This is how At the Queen of Hearts' birthday party/Meeting Lizzie Hearts' mother goes in Connor Lacey goes to Ever After High: Way Too Wonderland (full movie).

[At the gates of the Queen of Hearts' castle]

Guard: Name?

Jeff: Jeff the alligator.

Guard: Right then. In you go. Name?

Animal: I can't remember.

Guard: Right then. In you go.

[to Ryan who is waiting in the line]

Ryan F-Freeman: I hope Connor gets out of Detention. [looks at a Wonderland tree and saw two grins] Huh? I didn't know these are teeth.

[Kitty and Cody appears]

Cody Fairbrother: Hey, bro. Going to a party I see?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. And how did you got up in that tree?

Kitty Cheshire: We just appeared on it, Ryan.

Cody Fairbrother: Meow. Kitty's mom! Huh. Maybe she is already inside.

Kitty Cheshire: You're right, Cody. [to Ryan] See you later, Ryan.

[Cody and Kitty disappears]

Ryan F-Freeman: See you later, guys. Good luck.

Guard: Name?

Evil Ryan: Ryan Hearts. Son of the Queen of Hearts.

Guard: Right then. In you go.

Nurse Nancy Cortex: Hello. I am here for the party.

Card guard: Name please?

Nurse Nancy Cortex: Nurse Nancy Cortex.

Card Guard: Cortex, huh? What a big surprise. You're not on the list. Step aside. [pushes Nancy to the side] Name please.

Johnny: Johnny.

Card Guard: Right then. In you go.

[Nancy places a joker card on Ryan's Armor then leaves]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hello. What is this card? [picks up the joker card] "Just say the who you want to be, and that's the you that they will see"? Cool. I could use this later. [puts the card in his notebook]

Guard: Name?

Ryan F-Freeman: Ryan F-Freeman.

Card Guard: Right then. In you go.

[He goes through the gate]

Ryan F-Freeman: That was easy. Now. If I were the Cheshire Cat, where would I know the Storybook of Legends?

Evil Ryan: Don't know. But, I think Lizzie's mom is happy. Let's watch.

[The frog servant hops by]

Frog: All hail the Queen of Hearts and her amazing skills at croquet.

Queen of Hearts: That's right! It's my birthday! And I'm going to play croquet, and everyone is going to watch me!

Fish: But your majesty, more guests have arrived!

Queen of Hearts: Ooh! Presents!

Fish: Presenting Lord Unicorn!

[The Queen of Hearts takes the present and gives it a rattle. She tosses the present to a pile of presents]

Fish: Presenting, Ah... ummm....

Ryan F-Freeman: Looks like she's bored, Evil me.

Evil Ryan: You and me both, Ryan.

Queen of Hearts: Ball!

[A hedgehog arrives with a croquet ball. The Queen of Hearts gives the ball a whack and it flys around the garden. The ball rolls near the wicket and the crowd is disapointed. Ryan casually whistles a tune and taps the ball in the wicket with his foot]

Crowd: Yay!

Frog: Excilent shot, your majesty.

Crowd: [clapping and cheering]

Queen of Hearts: Oh, this is such fun! I'm the happiest queen in the world! Except... oh! [dramatically faints into a chair] I'm the most missrible queen in the world! I have been so looking forward to seeing my dear daughter Lizzie on my birthday.

Frog: Of course, your majesty.

Evil Ryan: Uhh. Miss. I know Lizzie is ok. I am here for the party.

Queen of Hearts: Lizzie did miss me. How did you know her?

Evil Ryan: I met her. My friends Raven and Ryan transported us to this world. However. Lizzie thinks I am her brother.

Queen of Hearts: Oh, Ryan Hearts! [hugs Evil Ryan tight] I missed you so much!

Ryan F-Freeman: My friend and I got some presents.

Queen of Hearts: Ooh!

Evil Ryan: I guess I got mine for you. [pulls out a present and give it to the Queen of Hearts]

Ryan F-Freeman: I got a present for you, your highness. [gives the Queen of Hearts his present]

Evil Ryan: That is nice of you, Ryan. I hope Matau did find the Cheshire Cat.

[Meanwhile, Matau and Bertram are on the Card Castle's rooftops with Kitty's mom, the Cheshire Cat]

Bertram T. Monkey: Ok. B-3.

Matau T. Monkey: Miss. G-7.

Bertram T. Monkey: Oh gosh. You sunk it! Are you cheating?

Matau T. Monkey: Oh. Stop complaining and pay up. Not your pendant, give me the toy wand. Come on, bro.

Bertram T. Monkey: How about 3 out of 5?

[Cody's and Kitty's mouths appear]

Cody Fairbrother: Hey, guys. [appears] I found you.

Bertram T. Monkey: Son of my master. It's Cody.

Kitty Cheshire: Mom, there you are.

Cheshire Cat: Kitty, what a purrfect surprise. What are you and Cody doing here and not in Ever After?

Cody Fairbrother: It's a long story.

Cheshire Cat: I know, Cody.

Matau T. Monkey: Mrs. Cheshire. My friends and I came to this world. Cody was wondering if you have the Storybook of Legends?

Cheshire Cat: Well, that's a long story too. Hmmm, let's see. Where shall I begin?

Bertram T. Monkey: Oh Primus. I hope Connor and the others make it out of Wonderland High.

Matau T. Monkey: You and me both, Bertram.

[Meanwhile, the Red and White knights are still sparring]

Chase Redford: You fight gallantly, White Knight! I give you that!

White Knight: As do you, pity you fight for the wrong side. Yield!

Chase Redford: No, you yield!

White Knight: No, you yield!

[Nearby, Connor and his friends come out of the portal]

Crash Bandicoot: Whoa!

Evil Anna: Wait a sec. [sees the card castle far away] We might be far away.

Lizzie Hearts: This isn't the palace!

White Rabbit: Oh dear! My sense of direction is less sensitive inside the ground then outside the ground....

Sci-Ryan: Lizzie's mom is in danger!

Lizzie Hearts: He's right, Rabbit! Please, please get me to the palace!

White Rabbit: Oh my, oh dear. Yes, your highness. [runs] This way! I hope...

[Connor and pals follow the White Rabbit through another portal. Meanwhile, Nancy walks to Courtley]

Nurse Nancy Cortex: Can't let you or Nancy in. [mimics Courtley Jester] She's just a lonely joker. Shuffle her to the bottom of the deck where she belongs!

Courtley Jester: You said it, Nancy.

[Then, two joker cards appear in Courtley's and Nancy's hands]

Courtley Jester: Oh, what's this?

Nurse Nancy Cortex: It looks like a joker card.

Courtley Jester: "Just say the who you want to be."

Nurse Nancy Cortex: "And that's the you that they will see"? [gasps] Looks like this is going to be fun.

[Nancy and Courtley walk up to the guards]

Nurse Nancy Cortex: Step aside, guys. My sister and I are here to see my mom.

Guard: Listen. Haven't I told you to get lost?

Nurse Nancy Cortex: Oh. I hope not. After all, there is no way to talk to... [uses the joker card and her face change into Evil Ryan's face] Ryan Hearts. Your prince?

Courtley Jester: And me. [uses the joker card she found] Lizzie Hearts, your princess?

Nurse Nancy Cortex: My sister must see my mother!

Card Guard: Yes, your royal highness. Please, forgive me!

Nurse Nancy Cortex: Not lightly.

[They go through the gates]

Courtley Jester: Now, to get our hands on the Storybook of Legends.

Nurse Nancy Cortex: Which means like getting the Cheshire Cat. You wonder if the Queen of Hearts have seen her, Courtley.

[Back to Ryan and Evil Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: Evil me? Did you think the Queen of Hearts is a nice queen?

Evil Ryan: Yeah. Like Lizzie, I might think of her as a mom to me. She hugged me. I guess she is glad to have me here.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. Maybe I could play croquet with her.

Evil Ryan: Good idea.

Ryan F-Freeman: Your highness, I would love to play croquet with you on behalf of your birthday.

Queen of Hearts: