Here is how away flew the Duke and defeated by the good Captain and the former Horsemen goes in Code Red's Adventures of My Little Pony Equestria Girls.

(upon seeing Flash Fire defeated, the Duke prepared to attack)

The Grand Duke of Owls: I'll destroy them myself then.

(suddenly a light is shown on him)

The Grand Duke of Owls: Ahh!

Selene:(walks away)

Sunset Shimmer: Better run while you can.

Nighlock: I wonder how Cap is holding up.

(we then see Dark Ultron gaining the upper hand on the first superhero)

Dark Ultron: One less hero to worry about.

(before he can kill him, some invisible force pulled him back, revealed to be Magneto)

Magneto: You were pulling your punches Captain.

Captain America:(throws his shield at Dark Ultron)

Dark Ultron:(dodges)

(a sudden gust of wind blew the shield back at him, revealed to be Storm)

Storm: I can't believe you people started the fun without me.

Psylock:(slices DU's gun) What is this? Leave the girls out of the fun day?

Magneto: That's not even a real thing.

Dark Ultron:(tries to stab Cap from behind, only to be blocked by a metal wing)

Archangel: You're as dumb as you stupid looking.

(They hear the sound of a tugboat horn)

(a bright light appears and Dark Ultron is imprisoned in the Phantom Zone)

Theodore Tugboat: I can't believe that always happens when I toot.

Light Ultron:(lands) That was actually me.

Foduck: Oh.

Light Ultron: Come on. We better get back.

George: He's right.

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