Here's how arriving at the vacation home goes in Revenge of The Ultratron.

[we are now at a seaside resort and we see our heroes arrived at their vacation home]

Peter: Well guys, we made it.

Quagmire: It's amazing.

Joe: At least I can be away from Bonnie for a while.

Cleveland: This is gonna be tanked, y'all!

Rabbit: Amazing.

Tigger: Say, let's check this out. Hoo, hoo, hoo! [hops in the house]

Rabbit: Yes. I hope he doesn't break anything.

Rarity: Likewise.

[then Mucker drives up pulling a luggage cart]

Mucker: Alright, let's load the luggage.

Kevin: Right. [but as he carries some over, he drops it]

Victor: [groans] Kevin!

Kevin: Sorry, Boss!

Steam Mech: Let me help you. [takes some of the luggage]

Steam Claw D.: Me too. [takes some of the luggage]

[some of the team head inside the condo]

Dusty: Wow.

Willy: [whistles] Now this is what a call a vacation home.

Dolphy: Sure is.

Twilight: Amazing.

???: Guys! Hey guys!

[Mike and Sully walk up]

Mike: Guys!

Eddy: Mike Wazowki and James P. Sullivan.

Sully: Long time, no see.

Mike: What brings you guys here?

Vinny: We're just here for a little R&R. What are you doing here?

Sully: Same as you.

[some of the others come in]

Cadance: Mike, Sully.

Mike: Cadance!

Sully: Good to see you. How are things?

Skyla: Mommy, who is that green, one-eyed, sphere-shaped guy and big, blue, furry guy?

Mike: [notices Skyla] Hello, there. You must be Cadance's daugther.

Skyla: Um Hi.

Mike: [holds out his hand] Mike Wazowki.

Skyla: [accepts his hand and shakes it] Skyla.

Sully: James P. Sullivan.

Skyla: Um, you guys don't eat foals do you?

Sully: Of course not. We may be monsters, but we don't eat foals.

Mike: We used to scare kids, but now we make them laugh.

Skyla: Really?

Mike: Yeah, watch this. [eats a microphone, then makes a gigantic burp, and spits it out] Huh?

Skyla; [laughs]

Sully: I'm glad you and Shining Armor are parents.

Cadance: Thanks, I'm not the only mother though. Luna and Twilight are too.

Mike: Really?

Princess Luna: Yes. I have a daughter, named Yuna. And I also adopted another foal. An old friend of mine, Snowdrop.

Yuna: Hi.

Snowdrop: Hello.

Mike: Hi.

Sully: [notices Snowdrop's eyes are blurry] Hey, what's wrong with your eyes? Are you blind?

Snowdrop: Yes. But I can hear very good.

Sully: Oh, good.

Snowdrop: I've also invented the first snowflake in Equestria.

Mike: WOW!!

Nyx: [comes in] My name is Nyx. I've been adopted by Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight Sparkle: That's right, Thomas found her in the Everfree forest.

Sully: Nice.

Twilight Sparkle: After the reign of Twivine, me and Thomas adopted her. [peaks Nyx on the cheek]

Nyx: Mom! You're embarrasing me.

Mike: Cute huh, Sully?

Sully: Yeah, reminds me of Boo a little bit.

Button Mash: [comes in] I'm sure we will all get along just fine.

Mike: Likewise.

Mucker: [drives with the luggage cart] Luggage coming through.

[Everyone backs up]

Mucker: Thank you. Hey Mike, Hey, Sully.

Sully: Hello.

[Then as th Eds come up onto the floor their suite is on, they then bump into Hera]

Hera Syndulla: Ohf!

Edd: Oh my, I'm so sorry Miss Syndulla! We didn't see you there!

Hera Syndulla: It's alright, no harm done.

Eddy: Wait, what are doing here?

Hera Syndulla: Oh, me and the rest of the crew are here on vaction.

Ed: Same for us!

Hera Syndulla: And I'm guessing that Thomas, Twilight, their team and their other friends are here too.

Edd: Yeah, yeah. They're here too.

Hera Syndulla:


[later on, when everything is inside the condo, Morley, Blitzer, and Rusty are in one of the rooms]

Rusty: Good thing Nyx gave you that shard Morley.

Blitzer: Yeah, it would've been really bad if one of the Deceptitrains had gotten that shard.

Rusty: Is it safe?

Morley: Yeah, I put it in that safe over there.

Tronie: Thanks for tellin' me.

Morley: No one can get that shard.

Tronie: No one, but me.

[the engine approches slowly but then he gets caught in a trap]

Tronie: Oh! EEH! AAH! THAT HURTS!!!

[he moves forward a bit more but then he gets caught in a sticky trap]

Tronie: Oh, God! This place is a frickin' house of horrors.

[he trudges forward but the sound atracts the attention of of the other engines]

Blitzer: What's that?

Morley: There!

[the engine is now cracking the safe's code, and then Morley hits him with a fire extinguisher]

Tronie: Uh! What the!?

Morley: [hits him more]

Tronie: Is that the best you got?! Is that the best you can do?!

Morley: [hits him more]

Blitzer: Hit him harder!

Tronie: Mercy!

Morley: Shut up! [hits him]

Tronie: Dah! 


Tronie: [doesn't speak]

Morley: You gonna talk or not?

[Rusty torches his eye]

Tronie: OW!! That's my eye, you crazy jerk!

Blitzer: Well? You gonna talk?!

Tronie: Never!

Rusty: Very well, [slowly brings his torch up to his other eye]

Tronie: NO, NO, NO!! I take it back!

Morley: Now talk!

Tronie: I seek knowledge from the cube.

Blitzer: What knowledge?

Tronie: Easy you three, I'm just a little salvage scrap drone.

Rusty: And we're your wost nightmares.

Tronie: [speaking fast] You got the shard! I need the shard. Gimme the shard. I need the shard! Gimme the shard! They're gonna wack me, I'm gonna be dead without that shard!

Morley: Who's "They"?

Tronie: I don't know!

Blitzer: Well you can't have it! And to make sure you don't get it. We'll put you in here!

[they throw the engine into a boxcar]

Tronie: Hey! Hey! What are you.. [they slam the door shut]

Morley: Should we tell the others?

Rusty: I don't know if we should, unless it's an important time.

[soon it's nighttine and we find our heroes in the disco room as "Stadium Rave A" plays]

SpongeBob: [dances with them]

Mako: [does the same with Shema]

Pepper Clark: This is killer music! I could dance all night long!

Zoe Trent: Me too! [dances]

[meanwhile Nyx starts seeing Cybertronian symbols all around, then starts drawing them with cake icing]

Yuna: [notices Nyx] Hey guys, what's Nyx doing?

Skyla: I don't know.

Zeñorita: Let's check it out.

Nyx: [drawing symbols]

Mushu: Nyx. [Nyx doesn't reply] Nyx. [tugs on Nyx's tail twice] Hey! Earth to Nyx!

Nyx: [snaps out] Huh?

Mushu: What's wrong?

Snowdrop: You've been acting strange.

Nyx: I'm fine guys.

Zeñorita: Are you sure, Mi amigo?

Nyx: Yes.

Skyla: Well...

Yuna: Alright.

Mushu: Hmmm..... [stokes his chin] Okay... But I'm gonna be watching you, Nyxie.

[then a little later, Bumblebee drives up to the condo and honks his horn]

James: It's Bumblebee!

[they head out and walk up to the yellow camaro]

Twilight: Bumblebee, what do yo need?

Bumblebee: [on radio] Houston, we have a problem.

Thomas: Seems Optimus needs us.

Spongebob: What now? But we're...

Percy: We've got to Sponge. Duty calls.

[Then soon arrived and meet Optimus at a cemetary]

Rainbow: You won't give us one day to have our vacation time?

Optimus: I'm sorry guys.

[the engines transform and stand]

Thomas: What's wrong?

Optimus: A group of Deceptitrains have stolen an AlSpark shard.

Thomas: Then what?

Optimus: I don't know, but I fear that it will be very disasterous. I've just sharing that you need to be on the lookout for anything.

Ed: Really?

Optimus: Yes Ed, since you guys have defeated many of the villains, you are the ones likely to be hunted.

Princess Luna: Oh dear, we can't have that.

Brian: They're not coming. Remember the Fallen incident? I'm sorry, but it's not happening today.

Optimus: They will Brian, more than you know.

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