This is where Chris, Sunset, and the others arrive at the droid factory on Geonosis in Attack of the Clone Equines.

[the scene then sideswipes to the Nabooian shuttle as now approaches Geonosis.]

Sunset Shimmer: See that big cloud of gas? It must be a compound.

Chris: Let's land there.

[Chris then flies into one of then and then lands inside a platform inside it]

Sunset Shimmer: Alright, let's go. But what ever happens out there, just follow my lead. I really don't wanna get into another war here. As a Jedi Knight myself, maybe I can find a dimplimatic solution to this mess.

Chris: Don't worry, I've given up trying to fight with you.

BB-8: [beeps]

K-2SO: My tiny sphere-shaped firend, if they needed us, I'm sure they would've said something.

Owl: Besides, it would be better if we stayed here anyway. I don't like the looks of this place.

[Soon Chris and Sunset come to a door which opens, and they walk inside]

BB-8: [beeping]

K-2SO: Because, it's very dangerous. So they left me here.

BB-8: [beeping]

K-2SO: What does that mean? That means I'm in charge here!

Little Bear: Really? Then prove it. Come on, guys.

[They all walk out the door]

K-2SO: Hey! Come back here! [follows them and they head inside the building]

[Chris and Sunset then walk don a hallway but then several buggy-things start crawl out of the walls]

Chris: Wait.

[they stop, as the buggy-things start flying out, as Chris ignites his saber and starts fighting them as Sunset runs down the hallway]

Hen: [squawks] What are those things?!

[Soon Chris kills the last remaining bugs, but soon they enter the droid factory and Sunset falls]

Chris: Sunset!

[Sunset lands onto a convayer belt, as the platform underneath Chris disappears, as Chris hangs in midair for a minute as he holds up a sign saying "Help!" and then he falls down onto another convayer belt, and ignites his Lightsaber and starts fighting more bugs.]

[Then Sunset is heading straight for some metal presses, as she then rushes underneath each one, and keeps doing this down the conyvayer belt as Chris continues killing more and more bugs. As he then jhumps onto a lower convayer belt]

[then the door opens up again and K-2SO then peers out]

K-2SO: My word! Machines making more machines! Well, shut me down!

Little Bear: Hey, guys. Where's BB...

[Then BB-8 rolls forward pushes them down!]

Little Bear: EIGHT!!!!!!

[They all land on a carrying droid]

K-2SO: We're scrap. [then he's picked up by one the carrying droid's arms] It's a nightmare!

[Then the droid picks up Little Bear and his friends]

Cat: Please, don't hurt us!

[The droid drops them and they land hard]

Owl: My head!

K-2SO: I knew we should had stayed on the ship!

[then BB-8 deploys some tiny rockets and flies off. As Chris continues fighting more bugs]

[then one Bug flies over to Sunset and gets into a quarrel with her]

Sunset: [tries hard to get the bug off her as she then unholsters her revolver and tries shooting it, but she is knocked off the convayer belt and into a huge pouring pail] AAH!!

Little Bear: Whatever happened to BB-8?

K-2SO: Oh, he's always getting himself into trouble. [then a robot arm knocks off his head!] Oops!

[then K-2SO's head lands on convayer belt with several droid heads]

K-2SO: Oh no!

Little Bear: K2!

[K2's body then walks onto another convayer belt with several droid bodies on it]

[And a battle droid head is put on it]

Battle droid: What the?!

[Then K-2SO's head is placed on a battle droid battle]

K-2SO: Little Bear, help!

Little Bear: Hang on, K2!

[Meanwhile, Chris is making his way through the factory. Destroying everything in his way, but he gets knocked over and his arm gets stuck in a metal piece]

[Back with the Sunset, the pouring pails are heading straight for a luqid metal spiggot!]

[Then BB-8 flies in and hacks into the controls and stops the siggot, and drops Sunset]

[Then Chris is aproaching cutting machines as he then avoids each one, but then one of the cutters ends up cutting his Lightsaber in half. Then as soon as Chris is freed, he tries to ignite his saber, only to find the emitter and part of the top cut off and left sparking]

Chris: Oh man, not again! Brian's gonna kill me.

[then several bugs sorround Sunset while several Droidikais and Rogue sorround Chris]

Rogue: Don't move Jedi. Take him away!

[Some droids grab Chris' arms and take him away]

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