This is how the toy store investigations and where Olivia, Sherin, and Pepper are captured in Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Ed-ventures of The Great Mouse Detective.

[we now come a to toy store and we head inside and then we see Fidget stuffing toy soldier uniforms into a bag]

Fidget: [takes out the list and a pencil] Get the following: tools. [check marks it] Check, I got tools. Gears? [check marks it twice] Double check. I got gears. [check marks Girl] Girl? No, I didn't get girl. [erases check mark] [check marks red tank engine] Red tank engine? No, I didn't get red tank engine. [erases it] [check marks gray skunk] Gray Skunk? No, I didn't get gray skunk. [erases it] Uniforms? Ha, I got plenty of uniforms. [chuckles]

[then he hears Toby howl outside]

Fidget: Oh no! Oh no! I gotta hide! I gotta hide! Ooh, I gotta hide! [takes the last of the toy soldiers' uniforms and then stuffs them into the bag and then hops onto a top shelf but drops his list by mistake]


Basil: Splendid job, Toby. [hops onto the ledge] {and then helps Olivia down]

{then Dawson's about to hop off when he notices Toby growling and then he's about to jump when Toby snorts him off and then he bumps into Basil]

Basil: Oof! Now, Toby. Sit.

[but Toby doesn't]

Basil: [walks closer to him] Toby, sit.

Olivia: Sit, Toby!

[Toby does so]

Basil: Good boy. Carry on.

Olivia: You be good now, we're going to find my father.

[Basil looks around humming a tune and then he sees something]

Basil: Ah-ha! Here, is our friend's entrance. [he points to a tiny hole in a circular window]

Edd: That thing?

Eddy: Is this a joke, cause I ain't laughin'.

Pepper Clark: Are you kiddin'? No one could get in through that.

Mitzi: [puts her tail on the hole] I can't even fit my own tail through here!

Dawson: But Basil, how could he fit through such a tiny..

Basil: [grabs his hand] Observe, Dr. [puts his finger in the hole]

[it then opens up like a door]

Blythe Baxter: Whatda ya' know? It's a secret door!

Dawson: Basil, you astound me!

Basil: shh. shh.

[they then go through the door (as the engines transform into their equines forms) and Dawson closes it]

Willy: A toy store?

Russell Ferguson: This doesn't make any sense, why would the henchman of a notorious criminal come into here of all places?

Sharky: Obviously, it's probably got something to do with Olivia's father.

[as Dawson walks forward he then bumps into a China Doll]

Dawson: Oh! I..I beg your pardon, I... [looks up and notices that he bumped into a china doll] Oh my... [the camera zooms out showing the other toys in the store] Above my word. I never so many toys.

Basil: [pops out from behind the China doll] Behind, any of which could be a blood thirsty assassin! So please, Dr. Be very careful. [slowly sneaks around the china doll]

Sunil Nevla: Assassin? Did he really have to say that?! Okay, I am officially creeped out now!

Willy: Don't worry Su, if there is an assassin, me and Hugs will probably sense their presences before they even try anything. But.. [takes out his rifle] Let's tread lightly. And make your guns are cocked.

Hugs: [cocks her M4 as she puts it on "safe"]

[they move throgh the store as we view a rocking horse and then 3 marinates, as they then climb up a miniature ladder to a higher level as they tip-toe gently]

Edd: (whispering) I don't like this. It's too quiet.

Sherin: (whispering) Neither do I. It's like we're in a horror film or something. Any second now, there could be a sudden...

[before Sherin can finish her sentence, there's the sound of a loud banging and clanging, making everyone jump in surprise]

Pets: AHHH!!!!


[Dawson then jumps into Basil's hands as Basil looks back as Willy then spins around to the sound with his rifle pointed high only to find Olivia has turned on a wind-up toy band]

Willy: Argh, it's just a toy!

Basil: Oh, why that... de... [throws down Dawson as he groans in frustration and then he leaps onto the off switch making the band stop]

Eddy; What the heck are you tryin' to do?! Scare us to death?!

Basil: (to Olivia) Please! (whispers) Quiet! [then he turns to Dawson] (whispering) Don't let this girl out of your sight!

Dawson: [gives an aye-aye salute as we hear a drumming sound]

[we then see Olivia copying Dawson]

Dawson: [whispering] Now, Olivia dear. Stay close.

Sharky: [annoyed whispering] And don't touch any of the toys!

[they continue creeping forward as they cross a chessboard, and above we see Fidget watching them]

Hugs: [stops as she looks around]

Ed: What?

Hugs: I sense a presence here. I think someone's watching us.

Basil: [stops on the chessboard and then he pushes a chesspeice] Check mate.

Hugs: Hmmm..... [she then unclips her Lightsaber]

Basil: Ah-ha!

Russell Ferguson: We've found a clue, chaps!

Edd: What is it?

Basil: [whispering] Evidence of our peg-legged averchary. [he then follows the footprints till he comes up to the uniformless toy soldiers] Hmmm.... How very odd.

Dawson: [whispering] What is it, Basil?

Russell Ferguson: Isn't it obvious?

Basil: These dolls have been stripped of their uniforms. [kneels down to look at more footprints] And, not by any child either.

Eddy: I don't see what the big deal is, they're just toys missing their clothes.

Blythe Baxter: Well, it wouldn't be a big deal on one hand but on the other hand, this is nothing of the ordinary.

Russell Ferguson: Hey, Basil! Look over here!

Basil: [turns to look where Russell is calling from] (gasps) Hello!

[he then walks over, where we a see a clockwork clown and drummer monkey with their bodies opened and their gears and clockwork mechanics missing]

Basil: Someone has taken the liberty of removing the clockwork mechanisms from these toys.

Edd: Now things are beginning to make a little sense.

J.J.: It would seem to me, that Ratigan has Olivia's father because he wants her to build some kind device that requires Clockwork mechanics.

Eddy: But that still doesn't explain why he has T.C.and Mako!

Hugs: I swear, if we run into that bat, I'm gonna make him wish he never helped that wretch take T! [she ignites her Lightsaber as she speaks]

Fidget: (looks in shock at Hugs' Lightsaber as he slips away)

Dawson: [finds Fidget's list as he pick it up]

Sharky: Hey, Dawson's found something. A shopping list.

Zoe Trent: A shopping list? That doesn't make any sense.

Penny Ling: And I don't think Fidget's here doing grocery shopping.

Minka Mark: But it makes for a good clue!

Dawson: Basil.

Basil: Please, I'm trying to concentrate!

Dawson: But Basil, I...

[then there's a the sound of a clockwork toy clicking in motion]

[then we see several of the toys are running]

Sharky: I thought I made it clear not to touch anything!

Willy: But Sharky, we're all right here. None of us are anyway near the toys!

Sharky: Wait a minute, if we're all in the same spot, then who's turning on the toys?

[then Olivia sees some bubbles and hops over to see a Dumbo toy blowing bubbles]

Sherin: Hey! Olivia!

Pepper Clark: Come back here, we're suppose to stay together!

[then Olivia goes up to a toy cradle, and then pulls back the blanket only for Figdet to pop out!]

Fidget: (cackles)

Olivia: [screams]

Pepper Clark: AAAAAH!!!

Sherin: It's him!

[the others then jump and turn back to see Fidget has Olivia, pepper and Sherin!]

Dawson: Olivia!

Fidget: Gotcha! [throws them into his bag]

Pepper Clark: Hey! Let me out! I'll give what for you tyke!

[Fidget then takes off running]

Basil: Quickly, lads!

Willy: After that felon fiend!

[they take off after Fidget]

Basil: Eh, ah! Look out!

[they then run back as a rolling rabbit wheel then comes rolling in as the team jump to one side and Basil and Dawson then jump onto an "Round the World" toy]

Edd: Basil, Dawson, Look out!

[Basil and Dawson then look up to see a china doll tipping over towards them! As the 2 then get up and start running but they go nowhere as the "Round the World" toy keeps them stuck in place like a treadmill, but they reach the end of the roll as it pops off the end and then the china doll falls onto it as its head shatters as one part of the rolls towards Dawson with its one eye looking at him]

Hugs: Come on! That fiend's getting away!

[they take off after Fidget who is currently winding up a Knight and horse toy]

Fidget: Yeah! [cackles]

[the toy then speeds off as the pursuers stop]

Eddy: Uh oh!

[the other then leap to avoid the toy but Dawson isn't quick enough as the Knight's lance snags his jacket taking him along with it until it hits the broken China doll, as the lance goes flying and onto a dartboard with Dawson still dangling from it. Basil then looks forward but is then hit by the toy band cymbals as he then vibrates over to a pile of marbles before falling onto them sending them all flying at Dawson as he avoids a few of them only to hit square on by one of them]

Mitzi: Hey! Stop right there, batty!

Fidget: [cackles] Bye-bye! Bye-bye! [opens door as we see Toby looking through it growling, as Figdet then sees Toby growling as he barks at him, as he slams the door shut and then races off jumping on a cash register making it ring up "no sale"]

Zoe Trent: Come back here, with our friends you ruffian!

Basil: Stop! You fiend! [hops onto a toy bouncy horse as he rides up to a top shelf as Fidget jumps onto on the other side]

Willy: I'll give you guys a boost!

Minka Mark: Just make sure we reach that top shelf!

[the pets then jump as Willy gives them a Force boost sending them up the top shelf as they and Basil climb up a huge tower of toys after Fidget as he reaches an open window]

Vinnie Terrio; Hang on, Pepper! We're coming for ya!

[they soon reach the top]

Penny Ling: Alright, you beast give us back our friends!

Zoe Trent: Or we're coming to get them ourselves!

[Figdet doesn't move]

Russell Ferguson: We warned you!

[they then pounce towards Fidget but he jumps up and grabs the windowsill as Basil then lands on the top block as the tower then topples over sending them all falling down to the bottom shelf]

Pets: [screaming as they fall]

Fidget: [cackles]

[he then throws the bag out the window]

Olivia: [grunts] (muffled inside bag) Help! Uncle Basil! Help Help!

Pepper Clark: (inside bag) Help! Zoe! Mitzi! Sunil! HELP!! HELP ME!!

Sherin: [inside bag] Let me out of here! Let me out! I'm claustrophobic!

Fidget: [picks the bag and starts leaping from roof to roof singing] I got the gears, I the tools! I got the uniforms! I got the girl, skunk and engine! [cackles as he continues hopping along]

Pepper Clark: (inside bag) I hope I don't let off a scent from all this hopping.

Sherin: (inside bag) Pepper don't dare do so! Or I'll punch you silly when we're out of this sack!

[back in the toy store]

Dawson: Zoe! Vinnie! Sunil! Minka! Russell! Penny! Mitzi! Basil!

Willy: Where are you guys?!

Eddy: Come on, give us a sign or something!

[we then hear a doll saying "mama" as Dawson then looks behind a boat and drum as we see Basil tangled in a doll's pull-string and as he tries to untangle himself, he pulls the string making the doll say: "Mama"]

Basil: [grunting as he tries to get free]

Dawson: Basil! Olivia! Pepper! Sherin! They're.. They're..

Basil: Yes, they're gone, Dawson!

Vinnie Terrio: We almost had him too, but he pulled a fast one on us!

Basil: Confound, it! I told you to watch over the girl! [gets free and falls onto his face] OF! Now, she, Miss Pepper Clark, and Sherin have all been spirited away by that minical little monster! Soon to be in the clutches of the most depraved mind in all of London!

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