This is where the others arrive at the Dragon den, and where they encounter the Orange Fire Dragon in The Alliance of Berk and Equestria.

[We see some of the guards setting up some spears in the ground]

Princess Celestia: When we crack this mountain open, all dragons will come flying in tons.

Sharon: Ready positions!

Princess Luna: No matter how this ends, it ends today. [she then walks up to the mountian and gives the order for the guards to fire the cannons.]

[the cannon balls crack a huge hole in the side of the mountain]

Princess Luna: ATTACK!!!

[the equines prepare to attack but all the dragons fly out of the montain without ever raising a claw]

Equines: Huh?

Rainbow: That's it? [shrugs] We did it!

[everyone cheers but Nightstar still shakes around]

Princess Luna: This isn't over yet. Form your ranks! Hold together!

[then there's a rumble, as the side of the mountian starts to crack, and then there's a thunderous roar!]

Princess Luna: Get clear!

[Then there was another rumble and then a huge orange dragon emerges!]

Twilight: WHAT IS THAT?!

Orange Fire Dragon: ROAR!!!!!!!!

Princess Celestia: Heavan help us.

Princess Luna: Cannons!

[they fire the cannons but the Orange Fire Dragon blasts them all]

Orange Fire Dragon: ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Royal Guard: Retreat!

Princess Luna: No! No!

[the Orange Fire Dragon then blasts out a huge blast of fire which sets all boats on fire, leaving no escape]

Nightstar: [strangling to break free as the flames engulf the ship]

Sharon: Well, that was smart.

Princess Luna: I was foolish. [to Twilight] Lead the others to the far side of the island at once!

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, Princess! Come on!

Princess Luna: Keep it going! Tia, join the others.

Princess Celestia: No, I'm staying with you.

Princess Luna: I can buy them a few minutes if I give that thing someone to hunt.

Princess Celestia: Then I'll double that time.

Princess Luna: Right. [she then races forward and then throws a a spear at the dragon] HEY!! OVER HERE!!

Orange Fire Dragon: ROAR!!!!

Princess Celestia: HEY!! HEY!! FIGHT ME!!!

Princess Luna: NO! ME!!

Orange Fire Dragon: ROAR!!

[just then, a fire blast hits the Orange Fire Dragon's head]

[then the foals appear, riding the dragons! And then the Vikings of Berk!]

Yuna: This is it!

Scootaloo: Look at us! We're on dragons! We're riding dragons!

Princess Luna: [mouths] What the?

Rarity: Is that Sweetie Belle, riding a White Streaker!?

Applejack: And Apple Bloom's ridin' a Lugfoot!

Rainbow: Scoot's ridin' a Monstrous Nightmare!

Hiccup: Fishlegs, break it down!

Fishlegs: Okay! A huge skull made for snapping and crushing, with huge eyes. Strong fire blast, and can fire fireballs. Relies on Hearing and Sight!

Yuna: Okay! Lout, Legs, Scoot, Babs, hang in its blind spot! Make some noise, keep it confused! Ruff, Tuff, Nyx, Apple Bloom, find out if it has a shot limit! Make it mad! Thomlight, Button, Sweetie Belle, Ze, Snowdrop, Astrid, provide cover fire!

Everyone: Right!

[they all fly for the Orange Fire Dragon while Skyla and Yuna search for Nightstar]

Apple Bloom: Ya' can't beat us!

Nyx: Yeah!

Tuffnut: Troll!

Ruffnut: Butt-Elf!

Tuffnut: Bride of Grendel!

[the dragon then fires a blast of fire but they avoid it]

Babs Seed: [hitting a shield] Uh, I don't think this guy has a blind spot!

Fishlegs: Niether do I!

[then Yuna hears Nightstar roar and finds the ship she's on]

Yuna: Over there!

Skyla: Where?!

Yuna: The biggest ship! Head over there!

[the Crystal dragon they're eriding flies for the ship as the 2 switch places, and then Yuna hops onto the ship]

Yuna: Go help the others!

Skyla: Got it!

[she flies off to help the tohers]

Yuna: [pulls the muzzle off Nightstar] Hang on, Girl. [starts a process to break the restraining chains]

[the Orange Fire Dragon's now confused]

Scootaloo: It's working!

[but it's also working on Babs' Gronckle and Scootaloo's Monstrous Nightmare which the Monstrous accidently knocks Scootaloo onto the Dragon's head]

Scootaloo: Whoa!

Babs Seed: I lost power on Gronckle! Scoot, do something! [her Gronckle spirils out of control and hits the ground] I'm alright! [The gronckle then squishes her] Not so okay!

Orange Fire Dragon: ROAR!!!!!

Scootaloo: [starts hitting the beat his the handle of her pistol] What's wrong buddy, got something on your face?

Astrid: Yeah! You're the warrior!

[but then the beast's tail hits the ship with Nightstar aboard!]

Yuna: WHOA!!

[then the ship is struck again and Nightstar starts to sink, as Yuna swims for her]

Yuna: [tries her best but can't break Nightstar free and then she runs out of air]

[but then she's pulled out of the water.]

[Princess Luna is the scene and she then pulls Luna out of the water and then dives back in]

Yuna: Mama?

[Princess Luna then swims up to Nightstar and then she uses her magic to break apart Nightstar's restrants]

[The 2 come back up]

Yuna: Right away, Girl. [hops onto Nightstar]

Princess Luna: Yuna! I'm sorry... for-- for everything.

Yuna: Yeah, I am too. And for lying about Nightstar.

Princess Luna: You don't have to go up there.

Yuna: Hey, I'm a Princess, It's a princess' duty to protect their kingdom.

Princess Luna: I'm proud to call you my daughter.

Yuna: Thanks, Mama.

[she and Nightstar then take off]

Skyla: She's up!

Yuna: [to Ruffnut and Tuffnut] Get Scootaloo out of there!

Twins: I'm on it!

Tuffnut: I'm on it first! I'm ahead of you!

Ruffnut: Hey! Let me drive!

[Scootaloo then runs on the dragon's head and then hops onto Barf and Belch]

Tuffnut: I can't believe that worked!

[then the dragon starts sucking in Skyla and the Crystal Dragon she's on]

[then a shrill growl is heard]

[Toothless and Hiccup fly in and then Toothless fires a plasma blast a the dragon, but Skyla falls off her dragon due to the force of the plasma explosion]


'Cadance: 'SKYLA!!!

[then Nightstar catches Skyla]

Yuna: You got her?

[Nightstar looks down at Skyla and smiles as she drops her off on the ground safely]

Skyla: Go.

Yuna: Alright Hiccup, let's get this guy.

Hiccup: Right!

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