The way back at Canterlot and Skipper's plan goes in The Night to Remember.

Leadbottom: Man, Those guys should know better then to Crash a Wedding like this.

Chug: What are we gonna do?

Dynamite: Any ideas, Skipper?

Skipper Riley: (determined) I have an idea. (turns)

Blade Ranger: What idea?

Skipper Riley: You'll see, Blade.

At Skipper's hangar.

Chug: (knocks on the door)

Maru: Password?

Chug: Password?

Maru: Yes.

Chug: Uh? Friendship is Magic?

Maru: Come on in.

Skipper Riley: All right, everyone. You all know why I called this meeting.

Fillmore: Must be something important, Man.

Sarge: Something to do with Hiro and Princess Luna's wedding, right?

Cabbie: Maybe, Sarge.

Windlifter: A possibility for they're sake.

Dipper: We have to try anything. We can't let the villains destroy their best day ever!

Master Splinter: Calm yourself, Dipper! (turns to Skipper) Go on, Skipper.

Skipper: Thanks, Splinter. I've came up with a plan to save Hiro and Princess Luna's Wedding.

Sparky: (pushes a chalkboard with a written plan in veiw)

Skipper: We all know that Twilight and the others are going to rescue Princess Luna, Agreed?

All: Agreed!

Skipper: We're going to need a GPS to find them.

Mack: Well, maybe. Skip, But how're we going to find them on a GPS?

Skipper: Those Miner Trains have navagation equpiment that we can pick up.

Windlifter: (chanting) I have sence a disturbance that flew almost as fast as a male Peregrine Falcon.

Blade Ranger: Alright, You heard, Skipper, We have to carry on his plan, Let's move out!

Maru: Drop the needle.

(The record player is on)

Blackout: It's show time!

Avalanche: Here we go!

Drip: Let's roll!

Pinecone: It's go time!

Dynamite: Let's go!

Scoop: Can we do it!?

Lofty: Yeah, I think so.

Skipper Riley: There's no time to loose

So, Rescue team set off to find Twilight and her friends.

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