: Sweet dreams, everyone.

Applejack: Thanks.

Princess Luna: I promise to visit your dreams when I am asleep.

Pinkie Pie: No problem, just a hunch.

[Later, everyone is asleep. Everyone, except for Percy. He keeps hearing noises and wakes up with a scream]

Percy: What was that?!

Thomas: [yawns] What's wrong, Percy?

Percy: Nothing.

Thomas: Something's wrong with you. Tell me what it is.

Percy: Well, it's hearing noises.

Thomas: And are they scaring you?

Percy: Yeah.

Thomas: Come on, Percy. I'll show you what's making those noises.

Percy: Okay.

[The two engines leave]

Thomas: Look.

Percy: What?

Thomas: There.

Percy: What am I looking at?

Thomas: See.

Percy: Oh. It's just a frog.

Thomas: Silly me.

Percy: [hears another noise] Do you hear that?

Thomas: Yeah, I hear it.

Percy: Thomas! I'm scared!

Thomas: Don't be afraid, see.

Percy: Do you know what the noise is?

Thomas: That noise?

Percy: Yes.

Thomas: Who?

Percy: I was asking you if you knew what the noise was?

Thomas: Let's see.

Percy: What is it?

Thomas: Percy, look.

Percy: Wow, what is that?

Thomas: Its a cricket, Percy. Its chirping.

Percy: Hello cricket.

Thomas: Percy, shush!

Percy: Sorry.

Thomas: It's okay.

[Thomas continues into the forest as Percy keeps staring at the cricket. Percy doesn't know this]

Percy: It's hard.

[Percy turns to see that Thomas isn't there]

Percy: Hello?

[There's no answer]

Percy: Uh oh.

[Percy races back to camp, only to see that everyone is awake]

Percy: Where's Thomas?!

Scootaloo: We don't know. Where did you two go off? We were worried sick about you two.

Percy: It's hard to explain!

Rarity: We were all very concerned, Percy. No one should go off into the woods without an adult who knows his way.

Percy: Right, I was worried that I left Thomas.

Twilight: If Thomas is out there on his own, he could get lost.

Percy: I know.

James: Come on. We'd better find him.

Percy: Okay.

[The gang heads into the woods to look for Thomas. Meanwhile, Thomas is alone in a clearing, lost, scared and frightened]

Thomas: Help me, someone please.

[He hears a noise, thinking it's Mr.Hyde]

Thomas: Oh no, not Mr. Hyde again.

[Some bushes rustle nearby]

Thomas: What was that?!

[The bushes rustle again. Thomas panics]

Thomas: There's nothing to be afraid of, just stay calm.

[Thomas moves forward and calls out]

Thomas: Anyone there?

[A robotic hand, the size of a cybertronian's, comes out. Thomas puffs back in horror]

Thomas: Oh no!

[Drill Boy comes out]

Drill Boy: Stop right there!

[Thomas gasps]

Thomas: Drill boy, I'm glad to see you.

Drill Boy: [gets up, covered in mud and leafes] What are you doing out here, Thomas?!

Thomas: Ugh, that's gross.

Drill Boy: I fell in a bog. Sorry if I scared you.

Thomas: Yeah, thanks to you.

Drill Boy: I heard you and tried to come but I fell in a bog and got muddy.

Thomas: Sorry about that.

Drill Boy: That's okay. Anyways, why are you out here?

Thomas: I was walking with Percy, But I got lost.

Drill Boy: I know the way back to the campsite.

Thomas: Really?

Drill Boy: yeah.

Thomas: Thanks.

Drill Boy: Come on.

[The Duo head off. Meanwhile, the others are looking for them]

Percy: Okay, now we gotta find Thomas and Drill Boy.

James: We know that, Percy.

Percy: Right.

Sunset Shimmer: If only we knew where they were.

James: Yeah, we know we're find them.

[Ratchet checks his arm panel]

Ratchet: Let's see.

[Thomas and Drill Boy's signals pop up]

Ratchet: I found it.

Twilight: Where are they?

Ratchet: Over there.

Bumblebee: Can you show us?

Ratchet: Okay.

[Ratchet points to the blinking red dots]

Deckerd: What is it?

Ratchet: Thomas and Drill Boy's signals show that they're about...

[Before Ratchet can continue, Thomas's voice comes out of nowhere, surprising him]

Ratchet: It's Thomas!

[Some bushes rustle nearby. Fluttershy cowers, thinking it's Mr. Hyde]

Fluttershy: Look out, It's Mr. Hyde.

Pinkie: Eeek! [hides behind Percy]

[Thomas comes out]

Thomas: Don't worry, it's me.

Twilight: Thomas! [gallops over and hugs him]

[The mud and leaf covered Drill Boy comes out. Pinkie doesn't recognise him]

Rarity: That's just gross and messy.

[Pinkie freaks out, thinking Drill Boy is a monster]

Pinkie: (Screams) It's a Monster!

Drill Boy: Relax, Pinkie! It's only me!

Pinkie: Oh, Okay!

Percy: How did you get so muddy, Drill Boy?

Drill Boy: I fell in a bog.

James: [gasps] Was it deep?

Drill Boy: Well you see.

Rarity: Obviously, you need to get cleaned up. I can tell how smelly you are just by looking at you.

Fluttershy: You look dirty.

Thomas: Yeah, Drill Boy. You should get yourself cleaned up.

Drill Boy: Okay then.

Rarity: [as Drill Boy walks past her] Oh, no one will recognise him if he looks like that.

Applejack: Yeah, we've better get cleaning.

[Everyone starts cleaning Drill Boy up]

Rarity: All cleaned up.

Fluttershy: You're all clean now, Drill Boy!

Drill Boy: Thanks.

Rainbow: No problem.

Pinkie Pie: You'll look Squeaky clean.

McCrane: How did you know where to find him, Thomas?

Thomas: It was easy.

Deckerd: Where did you find him?

Thomas: In the bog.

Deckerd: How did you wind up in that muddy lake, Drill Boy.

Drill Boy: I was trying to Find him, but I fell into the mud.

Fluttershy: Oh my.

Pinkie Pie: That's was funny!

Deckerd: But then what happened, Drill Boy?

Drill Boy: I got all dirty!

McCrane: But how did you find Thomas?

Drill Boy: I tried to get through the bushes but I was too muddy and kept getting stuck.

Dumpson: Yes?

Drill Boy: And then I Found Thomas!

Dumpson: Where?

Drill Boy: In a clearing.

Dumpson: Now I get it.

Deckerd: Thanks for finding him for us.

Thomas: You're welcome.

Twilight: What happened, Drill Boy. Before you heard Thomas and found him?

Drill Boy: I was in a hurry, and I found Thomas.

Twilight: No. I meant before you found him and fell in the bog.

Drill Boy: Right, Sorry.

Rainbow Dash: So, what happened before you fell in the bog?

Drill Boy: Well, I got up and I went to take a breath. But I fell in a bog and got muddy.

Rainbow Dash: Now I get it.

Deckerd: Then what happened?

Drill Boy: As soon as I got out I heard Thomas.

Deckerd: Right.

Applejack: Okay.

Drill Boy: I went to find but kept getting stuck in bushes.

Rarity: Ouch.

Drill Boy: But I got out eventually. Thomas thought I was Mr. Hyde.

Applejack: Now they tells me.

Drill Boy: He did. Its true.

Fluttershy: I know.

Drill Boy: I've seen the musical.

Fluttershy: Really?

Drill Boy: Yeah.

Rainbow Dash: Okay.

Drill Boy: So, were you guys worried about me?

Pinkie Pie: Not really.

Deckerd: We were.

Pinkie Pie: Pie cake Eating Contest!

Thomas: Not now, Pinkie.

Percy: Thomas.

Thomas: Right.

Twilight: Please, Thomas? Just for tonight.

Thomas: Okay.

Pinkie: Okay. First round. Twilight versus Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash: Got it!

Twilight: I am so gonna win this one, Rainbow.

Rainbow Dash: Bring it on!

Pinkie: And go!

Rarity: Rock on!

James: Go, Go, Go!

Pinkie: And the winner is Twilight!

Thomas: Way to go, Twilight!

Percy: Awesome job.

Twilight: Thanks, guys.

Toby: No problem.

[A few moments later, the contest is over. Bumblebee and Dynamite sit together watching the stars]

Bumblebee: So how did things go well?

Dynamite: It was good. We haven't seen each other in a while.

Bumblebee: Who?

Dynamite: Me and you.

Bumblebee: Oh, now i get it.

Dynamite: So, hows life been on Cybertron?

Bumblebee: It's was going well.

Dynamite: Really? What happened?

Bumblebee: Well, You'll see.

Dynamite: What?

Pinecone: Shush! Can you please not talk so loud? We're trying to sleep.

Dynamite: Right sorry.

[Pinecone goes back to sleep]

Bumblebee: Keep going.

Dynamite: Keep going with what?

Bumblebee: Well, you can continue.

Dynamite: With what?

Bumblebee: You'll know Cybertron.

Dynamite: I asked you to talk about that, didn't I?

Bumblebee: well i did.

Dynamite: Okay, It was a busy life in Cybertron.

Bumblebee: Okay.

Dynamite: I was walking there and everything is going so well.

Bumblebee: Yeah, so what?

[A flashback starts]

Dynamite: (Voiceover) i was in Cybertron.

Bumblebee: (voiceover) Okay.

Dynamite: (Voiceover) I was enjoying it there.

Bumblebee: Hmm-Hmm.

Dynamite: (Voiceover) But then I was attacked.

Bumblebee: Oh my.

Dynamite: Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp appeared. They were wearing pendants, same as the Dazzlings. Only, they were the colour of Dark Energon.

Bumblebee: Scary.

[In the flashback, Starscream Skywarp and Thundercracker begin to vocalize]

Starscream: Prepare to be under our spell.

Thundercracker: Ahhhhhhhh~

Starscream: Ahhhhhhhh~

Skywarp: Ahhhhhhhh~

Thundercracker: Ahhhhhhhh~

Starscream: Listen to the sound of my voice~

Thundercracker: Ohhhhhhh~

Skywarp: Ohhhhhhh~

Starscream: Ohhhhhhh~

[The citizens of Cybertron begin arguing]

Starscream: It's working.

Thundercracker: Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!

Dynamite: Hold it right there!

Skywarp: Huh?

Starscream: Dynamite?!

Thundercracker: You again!

Dynamite: Okay, first off, where did you get those pendants?

Starscream: We forged them from Dark Energon crystals. The Dazzlings mesmerized people with their singing, we can do the same.

Dynamite: That can't be!

Starscream: Yes, it can. [turns back to the citizens of Cybertron] Soon you'll find you don't have a choice~

Thundercracker: Ohhhhhhh~

Skywarp: Ohhhhhhh~

Starscream: Ohhhhhhh~ Captured in the web of my song~

Thundercracker: Ohhhhhhh~

Skywarp: Ohhhhhhh~

Starscream: Soon you'll all be singing along~

Dynamite: That can't be good!

Skywarp: We've got the music makes you move it~

Thundercracker: Got the song that makes you lose it~

Starscream: We say jump, you say how high?~

Skywarp: Put your hands up to the sky~

Starscream: Ohhhhhhh~ You didn't know that you fell~

Skywarp: Ohhhhhhh~

Starscream: As you are taken under our spell~

Dynamite: You wouldn't!

Skywarp: Oh, but we would. Ohhhhhhh~

Thundercracker: Ohhhhhhh~

Starscream: Ohhhhhhh~

Skywarp: Your minds will be ours soon~

Dynamite: (Uses Headphones) That won't affect me.

Thundercracker: [summons his siren form]

Dynamite: Uh oh, this looks tough.

[Skywarp and Starscream summon their siren forms]

Dynamite: Okay, now this looks tougher than I thought.


Dynamite: It's too strong!


Dynamite: Too Loud! (She was blasted and knocked down) Too powerful, What can I do?

Starscream: You can do nothing, fool!

Bumblebee: No, You won't.

Starscream: How come you're not under our spell?

Bumblebee: Because I'm the one who will help you.

[The flashback pauses]

Dynamite: Bumblebee, you're not meant to be in the flashback.

Bumblebee: Don't worry, I'll handle this.

[In the flashback, Bumblebee charges. But Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker let a vocalizing screech again]


Bumblebee: It's too strong!


Dynamite: We won't give up!


Bumblebee: Don't lose!


Dynamite: Hang on!


Dynamite: Their too powerful!

[The waves knock Bumblebee over]

Bumblebee: Dynamite, I need you!

[Dynamite starts driving toward him]


Bumblebee: I said be Quiet!!!

Starscream: We won't! We're the most powerful beings on the whole of Cybertron.

Bumblebee: Let's combine our powers!

[Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker start vocalizing again]

Starscream: Prepare to blast away!

???: Think again!

Starscream: Huh?

Skywarp: It's can't be!

Thundercracker: Whoever spoke, reveal yourself?

Starscream: Who are you?

[A large robot appears: Optimus Prime!]

Optimus: I am Optimus Prime!

Starscream: We already know!

Optimus Prime: That's Right Prepare to be shatter in tone deaf!

Starscream: No please!


Optimus Prime: That won't effect me.

Skywarp: Why isn't working?!

Thundercracker: Show mercy!

Starscream: Yeah, we're just fooling around!

Optimus Prime: Too late!


Optimus Prime: You're never gonna bring me down~

You're never gonna break this part of me~

My friends are here to bring me 'round~

Not singing just for popularity~

Bumblebee: We're here to let you know~

That we won't let it go~

Our music is a bomb and it's about to blow~

And you can try to fight~

But we have got the light~

Of Friendship on our side~

Dynamite: Got the music in our hearts~

We're here to blow this thing apart~

And together, we will never~

Be afraid of the dark~

Here to sing our song out loud~

Get you dancing with the crowd~

As the music of our friendship~

Survives! Survives~

(they unleash a Rainbow Beam destroys the Pendants)

Starscream: (Off-key) We Will Be Adored!

Skywarp: (Off-Key) Tell us that you want us!

Thundercracker: (Off-Key) We won't be ignored!

(Citizens of Cybertron boos and jeers)

Starscream: (Off-Key) It's time for our reward.

[The seekers fly away as the citizens of Cybertron throw pieces of metal at them]

Starscream: I think we're better run!

Skywarp: Yeah.

Thundercracker: We're off-keyed!

[The three Decepticons fly away]

Bumblebee: Thanks, Prime.

Optimus: No problem.

???: You may have defeated the Fly Boys. But you won't defeat us.

Dynamite: Who said that?

Flain: I did.

Dynamite: Not you, Flain. Someone said that.

Flain: Sorry.

[A large blue wolf-like robot steps out revealing: Steeljaw]

Steeljaw: So, I see you know what that did since you defeated them.

Dynamite: Who are you?

Steeljaw: I'm Steeljaw.

[Bumblebee notices something on Steeljaw's neck]

Bumblebee: Look! The same Dark Energon Pendant that the Seekers wore.

Steeljaw: Indeed.

Optimus: Gonna try to use your singing to take over Cybertron?

Steeljaw: Well, here's a tasty treat for you.

[Steeljaw begins vocalizing]

Optimus: Look!

Dynamite: What is it?!

[Red mist, which is the negative energy of the citizens of Cybertron, flows into Steeljaw's pendant]

Bumblebee: Oh no.

Steeljaw: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~

Dynamite: Now what?

Thunderhoof: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~

Optimus: Uh-oh!

Bumblebee: We got company!

Underbite, Clampdown, Fracture, Divebomb and Airazor: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~

Optimus: Now, there's too many of them!

Steeljaw, Thunderhoof, Underbite, Clampdown, Fracture, Divebomb and Airazor: Ah, ahh-ahh, ahh-ahh~

Ah, ahhh-ahh, ahhh-ahhh~

Ah, ahhh-ahhh, ahhh-ahhh~

Ah, ahhh-ahhh, ahhh-ahhh~

Optimus: We don't have enough power!

Thunderhoof: We heard you want to get together~

Underbite: We heard you want to rock this world~

Clampdown: We've thought of somethin' that is better~

Fracture: Somethin' that changes all the rules~

Divebomb: Why pretend we're all the same~

Airazor: When some of us shine brighter~

Steeljaw: Here's the chance to find your flame~

Divebomb: Are you a loser or a fighter~

Steeljaw, Thunderhoof, Underbite, Clampdown, Fracture, Divebomb and Airazor: Me and you, you and me~

Why don't we see who is better?~

We don't have to be one in the same thing~

Oh, what's so wrong with a little competition?~

Are you afraid of failing the audition~

Steeljaw: You're the star and you should know it~

Divebomb: Yeah, you rise above the rest~

Steeljaw, Thunderhoof, Underbite, Clampdown, Fracture, Divebomb and Airazor: It doesn't matter who you hurt~

If you're just proving you're the best~

Ah, Ahhh-ahhh-ahhhh!~


You wanna win it!~

Let's have a battle, Battle of the Bands~

Let's have a battle~

We'll go all in it~

Let's have a battle, battle, battle~

Battle of the bands~


Volectro: I can beat you!

Steeljaw, Thunderhoof, Underbite, Clampdown, Fracture, Divebomb and Airazor: Battle~

Zorch: Ha! You wish!

Steeljaw, Thunderhoof, Underbite, Clampdown, Fracture, Divebomb and Airazor: Battle~

Magnifo: I so want this!

Steeljaw, Thunderhoof, Underbite, Clampdown, Fracture, Divebomb and Airazor: Battle~

Niksput: Not if I get it first!

Steeljaw, Thunderhoof, Underbite, Clampdown, Fracture, Divebomb and Airazor: Me and you, you and me~

Why don't we see who is better?~

We don't have to be one in the same thing~

Oh, what's so wrong with a little competition?~

Mixels: I'm going up and winning the audition~

Mixels, Steeljaw, Thunderhoof, Underbite, Clampdown, Fracture, Divebomb and Airazor: Battle!~

We wanna win it!~

Let's have a battle, Battle of the Bands!~

Let's have a battle~

We'll go all in it~

Let's have a battle, battle, battle~

Battle of the Bands~

Optimus: Oh, now they're kinda off.

Bumblebee: We can't stop them. They have too much power.

Dynamite: We need some help.

Optimus: But from who?

Dynamite: The DigiDestined and their Digimon.

Bumblebee: What would they know about Dark Energon Pendants?

Optimus: Probably because, they've encountered it before.

Dynamite: Oh yeah.

Bumblebee: But, until they get here, we're going to have to meet music with music.

Dynamite: Then let's do it.

Optimus: Oh-oh, oh-whoa-oh~

I've got the music in me~

Oh-oh, oh-whoa-oh~

Dynamite: Don't need to hear a crowd cheering out my name~

Bumblebee: I didn't come here seeking infamy or fame~

Optimus: The one and only thing~

That I am here to bring~

Dynamite: Is music, is the music~

Is the music in my soul~

Optimus: Gonna break out~

Set myself free, yeah!~

Dynamite: Let it all go~

Just let it be, yeah~

Bumblebee: Find the music in your heart~

Let the music make you start~

Optimus: To set yourself apart~

Steeljaw: So you Autobots want to this into a Battle of the Bands? Then let's battle.

Thunderhoof: What we have in store~

Airazor: All we want and more~

Divebomb: We will break on through~

Steeljaw: Now its time to finish you~

Optimus: Prepare for a battle of the bands!

[Optimus takes out an electric guitar and starts strumming it]

Optimus: Let's rock.

Bumblebee: I'm with you on that one, Prime. [takes out a drum kit]

Dynamite: [grabs a microphone] OH-WHOA-OH, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!~

Optimus: Time to rock out!

[A rainbow beam shoots towards Steeljaw and his cronies. Steeljaw opens his mouth and raises his vocalizing to a higher volume]

Steeljaw: Prepare to get louder! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!~

Optimus: He's too strong!

Dynamite: Don't give up, we have to stop them!


Optimus: This is gonna be tough, but we can do this together.


Optimus: Now!

[The Autobots start playing their instruments]

Dynamite: Time to play louder as music!

Steeljaw, Thunderhoof, Underbite, Clampdown, Fracture, Divebomb and Airazor: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!~

Bumblebee: Bring it on!

Steeljaw: You won't defeat us! We have the Power of Dark Energon!

Optimus: Then you're on!

Steeljaw: Let's get 'em, boys! What we have in store~

Airazor: Your world will live no more~

Underbite: We will break on through~

Steeljaw: Now its time to finish you~

Bumblebee: Then let's band these up!

[Steeljaw and his cronies sending powerful vocalizing soundwaves which knock the Autobots over]

Bumblebee: Ouch.

Dynamite: We're not strong enough.

Optimus: There's gotta be a way to stop them.

Steeljaw: There's no way you can stop us.

???: Not if I can help it.

Steeljaw: Who said that?

Tai: I did!

[Tai and the rest of the DigiDestined and their Digimon appear]

Agumon: That's right prepare to go down!

Steeljaw: But you're so small.

Gabumon: We're not small We're the DigiDestined and their Digimon!

Steeljaw: How could you possibly stop us. We have Dark Energon.

Matt: We don't think stopping them, Are we doing this?!

Tai: We are. Aren't you supposed to say "We have Digimon!"?

Matt: Yes, we get it Tai!

Tai: We have Digimon!

Sora Takenouchi: And we're going to put an end to this once it for all!

DigiDestined: [Hold up their Digivices] Digivolve!

Agumon: let's do this!

[Augumon becomes Greymon]

Gabumon: You got it!

[Gabumon becomes Garurumon]

Biyomon: We're with you!

[Biyomon becomes Flamebirdromon]

Gomamon: No problem.

[Gomamon becomes Agumimon]

Palmon: Let's hurry!

[Palmon becomes Togemon]

Gatomon: We can do that!

[Gatomon becomes Angewomon]

Patamon: I'm with ya!

[Patamon becomes Angemon]

Tentomon: Let's do this, End this fight!

[Tentomon becomes Kabuterimon]

Optimus: Okay guys, So let's end this fight!

Tai: You're never gonna bring us down~

Matt: You're never gonna break this part of us~

Sora: Our friends are here to bring us 'round~

Mimi: Not singing just for popularity~

Joe: We're here to let you know~

Izzy: That we won't let it go~

T.K. and Kari: Our music is a bomb and its about to blow~

Tai: And you can try to fight~

Matt: But we have got the light~

Sora: Of friendship on our side~

Matt: Got the music in our hearts~

Mimi: We're here to blow this thing apart~

Izzy: And together, we will never~

Joe: Be afraid of the dark~

Kari: Here to sing our song out loud~

T.K.: Get you dancing with the crowd~

Izzy: As the music of our friendship~

All: Survives! Survives~

(They Unleashed A Super Mega Ultra Rainboom Digi-Power and Destroys the Pendants along the Dark Energon)

Steeljaw, Thunderhoof, Underbite, Clampdown, Fracture, Divebomb and Airazor: (Off-key) We will be adored! Tell us that you want us! We won't be ignored!

(All the Mixels Boos and Jeers)

Steeljaw, Thunderhoof, Underbite, Clampdown, Fracture, Divebomb and Airazor: (Off-key) It's time for our reward!

(All the Mixels Starts throw Food at Steeljaw, Thunderhoof, Underbite, Clampdown, Fracture, Divebomb and Airazor)

Steeljaw: Run!

Fracture: Eek!

Thunderhoof: Let's get outta here!

Underbite: Right behind you!

Airazor: Wait for us!

Clampdown: What a shame!

Divebomb: Let's move!

Flain: Take that sucker!

Optimus: Good job, Autobots!

Dynamite: We did it!

Vulk: That was cool!

Bumblebee: I know!

Zorch: That was awesome!

Sideswipe: Classic.

Teslo: Sure does!

Fixit: Nearly took half of us to take them down.

Snax: Yep, sure thing.

Strongarm: That was great!

Slusho: Pretty cool!

Grimlock: No 'Con's gettin' passed Grimlock.

Lunk: Grimlock, That's was very funny.

Grimlock: No, I mean it.

Magnifo: I really love Rock and Roll.

Drift: Was a warrior's honorable option.

Flurr: Impressive work.

[King Mixel arrives]

King Mixel: I'm so proud of you.

Burnard: Couldn't have done it without the Autobots.

Dynamite: Thanks.

Queen Mixel: We shall allow you to stay on Cybertron.

Dynamite: How nice.

[The flashback ends as Dynamite stares up at the moon]

Dynamite: And that's how I saved Cybertron.

Bumblebee: Whoa! Starscream must've been tough for you, huh.

Dynamite: Yep, sure does.

Bumblebee: Anyways, I have to go help Optimus.

Dynamite: Well, Good luck with that.

Bumblebee: No, seriously. I have to.

Dynamite: Right.

Bumblebee: Optimus and I are gonna pretend to be Zombie Hunters when we meet up.

Dynamite: That's great.

[Bumblebee meets up with Optimus in the woods]

Optimus: Hey, Bumblebee.

Bumblebee: Ready to pretend to be Zombie Hunters?

Optimus: Then let's do this.

[Optimus and Bumblebee put on headsets]

Bumblebee: Bumblebee to Optimus. Do you read, over.

Optimus: Roger, Bumblebee. I read you loud and clear.

Bumblebee: Copy that, Optimus. You didn't say over, over.

Optimus: Let's hunt. Over.

Bumblebee: Alright. Over.

Optimus: Come on, over.

Bumblebee: Let's roll.

[The duo race off into the woods. Thunderhoof watches them go]

Thunderhoof: Look at them go.

Steeljaw: Seems like the perfect oppertunity to cause some trouble.

Clampdown: Yeah. But what kind of trouble?

Steeljaw: Well, It's kind of hard.

Fracture: I don't get it, Steel. What sort of trouble are we going to cause?

Steeljaw: Big trouble.

Fracture: Oh.

Thunderhoof: But what shall we do?

Steeljaw: No clue.

Clampdown: I know! How about we set a trap?

Steeljaw: Good idea.

Thunderhoof: But what kind of trap?

Steeljaw: How about a booby trap?

Thunderhoof: Great plan.

[They set off. Meanwhile, Optimus and Bumblebee are still playing]

Optimus: Optimus to Bumblebee. Do you read?

Bumblebee: Yes, I hear ya.

Optimus: Good. I've picked up some Zombie activity going on nearby.

Bumblebee: Nice one.

Optimus: Okay. Let's go take down those zombies.

Bumblebee: Got it.

[Thunderhoof appears, dressed like a zombie]

Thunderhoof: Hey, Look at me, I'm a zombie.

[Optimus takes out a toy Zombie Blaster]

Optimus: Prepare to get hunted.

Bumblebee: Yeah.

Optimus: Take that!

Thunderhoof: Whoa! [dodges it]

Bumblebee: I Missed it!

Optimus: You'll get it next time!

Bumblebee: I know!

[Optimus shoots a toy dart at Thunderhoof]

Thunderhoof: Ow!

Optimus: Bullseye.

Bumblebee: Good shot.

Optimus: Here. Now you try.

Bumblebee: Okay.

[Bumblebee fires and gets a direct hit]

Thunderhoof: Ouch!

Optimus: Good shot.

Bumblebee: I'm the best.

Optimus: Now let's finish this.

Bumblebee: You got it.

[Optimus and Bumblebee fire their zombie blasters]

Optimus: That this and that, Your defeated!

[The ground opens up beneath Optimus and Bumblebee and they fall]

Optimus: We're falling!

[They hit the ground]

Bumblebee: Ow!

Optimus: [groans] That hurt.

Bumblebee: Yeah, me too.

[Thunderhoof peaks over the edge and takes off his zombie disguise]

Thunderhoof: Okay, now I'm off of his disguise.

Optimus: Thunderhoof.

Thunderhoof: Oh, it's you again.

Optimus: Why did you trick us?

Thunderhoof: I dig up a hole, so you can fall to the ground.

Bumblebee: This was a trap you set for us, wasn't it?

Thunderhoof: Yes, it did.

[The rest of Steeljaw's gang comes out]

Bumblebee: Oh my, Not them again.

Underbite: Hate to interrupt your little game, but you know us, business as usual.

Steeljaw: That would be dumb.

Underbite: What?

Steeljaw: Never mind.

Underbite: Good.

Thunderhoof: Anyways, have you by any seen Lord Farquaad?

Underbite: Uh, I think he's dead.

Thunderhoof: I was talkin' to them, not you.

Underbite: I think Lord Farquaad's gone.

Thunderhoof: I get what you mean, but I was talking to the Autobots.

Underbite: Right.

Thunderhoof: So, bots, where's Farquaad?

Bumblebee: If you mean his ghost you can forget it.

Thunderhoof: You did what?!

Bumblebee: I was just saying that we saw his ghost a hundred moments from now.

Thunderhoof: Now I get it.

Optimus: Well, if you're looking for him, you can find him in a creepy castle.

Thunderhoof: Okay.

[The Decepticons run off]

Steeljaw: I saw a castle over there.

[Optimus and Bumblebee sigh with relief]

Bumblebee: That was close.

Optimus: Come on. We need to get out of here.

Bumblebee: Right.

[The two start climbing the walls]

Optimus: Careful, Bumblebee.

Bumblebee: Okay.

[Meanwhile, the others are looking for Bumblebee and Optimus]

Fear: Uh, where are the others?

Drift: We're right here.

Fear: Oh, right.

[Jetstorm begins meditating]

Jetstorm: Fossil.

Slipstream: What do you mean by that word, Jetstorm?

Jetstorm: Dinosaur Fossils.

James: Where abouts, Jetstorm?

Jetstorm: Oh, right.

[Jetstorm continues to meditate]

Disgust: What's taking Jetstorm too long?

Slipstream: I think he is trying to find Optimus Prime and Bumblebee through meditation.

Disgust: So?

Drift: Disgust, solutions to the most troubling problems come to the calmed mind.

Disgust: Oh, great.

Jetstorm: Ommmmmmm!

Slipstream: Talk about meditate.

Drift: Slipstream, through meditation, Jetstorm sees everything.

Slipstream: I sense something.

Drift: What do you sense, Slipstream?

Slipstream: I sense, Optimus and Bumblebee.

James: Can you sense where they are?

Slipstream: They're underground.

Percy: Where abouts?

Drift: Do you sense anything else, pupil?

Percy: Uh, it's Percy.

James: I think he meant Slipstream.

Percy: Right.

Drift: Now, do you sense anything else, Slipstream?

Slipstream: I heard it.

Drift: You heard what?

Slipstream: Listen for yourselves.

Drift: Listen.

[Everyone listens]

Slipstream: What was it?

James: Shush.

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