This is how at the warehouse and Clocker's encounter with the Microbots goes in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures of Big Hero 6.

Thomas: Wow, this place is bigger than I thought it was.

Vector Prime: It appears that we might be able to locate the villain who set off the explosion if we split up.

Twilight Sparkle: Good thinking, Vector.

[the group splits up, leaving Clocker on his own]

Clocker: [sighs] Guess I'm on my own.

[Clocker searches around near some oil drums when some bolts from the ceiling fall on his head]

Clocker: [gasps] Red Alert? Hot Shot? Was that you? [looks around but there's no reply] Probably just someone mending the roof.

[Clocker walks along between isles of stacked crates. Suddenly, he steps on something. He lifts his foot to reveal one of Hiro Harmada's Microbots]

Clocker: It's one of Hiro's Microbots but what's it doing here?

[Clocker suddenly looks up and sees and a whole bunch of them coming right towards him. He looks at the Microbot in his hand which springs back to life. He drops it in panic, turns and runs off. The Microbot joins the others and they pursue the young Autobot]

[In another part of the Warehouse, Red Alert is searching near some crates when he hears a rumbling noise. He suddenly sees Clocker and the Microbots heading right for him]

Clocker: Help! They're after me!

Red Alert: Hang in there, Clocker! [jumps in front of the Microbots and shoots at them]

Clocker: Be careful, Red!

Red Alert: I know! Just stay hidden and don't come out no matter what happens.

Clocker: But...

Red Alert: Don't come out no matter happens!

Clocker: What are you going to do?

Red Alert: Something crazy.

[Red Alert blasts a few Microbots and dodges an attack from the others]

Red Alert: [points in the other direction] Run that way, Clocker! Run as fast as you can to Optimus and the others and don't look back!

Clocker: [starts running] I won't, Red Alert! I promise!

Red Alert: Alright! Just go!

[Clocker continues running and Red Alert is tackled to the ground by hundreds of Microbots]

Clocker: [turns back] RED ALERT!!!!!!!

[the others hear Clocker's yelling and run to find him]

Optimus: Clocker! What happened?

Clocker: Optimus, Red Alert's under those things!

[the others all look at the Microbots]

Hiro Harmada: [gasps] Those are my Microbots. But why are they attacking your friend?

Clocker: I don't know! But we've got to defend him.

Hot Shot: I think we're gonna have to defend ourselves.

Twilight: Why's that, Hot Shot?

Hot Shot: Because, look! [points to something]

[a man in a cloak and mask is standing on the railing above]

Thomas: You up there! Who are you and why are you attacking us?

[The villain remains silent and raises his arm. The Microbots attack]

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