Here's is how At the police headquarters goes in Weekenders Adventures of I, Robot.

Lt. John Bergin: [After Spooner arrives at the station] Lead by example. Says that right on your badge. So, are we going to talk about this?

Del Spooner: About what?

Police Officer: [Sarcastically, as other cops laugh] Help! Police! That robot stole my dry-cleaning!

Del Spooner: Oh, you wanna talk about that.

Tino: Yeah, that was... embarrassing.

Cross-Hairs: It sure was Tino, otherwise I would kicked that...that Asthmatic Woman's butt.

Lt. John Bergin: Spoon, how many robots have ever snatched a purse?

Detective Del Spooner: John, the thing is runnin'...

Lt. John Bergin: No. How many robots... in the world have ever committed a crime?

Detective Del Spooner: Now, define "crime."

Lt. John Bergin: Answer the question, dang-it!

Detective Del Spooner: None, John.

Lt. John Bergin: What happened today?

Carver: Well, we were on the way here until...[Yoshino covers his mouth]

Yoshino: Don't mention that solution Carver. Please?

Carver: [removes Yoshino's hand from his mouth] Okay, okay. I won't mention it.

Detective Del Spooner: Nothing.

Lt. John Bergin: Better be the last "nothing." Spoon. are you sure you are ready to be back? Because you can take your time.

Spooner: I'm fine. John. Thank you. Better here than sitting around at home.

Lt. John Bergin: Homicide.

Ash: He's right you know, Spooner.

Optimus: All I want to know why you have hatred for robots?

Spooner: I don't want to talk about it, Optimus Prime. [hears a phone, and answers it] Spooner.