This is where the other pets get into the airport in The Great Dog Caper.

[We see the others inside a huge pet carrier]

Minka Mink: Are you guys excited?! I'm excited!

Splinter: Shh! Be quiet, you silly monkey!

Sunil Nevla: Ah! Someone's coming!

Little girl: Ooh, a doggy!

Winona: [barks]

Little girl: [screams and runs off]

Blair: Listen flyboy, those canines are worth more than you make in a year.

Packer: I understand.

Burke: You better. Cuase we almost try to get old O.J.

[after the case is loaded on the convayor belt, 3 more past by and them the pet carrier pasts by]

Falcon: Once we go through, we just need to find that one case.

[as they go through, a whole bunch of convayor belts with luggage are seen]

Angel: [gasp]

[they slide down]


[the carrier hits the bottom and everyone flies out]

Penny Ling: [pulls off a sticker] Yuck!

Minka Mark: There's the case! [points to a case far on one convayor belt]

Angel: No, there's the case! [pointing to a case below]

Penny Ling: Which case is it?!

Pepper Clark: You take that one, we'll take this one! [runs after the case with Minka Mark on her tail]

[The others head for the other case]

[Pepper and Minka race down the convayor belt and then jump over a suitcase but Minka's tail gets stuck on the case. Then those suitcases turn a different way]

Minka Mark: Whoa! Pepper! My tail's taking me to the scenic route! [pulled away] AAAHH!!

Pepper Clark: Minka!

[meanwhile, the others continue to pursue the other case]

Angel: Here we come, Zoe!

Winona: Zoe, here we come!

[they open the case but only find video cameras and lighting equipment.]

Vinnie Terrio: ZOE!!

Everyone: [groans]

Penny Ling: Wrong case.

Vinne Terrio: But hey, nice video cameras.

[meanwhile, Pepper Clark continues chasing the case]

Pepper Clark: [finally manages to make it to the case] [opens it] Okay, Zoe. Let's get out of here!

Buster: [kicks her]

Pepper Clark: Uh! [falls off]

Buster: Take that, you stinky skunk!

Zoe Trent: HEY!! NO ONE DOES THAT TO PEPPER CLARK, YOU JERK!!! [tackles him]

[Zoe manages to knock Buster to the ground and she starts biting him. Growling while doing so.]

Buster: [grabs Zoe and throws her]

Zoe Trent: [hits the side] OW!

Buster: [rips her colar]

Zoe Trent: AAH!!

Buster: Alright, Zoe. You can either head to Italy in this form or injured. If he can groom you once, he can do it again. Now get back in!

Zoe Trent: Never!

Buster: Fine!

Zoe Trent: [gasps]

[but before Buster can do anything a screech is heard]

Falcon: ATTACK!! [he swoops down and lands on Buster, sinking his talons in Buster's body]

Buster: Ah!

Opal: [screeches] Leave Zoe alone! [scratches him]

Buster: AH!

Timber: Get him!

Buster: HUH?! AAAAHHH!!!

[the other pets race in, as the Beavers and Whiffle pull out their guns]

Buster: [gasp]

[the beavers and Whiffle fire their guns]

Buster: AAAAAAHHHHH!!! [falls off the convayer belt as one of the shots hits his front legs] [he falls several feet and then he lands on the ground dead]

Gummy: [looks over the edge] Is he dead?

Buster: [doesn't move an inch]

Tank: [looks over] Yes.

Splinter: [looks over] We got more where that came from!

Zoe Trent: Aw, thanks guys! You saved me!

Chomper: [helps her up] What are friends for, Zoe?

Timber: [reloading his guns] That's what friends do, they protect one and other] [closes the loading doors]

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