This is the when Optimus Prime and the rest off the Autobots battles the NS-5s in Weekenders in I, Robot.

[The Dinobots make their way in]

Optimus: Faster, go! [he and Grimlock start killing NS-5s] I'll kill you! [hops back on Grimlock]

[Hound, our heroes, and Tino continue fighting]

Doraemon: [takes out his Dora-Sword] Come here! [throws his Dora-Sword at the NS-5, he picks it up, and takes out his M1 carbine and SPAS-12] This is for you, Mii. [cocks them and fires]

Tino: [fires his M60 at the NS-5s]

Sunset Shimmer: [fires her .45 colt at the NS-5]

The Powerpuff Girls: [destroy the NS-5s]

Brian: How's this! [gets out his plasma gun and shot the NS-5s]

[Back with the Dinobots]

[The Dinobots continue killing the NS-5s]

Optimus: CHARGE!

[The Dinobots keep going]

Galvatron: No, impossible! They're ruining everything!

Hound: Take that! [flips his cigar and shoots a NS-5] Get off me!

Tino: Don't give up, Hound!

Hound: I can't go on.

Tino: But we gotta keep fighting!

Hound: Tank's empty bro.

Tino: There's more of them coming, if you don't get up we're gonna die, lets go!

[The Dinobots arrive]

Optimus: Attack!

Ash: Wow!

Hound: Optimus is here!

[Bumblebee kills the NS-5 robots]

Optimus: Bee, jump! 

Bumblebee: [does so] 

Starfe: [catches him]

Drift: [kills NS-5 robots]

Oopsy: Okay. Now this is getting better.

[Bumblebee and the NS-5 fight on Starfe]

Bumblebee: Uh-oh!

[Starfe falls]

[Bumblebee and the NS-5 robot continue there fight, then stabs his plasma cannon in his head. Then shoots him into a Victoria's Secret bus]

Bumblebee: I hate cheap knockoffs.

Starfe: [grabs the the NS-5's head and eats it]

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