Here is how Vice Principal Luna took Princess Yuna, Snowdrop and Isamu to the mall in Yuna and Vice Principal Luna.

At the mall, There were a lot of nice stuffs they could buy.

Princess Yuna: This is so awesome!

Snowdrop: Sounds like a nice place.

Vice Principal Luna: Yes, It is nice. Now, You may buy one item.

Prince Isamu: (happy gurgling)

Princess Yuna: I bought myself an Ocarina.

Moon Starlight: I got a Double Flute.

Vice Principal Luna: Let's hear it.

Princess Yuna: (plays Jen's song from the Dark Crystal)

Snowdrop: Sounds pretty.

Vice Principal Luna: Lovely.

Prince Isamu: (giggles)

Then, they left the mall and back to Luna's home.

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