Here is how Team Griffin/Eeveelution help at the dig site, John Hammond explains the situation, and they refuse to register in Thomas, Twilight Sparkle, Brian Griffin, and Weekenders Adventures of Civil War.

(we see Team Griffin/Eeveelution at the dig site)

Peter Griffin: How much more time until lunch.

Lois Griffin: We'll take the break in a little bit.

Alan Grant: Your wife's right, Peter.

(suddenly, a helicopter shows up)

Alan Grant:(goes inside the trailer)

(we see John Hammond in the fridge)

Alan Grant: Hey, what the heck are you doing?!

John Hammond:(opens a bottle)

Alan Grant: Hey, we were saving that!

Belle: Why are you here, Mr. Hammond?

John Hammond: I'm actually here because of an incident that requires your's and your team's attention, Mr. Griffin.

Sylveon: What's this about?

John HAmmond: Are any of you aware of the incident in Stamford from last week?

Ellie Sattler: What incident?

Latios: What happened in Stamford?

[John looked at all of them sadly]

John Hammond: The New Warriors and a bunch of civilians were killed in an explosion. Women and children too, where the cause of the explosion was Nitro.

Glen Quagmire: Well what happens now?

John Hammond: The government wants you and your team to sign this.(pulls out the Registration papers) So the public can regain your trust. Thomas and Twilight's team have chose to register.

Brian Griffin: What?!

Blythe Baxter: What the huh?!

Lemon Zest: No way we're registering.

Indigo Zap: Got that right.

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