Here is how Back at Hogwarts Castle and Brian tells his story goes in Yuna, Stewie and Brian.

Princess Luna: Where is Yuna?

Hiro: Last we've saw her, She was with Brian and Stewie.

Snowdrop: There was an earthquake.

Moon Starlight: You're right, Snowdrop. It was.

Hiro: They must be trap in the mine!

Prince Isamu: (crying)

Princess Luna: Shh, Shh, It's alright, Isamu.

Princess Cornelia: We must organize a search party.

Queen Georgina: I agree.

Princess Cornelia: Hugo! Rita! Report!

Hugo: Help is on it's way.

Rita the Fox: They should be here right about now.

Princess Cornelia: Princess Luna, Any suggestions?

Princess Luna: We must get Tigatron and Airazor right away.

Back in the caverns.

Princess Yuna: We'll wait here until help comes.

Brian Griffin: That's easy for you to say.

Stewie Griffin: I don't know how long are we going to bare it!

Princess Yuna: Stewie sure is taking it hard.

Brian Griffin: Tell me about it.

Stewie Griffin: I miss the wide open space.

Princess Yuna: Brian, Can you remember your puppyhood with Vinny?

Brian Griffin: Come to think of it, I haven't thought about it for a long time.

Stewie Griffin: Tell us, Brian. I'm dying to hear it!

Brian Griffin: A long time ago...

In the flashback.

Brian Griffin: Boy, It sure is great outside.

Vinny Griffin: You bet it is, Brother.

Brian Griffin: Look at this!!

Vinny Griffin: What the heck it that?

Brian Griffin: I don't know.

Vinny Griffin: Let's check it out!

Brian Griffin: Oh My Gosh!

Vinny Griffin: What is that!?

Brian Griffin: A Golden Arrow Tip!

Vinny Griffin: We're Rich!

The flashback ends.

Princess Yuna: Wow!

Brian Griffin: And that fortune kept Luke and his wife going ever since.

Stewie Griffin: No wonder how this happened.

Princess Yuna: We just have to keep hanging in there until help comes.

Brian Griffin: I hope you're right, Yuna.

Stewie Griffin: Me too.

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