This is the scene where our heroes are under attacked by a Spinosaurus in Tino Tonitini Goes to Jurassic Park III.

Amanda: Ben? Eric? Ben?

Paul: Oh, Dr. Grant, are you all right? I'm sorry we had to be so--

Alan Grant: Who hit me? Who hit me?

Zander: That would be Cooper.

Alan Grant: What are they doing?

Paul: They're setting up a perimeter to make the place safe. These guys are good.

Alan Grant: On this island, there is no such thing as safe. We have to get back on that plane. Will you tell your wife to stop making that noise? That is a very very bad idea.

Paul: Amanda!

Amanda: Ben?

Paul: Amanda? Honey? Dr. Grant said that's a bad idea.

Amanda: What?

Rod: He says it's a bad idea!

Amanda: What's a bad idea?

(Suddenly they hear a loud dinosaur roar in the trees)

Paul: What was that?

Billy: That's a Tyrannosaurus?

Alan Grant: I don't think so. It sounds bigger.

Gus: Whatever it is we have to escape.

Ed: Good point.

(Then we see Tino, Udesky, M.B. Nash, D-Team and their Dinosaurs are running out of the trees)

Udesky: We have to leave!

Tino Tonitini: We have to leave now!

Max Taylor: Get inside the plane now!

Paul: What's going on?

Tommy: What did you see?

Max Taylor: We'll explain later. Just get in the plane!

(They run to the plane)

Billy: What about the other guy?

Udesky: Copper's a professional, he can handle himself!

(They hear a roar and 2 gun shots from the trees, as they run inside the plane, and then they about to take off)

Amanda: Paul, we can't--

Paul: It's alright. It's alright. We'll circle the island.

Nash: Give me a hand, Udesky!

(The plane is about to leave, but Cooper runs in front of the way)

Cooper: HEY! Stop!

Paul: What's he doing?!

Alan Grant: That's Cooper!

Cooper: Stop!

Nash: Come on, get out of the way! You know I can't stop this plane.

Sakura Avalon: You have to! He can't be here alone!

Kero: Look!

(Then a Spinosaurus came out of nowhere and bites Cooper)

Nash: Oh, my God!

(Nash lifts the plane up and the plane hits the Spinosaurus' sail)

Sci-Twi: Oh no!

Udesky: Fuel cut-off!

Nash: We're going down!

Tino Tonitini: Everyone hold on!

(The plane crashes to the forest as it stops between the trees)

Dan Kuso: Is everybody alright?

Shun Kazami: We're okay.

Kero: (Feeling sick) I think I'm gonna...! (About to throw up)

Paul: You okay?

Udesky: We're okay up here. Everyone just stay put San Juan Approach, Mayday!

Nash: Who has the satellite phone?

Paul: I do. I got it right here.

Udesky: I'm not getting anything. The radio's gone.

(Alan opens the door but it gets stuck on the tree and looks down)

Alan: We haven't landed yet.

Runo Misaki: Now, what do we do?

Lady in the Phone: All circuits are busy.

Nash: Dang it. Oh, man.

(Suddenly the plane shoke)

Paul: What was that?

(Suddenly the Spinosaurus appears outside of the window)

Amanda & Ursula: (Screaming)

Paul: Keep still! Keep still!

Rex Ancient: What? What is it?

Udesky: What is it?

Nash: Hold on! Hang on, everyone!

(The plane rips off)

Dr. Z: Time to back for the Spinosaurus, now! Anything worthless get thrown overboard!

(The Spinosaurus attacks them as it grabs Nash with its jaw)

Nash: No! No! Help me!

(The Spinosaurus grabs Nash outside drops him as he's about to escape, the Spinosaurus steps on Nash and bites his head thus killing him)

Human Fluttershy: Oh my.

Laura: That's got to hurt.

Dan Kuso: Eww! That dinosaur ate him!

Meiling Rae: Disgusting!

(The Spinosaurus looks at the heroes and lets out a loud roar making the plane shaking)

Zander: We're going to fall down!

Tino Tonitini: Hang on!

(The plane falls down and crashes to the ground as the Spinosaurus rolls it over)

Noby: I think I'm gonna hurl.

Kero: Me too!

(Amanda looks outside the window to see the Spinosaurus is coming by as Amanda, Runo and Sakura runs off)

Alan Grant: Mrs. Kirby, come back!

Runo Misaki: (Screams) I'm getting out of here!

Dan Kuso: Runo, wait!

Li Showron: Get back here, Sakura! It's not safe!

Paul: Amanda!

Max Taylor: Get back inside!

(They get back to the wreck plane as the Spinosaurus rolls back to the heroes, then it uses its bare foot to squeeze the plane)

Human Rarity: It's going to crush us!

(The Spinosaurus rolls the plane again as it breaks through the plane with its snout trying to eat Tino and everyone else)

Tino Tonitini: Run for your lives!

Zoe Drake: You said it!

(They run to escape the Spinosaurus, as they escape Dan, Runi, Juile, and Marucho hit the tree)

Riruru: Come on, you guys!

Spike the Dog: What are you doing?!

Max Taylor: There's no time to hit trees, like George of the Jungle, we've got to run!

Julie Makimoto: Hey. That tree came out of nowhere!

Runo Misaki: Okay. RUN!!!

(They go through the trees but they are to thick for the Spinosaurus to get through)

Sakura Avalon: (Breathing in exhaustion) That was close.

Rod: Way to close!