This is how At the asteroid belt and Unicron's return goes in Thomas and Friends: Transformers Prime: Friendship is Magic: Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising.

[The trio reach their destination]

Wheeljack: Why send the Allspark to Theta Scorpii, one of the most hazardous star systems in the galaxy?

Optimus Prime: Precisely to deter Megatron from searching this region for it.

Twilight Sparkle: Wow. Some story.

Wheeljack: With all the gamma bursts and planetoid collisions out here, how can you be sure it survived?

Optimus Prime: The Allspark itself is comprised of pure energy. In order to contain it and launch it off-world, Alpha Trion forged a vessel capable of extracting it from the ether. It is this indestructible reliquary we seek.

Twilight Sparkle: Whoa.

Wheeljack: Well, I'll try not to scratch the paint on this tub, but no promises.

Optimus Prime: We cannot risk being stranded if our ship is damaged. It is best that you remain here, Wheeljack.

Twilight Sparkle: Unless we run into trouble.

Wheeljack: You're the bosses.

[They begin to enter, unaware of a space storm approaching them]

[Back at Darkmount, Smokescreen and Pinkie Pie sit on the Darkmount throne]

Smokescreen: "Lord Smokescreen" Emperor of Destruction.

Pinkie Pie: "Lady Pinkie Pie" Empress of Extermination.

[Bulkhead and Applejack turn to them]

Bulkhead: How can you sit there? That's some bad mojo.

Applejack: Yeah. Get off there.

[With Bumblebee, Rarity, Arcee, and Rainbow Dash]

Bumblebee: What do you know? Knock Out actually shot straight for once.

Rarity: Even the most fashionable Decepticons can be helpful.

Arcee: What'd you have to do? Buff his finish?

Rainbow Dash: [scoffs] As if.

Bumblebee: Close. Let's download the data and get out of here.

Rarity: You heard him, let's move, darlings.

Bulkhead: Hey. Something's heading our way.

Applejack: Yeah.

[They look out to space]

Arcee: Predaking?

Rainbow Dash: Queen Chrysalis?

Bumblebee: Moving too fast.

Rarity: Even for an object.

Bulkhead: Starscream?

Applejack: Lord Tirek?

[Unicron arrives and transforms]

Unicron: Minions of the Prime, prepare to be obliterated!

Bumblebee: Megatron?

Rarity: But you're dead.

Smokescreen: You skewered buckethead with a giant saber and managed to miss his Spark?

Pinkie Pie: That is weird.

Arcee: How are you still alive?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, what's going on?

Bulkhead: And where'd you score the upgrade?

Applejack: And what's with all the extra armor?

Unicron: Megatron cannot answer you at this moment, though I can inform you with utmost authority that he owes his new lease on life to me Unicron! And I will not be so easy to deliver into oblivion.

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