Here is how Dawn the I-Rex escaped from her enclosure in Genesis World.

Back in Genesis World, Yuna, Snap Shot and Food Fight came to expect the I-Rex Paddock.

Lilliana: So, Princess. Any reasons why Snap Shot and Food Fight are here?

Princess Yuna: Yeah, They said something about the danger arriving this park.

Lilliana: (notice Dawn's enclosure is gone) Where is she?

Princess Yuna: Who, Dawn?

Snap Shot: Crikey! She disappeared!

Food Fight: Where'd she go?

Princess Yuna: I don't know. Let's check it out.

Lilliana: Be careful.

In the enclosure, Yuna, Snap Shot and Food Fight saw some marks on the wall.

Princess Yuna: There, see the footprints?

Food Fight: I sure did!

Snap Shot: Keep your eyes open, Mates.

Yuna, Snap Shot and Food Fight found the digging hole.

Princess Yuna: There, She was trying to dig her way out.

Food Fight: I wonder how good is her digging abilities.

Princess Yuna: I have no idea, Food Fight.

Yuna, Snap Shot and Food Fight looked at the wall where it were scratched markings.

Princess Yuna: She just climbed her way out!

Snap Shot: I think you're right, Yuna.

Food Fight: But why would she try to do that?

Microscope: (on radio) Paddock to Sky Princess, Do you read me? Paddock to Sky Princess. Can you respond?

Princess Yuna: Loud and clear, Microscope. What's going on?

Microscope: (on radio) Something is slithering behind you. It's in the cage with you!

Something is right behind Yuna, Snap Shot and Food Fight as Yuna turned her head.

Princess Yuna: Move slowly because there's something up behind us.

Food Fight: Ah, man. We're done for! We're gonna get eaten!

Princess Yuna: Run!

Food Fight: Right!

Food Fight, Yuna and Snap Shot ran for their lives.

Princess Yuna: Let's get out of here!

Suddenly, It's coil is surrounding them.

Piranhaconda: (screech)

The Piranhaconda began it's chase. Snap Shot was thrown out of the enclosure by it's coils.


Food Fight opening the door by the time something it slithering it's way. Then he sees Yuna and the Piranhaconda.


In the control room.

Radcliffe: Lock up!

Microscope: Yes, Sir!

Radcliffe: Close the door, Hurry!

Moon Dancer: (on the phone) Can you please tell me?! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

In the I-Rex paddock, the door is closing.

Piranhaconda: (screech)

Yuna flew out of the enclosure. She landed as quick as a flash. But, the Piranhaconda busted through the gates. Yuna slides and hides under the SeaShip Atlantis.

Piranhaconda: (smells with it's tongue and search for it's prey)

Princess Yuna: (keeps herself quite)

Yuna watched for the snake to slither away. She use one of Zeñorita Cebra's snake lotion and cover herself in it.

Piranhaconda: (smells with it's tongue)

The Piranhaconda couldn't smell it's prey and slithered away out of site.

Princess Yuna: (to herself) Wait a minute, I don't see it.

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