Here's when our villains come in Wrath of the Century.

[we now come to TBC industries]

Professor Calamitous: How's Galavatron doing?

Evil Jimmy: Doing fine sir. We should have him ready in no time.

Professor Calamitous: Good. Even though he died along side when

[We then come to the Changeling family]

Queen Chrysalis: How is it, Dizzy dear.

Discord: Everything is going just fine, the robots are coming along nicely.

Princess Chaos: No! It's my turn!

Discord: Wish I could say the same for our children.

[they go over to Chaos and Discalis and we see they're fighting over a crown]

Discalis: I get to use now!

Princess Chaos: No, it's my turn!

Discalis: Why should you have a turn?!

Princess Chaos: Because I'm older than you and I'm a princess!

Queen Chrysalis: And I'm the queen and your mother!

[the 2 look back and see Chrysalis looking sternly at them]

Queen Chrysalis: What is this?

Discalis: She was being a stoop!

Princess Chaos: No, you are!

Discalis: No I wasn't! You were being the stoop to me!

Princess Chaos: Was not!

Discalis: Was too!

Princess Chaos: Was not!

Discalis: Was too!

Discord: ENOUGH!!!!

[they stop]

Queen Chrysalis: Now shoo to your rooms, now!

[The 2 do so]

Discord: [sighs] I wonder how Nightmare Moon and King Sombra are doing.

[we now veiw the said equines]

Nightmare Moon: How is it going Somby?

King Sombra: Good, Marry.

Nightmoon Moon: We shall be ready to launch our creations soon enough.

Nightmare Trix: Mine!

Black Hole: It's our crown!

King Sombra: Not again.

Nightmare Moon: GIRLS!!!

[the 2 stop]

Nightmare Moon: What are you 2 fighting over this time?

Black Hole: She took my crown!

Nightmare Trix: No! You!

Black Hole: You!

Nightmare Trix: You!

King Sombra: [as Arnold Schwarzenegger] SHUT UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPP!!!!!!

[they stop]

King Sombra: [as Arnold Scharzenegger] SHUT UP!! Shut up! Shut up. [panting]

Nightmare Moon: Girls, leave. This is a parent moment.

Nightmare Trix: Let's go see how Nightmare Hiro's doing.

Black Hole: You're in love with him!

Nightmare Trix: [hits her head]

[they leave]

Nightmare Moon: Honey, you really need to get your anger under better control. I know those 2 are a handful but that's no excuse. You wanna set a good example for them, right?

King Sombra: I just have anger issuese, since I didn't

Nightmare Moon: I know I hate him to. But mabye this will cheer you up. [kises him on the lips]

King Sombra: [with a goofy smile] All better.

Nightmare Moon: Good. [kisees him again]

King Sombra: [does the same]

[Then Nightmare Hiro comes in and he tells them that the villains need them]

[In the villains meeting we see the Backyardigans and Tronie in cages]

[then Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon come up]

Diamond Tiara: Hello, Backyardigans.

Tyrone: Hello, Diamond Tiara.

Silver Spoon: How does it feel in there?

Austin: So not good, but it's better than other things.

Uniqua: Well, when the CMC get here, you'll be in big trouble.

Diamond Tiara: Shut up and listen to our meeting.

[thye go back to the meeting]

Tasha: Bulies!

Pablo: What if they don't come?! We'll be stuck in here forever!

Uniqua: Pablo.

Pablo: We'll be prisoners of the villains!

Uniqua: Pablo.

Pablo: They may never find us and free us!

Uniqua: PABLO!!

Pablo: Yeah?

Tronie: Panicking won't get us out of this! 

Ernie: Shut you mouth!  [shocks him]

Tronie: GAAH!!! [groans] I hate when he does that to me.

Ernie: Listen up, we have build new pillars for Sentinel and we have new robots for making the world a better place for everyone. And I will also annouce that Team Galactic has been working on something very special! [to Saturn] Show me what it is Saturn.

Saturn: As you wish, sir. [he then takes him to an elevator]

[the elevator opens and we see a jungle box]

Ernie: This is what you were working on?

Saturn: No.

Ernie: Is this a joke?

Mars: Bring out the meat dummy.

[A dummy full of meat slides out of a door]

[then suddenly, a familiar hybird dinosaur appears and eats it]

Ernie: Holy (bleep). You got the Indominous Rex!?

Jupiter: Yes, we did. We were ressurecting it for years. But many experiments failed, so we took it's blood and made a clone of the orginal version.

Ernie: Really?

Mars: And that's not all we made.

Ernie: What do you mean?

Saturn: We made a clone of the original Spinosaurus from Isla Sorna. And here he comes now.

[we hear thumping and then the clone of Spino comes in]

Saturn: We made them mates and now the clones are in love.

Ernie: What's with those claw marks?

[We see claw marks]

Mars: The Indominus tried to climb out several times.

[Then, it shows Cade, Sarah, and John Connor sneaking inside the building]

[then sarah and John come across Pericer, a clone of Percy]

John Connor: What is that?

Sarah Connor: It's a clone of Percy.

John Connor: "Peircer".

Sarah Connor: Perfect name for a cheap villains' knockoff of Percy. No wonder those idiots were doing this.

Queen Chrysalis: Hey!

John Connor: Uh oh, here come swiss cheese legs.

Queen Chrysalsi: Do I know you?

Sarah Connor: Uh, no. We're some volunteer workers. We were just checking on those prototypes.

Queen Chrysalis: Good.

[she then leaves]

John Connor: That was close.

[With Cade]

[we now see Socket's head being cut down as Cade comes in and takes a look]

Cade: I'm in. And they're melting Socket down.

[our heores are watching this and then see the results]

Spongebob: Guys, they're killing trianbots and using their parts to build cheap knockoffs!

Sparkshot: They've salughtered my cousin?! I'll kill them!

Thomas: Right behind you!

Duncan: Morley, time to let Ol' Painless out.

Morley: [takes out his minigun and cambers some rounds] Payback time. [cracks his knuckles]

[they all race for the industries]

[Soon the 3 were caught by agents and then taken to Attinger]

Cade: Look I want a lawyer. The Justice Department. Somebody I can trust. I'm just trying to protect my family, okay?! Not from your company, for the government.

Attinger: Mr. Yeager, who do you think I work for? You're trying to protect your family, that's admirable. I'm trying to defend the nation from an alien war, we've had a taste of what that feels like, and we are not gonna tolerate another. Now... there is a version of this conversation where you get to go back to your barn. Your daughter get to graduate with honors. And life as you know it, will go on. You have no idea what your involved with here.

Cade: Really? [takes off his glasses] What's the other version of this conversation? The one when you send in the hired help to murder those little kids? Or you gonna man up and do it yourself.

Attinger: What's your preference? I'm gonna ask you this once, where is Thomas the Tank Engine?

[The others charge head on at the industries transforms and the other Autobots do so as well.]

[Drift transforms into a helicopter and Bumblebee grabs on and kicks the glass]

Bumblebee: Come on, let's get out of here!

[Cross-Hairs firing his machine guns]

Thomas: Get out! All of you!

Hound: Science fair's over, meatbags!

Thomas: Destroy the labs!

Tyrone: What's that?

Pablo: Guys! Guys! We're in here!


Ernie: Hey! Stop! That's my property!

Thomas: It's not your property, Ernie!

King Solar Flare: It never was.

Sparskhot: He was my cousin!

Morley: [cocks Ol' Painless]

Tronie: How do you like it now, poultry. You got a gatling gun in front of ya!

Ernie: [activates his ligthsaber]

Tronie [yelps] [hides behind Morley]

Ernie: [activates his ligthsaber away] Look around you! This is the heart of war, innovation, what we do hear is science! If we can't do it, TBC will! Technology is taking over the world, Thomas! And you cannot stop it!

Thomas: We are NOT technology, Ernie! [kicks a robot part at glass]

Bull: Let me vaporize him.

Ernie: Don't you understand? We don't need you guys anymore.

Thomas: Let's go.

Tronie: What?! We're leaving!?

Morley: Don't worry, I was itching to kill something latley.

Ernie: We have to tell Attinger, everything!

Sideshow Bob: He already knew. [shows his phone on speaker] Speaker!