Here is how At the Hospital goes in The Baby Twins.

At the hospital.

Golden Apple: Can you believe your new baby cousin is finally here, Yuna?

Princess Yuna: I know, Golden Apple, Sharon must be so proud to be a big sister at last.

Brownie: Is it a Filly or Colt?! Is it a Filly or Colt?! I gotta know! I gotta know!

Princess Sharon: Shh, (whispers) Settle down, Brownie and we'll find out together.

Everyone goes inside the newborn nursery quietly.

Princess Sharon: Hello, Duck.

Duck: Hello, Sharon. Meet your new baby brother, Prince Indy.

Prince Indy: (yawns)

Everyone: Aw!

Duck: And your new baby sister, Princess Anna.

Princess Anna: (yawns)

Everyone: Huh?

Red Beret: Twins?

Apple Feather: I don't understand this.

Willow Apple: Me either, Apple Feather. That makes no sense at all.

Golden Apple: I think you're right, Willow Apple. Why in thunderation are them twins have different colors?

Duck: Easy, Indy looks just like Princess Celestia and has my black mane and green eyes and Anna looks a lot like me and has Celestia's eyes and rainbow mane. That makes sense, Right?

Snowdrop: Right.

Apple Feather: But why the names, "Indy and Anna"?

Duck: Because, Apple Feather, Their names represented one of the United States of America, "Indiana".

Oh: That's amazing.

IO: You darn right it is, Oh.

Princess Yuna: Uncle Duck, Where's Aunt Celestia?

Duck: She's in the recovery room resting.

Princess Sharon: Will she be alright, Nurse Redheart?

Nurse Redheart: Don't worry, Princess Sharon. She'll be just fine and she'll be ready to go home tomorrow morning.

Sunbeam: That's great news.

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