The way At the Jester's Hideout and Yuna and Dusty escapes goes in Yuna and Dusty.

With Yuna and the others

Dusty Crophopper: Hang in there, Yuna, We'll be home soon!

Princess Yuna: At least, we're safe.

Mr. Winkie: Not for long!

Brownie: Mr. Winkie!

Red Beret: Uh-Oh!

Stan Woozle: We got you now!

At the Jester's hideout.

Princess Yuna: Where are we?

The Jester: Well, Well, Well, If it isn't Luna's sweet sweet little filly.

Princess Yuna: Who are you?

The Jester: Well, I am The Jester, Master of all jokes and laughter, Unlike Pinkie Pie, Get the picture, Princess Yuna?

Princess Yuna: How do you know my name?

The Jester: I've heard about you and your Mommy and Daddy, It just makes me sick since Nightmare Moon was no more.

Dusty Crophopper: Hold on a second.

Stary: I'd throw some snowballs at you if I have too!

Princess Skyla: Oh No!

Sunbeam: You gotta be kidding me!

The Jester: Lock them up.

Ozzy: Consider it done!

Mr. Winkie: Yes, sir!

Strut: Right away, Jester!

The Jester: It feels great to be evil!

Dusty Crophopper: You won't win, Jester.

The Jester: Oh? We'll see, Dusty.

So, The Jester and Sarousch begins to sing "Playing with the Big Boys".

Saroush and the Jester:
By the power of Ra...

So you think you've got friends in high places
With the power to put us on the run

The Jester:
Well, forgive us these smiles on our faces
You'll know what power is when we are done


You're playing with the big boys now

The Jester:
Playing with the big boys now

Ev'ry spell and gesture

The Jester:
Tells you who's the best, you're

Playing with the big boys now

You're playing with the big boys now
You're playing with the big boys now

Stop this foolish mission

The Jester:
Watch a true magician

Give an exhibition how

The Jester:
Pick up your silly twig, boy

You're playing with the big boys now!

High Priests:
By the power of Ra
Mut, Nut, Khnum, Ptah
Sobek, Sekhmet, Sokar, Selket
Anumbis, Anukis
Hemsut, Tefnut, Meshkent, Mafdet...

Saroush and the Jester:
You're playing with the big boys now
You're playing with the big boys now
By the might of Horus
You will kneel before us
Kneel to our splendorous power...

You put up a front

The Jester:
You put up a fight

And just to show we feel no spite

The Jester:
You can be our acolyte

But first, boy, it's time to bow

High Priests:

Saroush and the Jester:
Or it's your own grave you'll dig, boy
You're playing with the big boys now
Playing with the big boys
Now! 5x

Later that night.

Dusty Crophopper: I can't believe the Jester!

Princess Yuna: Some Princess I turned out to be, Now we'll never get home.

Thunder Spectrum: i wouldn't give up hope yet, Look.

Stan Woozle and Heff Heffalump: (sleeping)

Princess Yuna: They're sleeping, Now's our chance to escape. (use her magic to grab the keys)

Dusty Crophopper: Nice work, Yuna!

Roger: We're out of here!

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