This is how attack of the uber villains goes in Crash', Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of the LEGO Batman Movie.

[back in Arkhanm asylum]

AU Matau: Well, guys. I hope that this Phantom Zone projector is locked up.


Thomas (EG): Going up, miss?

Harley Quinn: No. You're going down.


Harley Quinn: I think you are right, Human Thoma. I am going up. Ding.

[She goes to the roof of a building]

Twivine Sparkle: Cool. Let me have a go.


Twivine Sparkle: Here comes the.... PHANTOM ZONE!!!!!!!


Man: I better go start looting.

Ryvine Sparkle: Hello, Gotham city!

Joker: The Plunder Vine Prince of Dark Friendship and the Clown-prince of Crime are back.


Ryan F-Freeman: Commissioner Gordon? I got something this guy found.


Barbra Gordon: What's that?

AU Ryan F-Freeman: A monkey and a dog are friends.

Ryan F-Freeman: Not that. That?

Joker: And Makuta, Ryvine and I are finally gonna take over Equestria and the city.

Ryvine Sparkle: But, in order for Joker, Thunderwing and Makuta to do it, he needs some help getting out of a big scary prison.

Killer Moth: Hey, guys! He means us!

Villains: Yay!

Ryvine Sparkle: And I am not talking about stupid bad guy wanna bes dressed in cosplay!

Villains: Awww.

Catwoman: Me-ouch!


Joker: We are talking about the new peeps! And they're just like me and Ryvine.

Ryvine Sparkle: The greatest villains you'll ever see. Would you like to meet them?

Man: No.

Joker: Too bad.


Joker: He's evil, he's Magic.

Ryvine Sparkle: And its about to get tragic.

Ryvine and Joker: It's Voldemort!

Lord Voldemort: Magic!


Lord Voldemort: You are a fish. You are a frog. You are a fish frog.

Ryvine Sparke: She's a cute girl from Cats Don't Dance and is Evil Cody's girlfriend. Please welcome Darla Dimple!

Darla Dimple: Nice to meet you, Gotham.


Joker: He is a 9000-year-old incarnation of evil with an eye for jewellery.

Ryvine Sparkle: Give it up for Sauron!

Sauron: Good afternoon, Gotham city.


Ryvine Sparkle: He is the follower of Unicron with a liking to a pony who's name rhymes with "My-bright". Say hello to Thunderwing!

Thunderwing: Hello, Gotham!

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