(They swim to the shore)

Rarity (Pant (Pant) (Pant) oh my

Ray:Keep moveing Robbie, help me with her!

Ash: (Pant) (Pant) I thought we never get out of there

Peabody:Well at least we ok.

Ray: Don't stop! Don't stop!

(Ray, Pooh and the others lay on the Ground Panting.)

Yogi: They will never find us there.

Sora: What can we do?

Pooh: I wish I knew.

Pinkie pie: Look

(They watched as Pelople are Sraming and the Tirpods Graping into there Basket)

Hunter: Oh man

Exile:Oh No

Collen:Those Poor Peolep

Applejack:Ah Choo

Littlefoot:Ah Choo

Sherman:Are you two OK

Littlefoot: No

Applejack: We don't feel so good

Rarity: Ah Choo! Oh no not me too.

Boo Boo: Ah Choo!

Pooh: Bless you.

Boo Boo: Thanks. I don't feel well.

Cera: Great first applejack and littlefoot and now Rarity and Boo boo What is going on.

Ash: I have no idea.

(hears some tripod footsteps)

Littlefoot: Hide

(they hide unseen and kept going)

(As they keep going Robbie stop and look up People cloth falling)

Sora: Mother of lord

Fluttershy: Why would this happen

Peabody: They always attack earth.

Donald: I hate those things

Rainbow Dash: I hate those Tirpods too.

(Hours later )

Rachel: Robbie slowed down.

(Robbie keeps walking)

Robbie: Robbie slowed down.

( he still keeps going)

Rachel: Robbie.

Ray: We gotta stay Together Robbie.

Ray: Robbie stay together


(An Rocket miss aboved there heads jets fly by fireing)

Ray: Get back here.

Bock: Robbie what are doing!

Robbie run up the hill heading to the battlefield

Rachel: Robbie! No Robbie! Come Back!

Ray: Robbie( He put Rachel down)Don't moved! Don't moved! And You guys Stay here.

Twilight: Ok well. Stay. Just hurry

Applejack: No we Coming

Ray: You Cant Now, for God sake stay right I'm coming right back.

Cindy: Oh it's horrible! I can't bear to freeze!

Sora: Cindy, you heard what Ray said! Stay!

(Ray chases after Robbie to stop him)

Ray: Robbie!

( Two soliders stop Robbie )

Ray: Robbie

Robbie: What the heck.

Ray: What are you doing this.

( Tanks solider fire every weapons they had But it had no effect.)

Ray: You Gotta listen. Turn around! I want you to listen to me.

(Robbie turn around laying on his back)

Ray: Listen to me.

Rachel turn watching hellcoters fireing

Ray: Don't do this.

Robbie I wanna be here.

Ray: I know you want to fight

Robbie I need to see this.

Ray: I know it seem you have like you have to but you don't. you don't.

Robbie: Please let me go.

Woman: Wait wait wait What are you doing here all by yourself?

Woman: Look sweetie you gotta come with us please

Rachel: No my dad's getting my brother. I have to stay here.

Ash: We have to stay here too

Woman: You cant stay here.

Man: We gotta go

Woman: I'm not gonna leave theme alone.

Man: Leave

Ray: Im not letting you do this You can hate me

Ray: You can hate me. But I love you

Robbie: Let me go please

Ray: You cant do this

Robbie: Let me go Dad

(Ray Truns seeing a man and woman telling Rachel to come with them)

Ray: will you just listen to me?

Twilight: Robbie if you go out there you die!

Robbie: I need to be here. I want to see this.

Ray: Wait wait Just stay for Rachel. Stay for your sister.

Robbie: Please let me go. You need to let me go.

Sora: But Robbie

Robbie: Im Sorry Sora I Have to do this

Woman: All right Okay. All Right Your coming with us

Peabody: Wait you cant

Woman: We gotta go

Rachel: No,no no you don't understand Dad!

(He let go Robbie jacket)

Rachel: Dad!

Rachel: Let me Go Dad!

Ray run after Rachel and Robbie run into the fight

Ray: Stop

Rachel:That my dad.

Ray: Im her father Im here father.

Man: Im so sorry

Woman: We Thought she was alone She was standing by the tree..

Man: She fine let's go let's go


Cindy: Is he OK?

(THe Hill explows Reval that Robbie is kill)

Ray: Robbie!

Twilight: NO!

Mickey: Oh no!

Littlefoot: Robbie! Noooooooooooo!

Princess Paw: He's gone!

Sawyer: Oh no! He's been shot!

Shaggy: Like let's get out of here!

Rabbit: Run, run! Run!

Ash: Hurry!

Pikachu: Pika!

Cera: Come on!

Mickey: Come on, Goof!

Goofy: Come on, Donald!

Donald: I'm right behind you.

Danny: Look Look She right They have shields.

Twilight: Wait what(Look at three tirpods shields ) The blue farity was right.

Rarity: Less talking more running.

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