This is where the avalanche happens and where Skyla saves Snowdrop in The Snowdrop Movie.

[the rumbling is now louder]

Sunil Nevla: Oh, that can't be good at all!

[then a small nit of snow falls down]

Fishlegs: [pointing up] It's an avalanche!

Yuna: Run!

Hiccup: Get in the tree!

[They start climbing on it]

[but When Snowdrop goes to jump on the trunk, the wave of snow swepted her away]

Everyone: SNOWDROP!!!

[It then shows her unconsious]

Snoutlout: She's out cold!

Skyla: I'm coming, Snowdrop! [she then spreads her wings and then fies after Snowdrop] SNOWDROP, WAKE UP!!!

Snowdrop: [wakes up] Skyla, this is all my fault.

Skyla: No, it isn't! It never was!

Snowdrop: Leave me to die.

Skyla: WHAT!? ARE YOU CRAZY?! You're like my sister!

Snowdrop: I'm useless to you all, I don't deserve to be with you.

Skyla: [sees a cliff up ahead] Snowdrop! You are useful to us! If you weren't, we wouldn't of journeyed through this storm to find you! You mean a lot to us!

Snowdrop: Who cares if I made the first snowflake, I was bullied at chruch!

Skyla: No way!

Snowdrop: Yes! Can you believe it, I was bullied in Church! Of all places!

Skyla: Snowdrop! We all get bullied sometimes, but that doesn't mean you should end your life!

Snowdrop: But..

Skyla; SNOWDROP!!! You are very important to us! You can hear things we can't, you have a strong sense of the Force, and you were Nyx's first friend! Please, don't do this!

Snowdrop: [thinks for a little]


Nyx: I'm not a nerd!

Diamond Taira: Yeah you are!

Silver Spoon: If you weren't, then why would you be asking some many questions and wearing those ugly glasses? [laughs]

Diamond Taira: Yeah! And a black coat? Please! Black is so lame!

Nyx: bu.. bu. [her eyes start tearing]

Diamond Tiara: Awww, look, she’s crying. I didn’t realize they let little foals come to school, or maybe that’s your lame special talent: crying.

Silver Spoon: What special talent? She doesn’t even have a cutie mark.

Nyx: [starts weeping]

Diamond Tiara: Like, oh my gosh! I didn't notice that! Not only are you a nerd, and loser, but you are a blank flank!

Silver Spoon: Blank flank forever!

[The 2 laugh and other fillies and colts join them]

Nyx: [starts crying]

[then Diamond Tiara is shoved forward and lands face first in a mud puddle]

Snowdrop: Back off!

Silver Spoon: Oh, it's the blind one. What do you want?

Snowdrop: Leave her alone, Silver Spoon! And you're partly blind too, you nitwit!

Silver Spoon: Hey, at least I have someway to see! Unlike you!

Snowdrop With cheap a pair of glasses? I wouldn't wear those in a week!

Silver Spoon: Knock it off!

Snowdrop: Okay.

[then Snowdrop flicks off her gllasses]

Silver Spoon: My glaseses!

[she goes to search for them, leaving Snowdrop with Nyx]

Snowdrop: You okay?

Nyx: Go on and laugh!

Snowdrop: Laugh? Why would I laugh?

Nyx: You aren't?

Snowdrop: No. I'd never. I'm not like those 2.

Nyx: Why are they so mean?

Snowdrop: They're always like that. I'm Snowdrop, [holds out her hoof]

Nyx: My name's Nyx. [shakes it]

Snowdrop: You wanna play?

Nyx: With me?

Snowdrop: Sure, you're not busy are you?

Nyx: No, I didn't have any plans.

Snowdrop: Come on.

[the 2 then leave the schoolhouse]

[Flashback ends]

Snowdrop: Okay, let's get out of here! [spreads her wings]

Skyla: [does the same]

[The 2 fly out, while avoiding objects]

[they soon reach the tree and everyone hangs on as the snow continues to falls and soon it stops]

Yuna: Guys!

Hiccup: You've made it!

Skyla: Hooray!

[they climb down the tree]

Astrid: You saved Snowdrop, Skyla!

Skyla: I know!

Nightstriker: [roaring]

Brian: There they are!

Twilight: Nyx! Thomlight!

[then we see the others coming up]

Cadance: Skyla, girls!

Skyla: Mommy!

Armor Bride: Daddy!

[they all hug]

Cadance: Where have you 5 been?!

Skyla: Searching for Snowdrop! Say, where is she?

Snowdrop: [looking out in the open]

Astrid: Hey, you okay?

Snowdrop: No. I just wish I could've found my family.

Valka: But Snowdrop, you didn't have to journey out here to find them.

Snowdrop: Yes, I did! I have a letter to prove it.

[she tries to pull out the letter but can't find it]

Snowdrop: It's gone, I must've lost it in the Avalanche.

Armor Bride: "Dear, Snowdrop,

Sweetie Heart: "This is your friends."

Briteny Sweet: "We hope you sleep well, eat better,"

Scander: "Stay warm,"

Skyla: "Keep high hopes."

The 5 girls: "Love, your family".

Snowdrop: You wrote the letter?

Skyla; Yes, I didn't like seeing you so sad, so I wanted to make you feel better.

Snowdrop: [tears up] Thanks Skyla. [hugs her]

Skyla; [returns it]

Snowdrop: I was with my family the whole time!

Skyla: And we're it.

[Eaglesigth and Frostlord start nuzzling her]

Snowdrop: [pets them] And you 2 are my family aswell!

[then Nightstar licks her]

Snowdrop: No, Nightstar!

Yuna: Come here, you!

[Yuna then tickles her]

Snowdrop: Yuna! [laughs]

[then they all start laughing]

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