This is how Sci-Ryan and Crash

(They arrived back in Traverse Town)

Sci-Ryan: We're back in Traverse Town?

Dorapin: I knew you show up.

Crash: Dorapin, what's going on?

Doralin: Troubles, My friend's needs your help, Dora-Rinho found his Game Partner, and they're at the second District.

Sci-Ryan: Okay, we'll be there for them.

They went off and they found them fight the Dream Eater

Dora Med: I knew you arrived.

Sci-Ryan: Dora Med, where is your Dream Eater?

Dora Med: Don't have one. After I found my Game Partner.

Dora-Rinho: And I'm Dora-Rinho. Dora Med told me all about you.

Crash: I see you need our help.

Dora Med: Yes, let's do it!

They are chasing it and went to the Fountain Plaza and it disappeared

Dora Med: It's gone!

Sci-Ryan: Don't worry, our friends will handle them.

Dorapin: Well, Joshua and the others can handle it soon.

Sci-Ryan: Yeah, they will.

They saw a Keyhole

Dora-Rinho: Once you find your friends, you come to our timeline.

Dora Med: See you at the 22nd Century.

Crash: And we'll see you in our timeline, mate.

They seal the Keyhole

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