Here is how Princess Yuna and her friends and families arrived in Genesis Park in The Week at Genesis Park.

The next morning, Yuna, her friends and their whole family arrived in Genesis Park.

Princess Yuna: This is it! Genesis Park!

Mosquito Amber: Welcome, My friends.

Alexis: Hey, Yuna! Great to see you.

Jim: Glad you could make it.

Princess Yuna: Hi, Alexis, Jim. Great to see you two.

Snowdrop: We've just brought the whole family with us.

Armor Bride: And so are our friends with their family and relatives.

Mosquito Amber: The more the merrier. Come, Let us show you all to your Lodges where you can stay and If any of you prefer, Fallow Ellie to where you can find our best Hotel in Genesis Park.

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