This is where we return to Decastor's lair in Diesel City Adventure: The Search for The Cartoon Flamers' instruments.

[we then return to decastor's lair and see him exaiming each instrument (he took them out of their cases)]

Decastor: I'm goona take good care of you, babies.

Texo: Boss! Boss! We have news!

Decastor: What now? And make it quick, I'm trying to enjoy my victory here.

Barret: Those SpongeRaider guys, they're coming here.

Decastor: What? [as Frollo (in his way)] But how I.... nevermind. Get out you idiots!

Texo: But Boss, are you..

Decastor: SHOO!! SHOO!! [sprays him with something]

Texo: Ahh!!! [runs off]

Decastor: Curse those dumb goody 2 shoes, why I... [realizes something] That's it! This will be perfect, not only will I be rid of that wretched band, but I'll take down that medling team once and fall, and all villains will bow to me! But first, let's slow them down. [he then goes to his radio] Listen up, I have atask for you. The SpongeRaiders arre on their way here, do what you can to slow them down! Good. Good bye. [hangs up] Oh those Raiders will have anice surprise for them (laughs)

[Fades back to the presents]

Blackie: Decastor was determined to get rid of the others so they wouldn't get the instruments.

Human Rainbow: Jeez, does he really hate the Cartton Flamers that bad?

Blackie: Yeah, Decastor totally hated everything about the Cartoon Flamers. The music, merchandise, everything!

Peter: Well, Decastor may be nuts. But he's got a right idea. Destroy the instruments.

Human Rarity: Oh, no Peter! The instruments are important to this story.

Peter: It's only my thought.

Brian: So what?

Peter: If he destroys them, then there won't be a reason to head to Diesel City. They can just get new ones!

Skyla: [sounding sick] No! If you destroy the instruments, I'm not hearing the rest of the story. [sneezes] Oh, my!

Peter: Oh, come on? He'll just smash them to bits. Yeah, that's what we'll do! Let's destroy the instruments!

Human Rrarity: Oh, no Peter. You musn't.

Peter: Come on, Rars. He'll just throw them in a volcano.

Human Rarity: Oh, no!

Human Rainbow: Peter! Electric instruments don't come cheap ya know.

[the LPS pets come in]

Zoe Trent: Hey, what's going on?

Nyx: [sounding sick] Oh, hey guys. Blackie was just telling us a story about a crazy diesel who hates a band and where Pablo's the main hero.

Sunil Nevla: Where Pablo's the hero? I think I wanna listen to this story too.

Pepper Clark: [snickers] Pablo? The Main hero? This, I gotta hear.

Blackie: Gather 'round.

[the pets then take a seat on an armchair.]

Zeñorita: {sounding sick] The instruments aren't really destroyed are they?

Blackie: No, they aren't. Now to continue, after that, The SpongeRaiders continued...

[fades to story]

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