Here is how the Villains awaken Skyquake and how we see Slade Wilson in his Deathstroke costume for the first time in Ryan F-Freeman's Adventures of Transformers: Prime.

[we see a canyon]

Starscream: Are you certain this is the place, Wilson?

[we see Slade wearing his costume]

Deathstroke: Positive. The government has been lying to the American people for years. But not me.

Twivine Sparkle: Again, I told you this is the right guy.

[Starscream takes out an Energon Cube]

Starscream: This should do the trick.

Deathstroke: But be ready. Cause once he wakes up, it'll get the Autobots' attention.

[as Skyquake awakens, Deathstroke heads for the top of the gorge taking out his sniper]

Deathstroke: They won't know what hit em.

Skyquake: [emerges from stasis] Skyquake serves only one master.

Starscream: Excellent. Your master, Starscream commands you to return with me to the Nemesis at once.

Skyquake: Skyquake only serves one master. Megatron.

Deathstroke: [to himself] Didn't see that coming.

[he reaches a high point where he can snipe any of the heroes that show up]

Starscream: Why is this so difficult for everyone to accept? Lord Megatron, has tragically fallen in battle.

Skyquake: But that is impossible.

Starscream: Skyquake, I found you.

Skyquake: I only live to serve Megatron.

Ryvine Sparkle:[to Soundwave] This isn't getting anywhere, is it?

Soundwave: [in Big McIntosh's voice] Errr, yup.

Twivine Sparkle: They should be arriving in three, two, one.[a ground bridge opens which draws Deathstroke's attention]

[no one notices Punisher drive up next to it]

Optimus Prime: Where are they?

[Deadpool and Matau come out]

Deadpool: Look, there they are.

[they see the villains, not noticing Deathstroke aiming his sniper at Bee's optic]

[The two heroes sense him, while Punisher secretly follows]

Twivine Sparkle:[into an earpiece] Slade, Matau and Wilson are coming your way.

Deathstroke:[over earpiece] Thank you.

[Matau comes back to the groundbridge]

Matau T. Monkey: I'll keep an eye out over here.[notices Frank's car] Hey Deadpool, looks like you might have some backup.

[he sees Frank]

Deadpool: Oh it's fine, he is a good guy.


Deadpool: Yeah. What you said.

Matau T. Monkey:[annoyed] You have no idea what he said, do you?

Deadpool: The question is, do I really care? No I do not.[hums his Theme Song]

Optimus Prime: Never mind. Move out.

[Matau rolls his eyes as Wade and Frank walk away]

[screen goes black as it is thrown by and falls on top of Deadpool]

Deadpool: Ow.

[screen goes black]

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