The way Back at the Mountain Quarry goes in Yuna and the Monster of Blue Mountain Quarry.

Yuna and Dusty returns to the Blue Mountain Quarry.

Princess Yuna: (saw the landslide sign)

Dusty Crophopper: Let's go check it out.

Princess Yuna: Aaaaahhh!!!

Marion: Sorry about that.

Princess Yuna: Marion? Mary Anne? Mike Millugen?

Marion: That's right. I heard about you and Dusty saved Canterlot from the Jester.

Princess Yuna: You have?

Mary Anne: Yes.

Mike Millugen: Your father told us all about it.

Marion: and so did your father.

Mary Anne: You must be Dusty Crophopper!

Dusty Crophopper: How'd you know me?

Mary Anne: You were a Crop Duster who Became a Racer and a Firefighter and Now you're a new Prince of Equestria?

Dusty Crophopper: Yep.

Mary Anne: Yep. RAWR!!!

Dusty Crophopper: Oh.

Marion: Let's get to work!

Princess Yuna: Skarloey, do you know about these footprints made?

Skarloey: (signs) i don't know, Princess Yuna?

Marion: Do you suppose the Chickens made these footprints?

Princess Yuna and Dusty: Chickens?!

Mary Anne: No, no. Not chickens! Maybe dinosaurs. They live a long, long, long, long, long and very long time ago.

Mike Millugen: Let's get back to work.

Mary Anne: Ok, Mike.

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