Aurora Rose Worgen
Aurora Rose 001

Aurora Rose in her battle gear.

is Leo Lionheart's wife and a member of the LionKingHeart Fantasy Films crew.


Having been born in the city of Gilneas in the world of Azeroth, she was born as a human and lived a normal life in Gilneas City untill the day that the Worgen from Silverpine forest invaded Gilneas she stayed behind with a few others to by King Greymane and any surviors time inside the light's Dawn Cathedral she meet her destiny and took on the form of a wolf following the events she was cured of her savage side by the King's Alchemist Krennan Aranas and meet Leo Lionheart as he was Visting Gilneas, and the two became good friends, and Aurora saved Leo's life when the Forsaken attacked Gilneas by order of Sylvanas. With the help of the Night Elves they fought back against the Forsaken, but Gilneas was lost having promised her that one day they will reclaim Gilneas. Aurora joined Leo back to Earth where by that time Leo and Aurora fell in love. She works for Ludwig Von Drake as his assitant, for inventing to repairing technological objects, such as Leo's Time Omnitrix.


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