Here's how it goes back to Geonosis and Chris' dark side is revealed in Attack of the Clone Equines.

[we then sideswipe back to Geonosis to where we see Blythe back at her starfighter trying to make a transmisson]

Blythe Baxter: The Transmission is working, but we aren't receiving a return signal. And I'm not surprised of that, since the ship took on a lot of damage. Canterlot's too far from here. T7 can you try to boost the power?

T7: [beeping]

Blythe Baxter: Then we'll have to try something else.

T7: [beeps in agrement]

Blythe Baxter: We may be able to contact Chris on Naboo, and then he can transmite our message back to Canterlot from there. [she then activates the transmistor] Chris? Chris, do you read me? This is Blythe Baxter. Chris? Chris! That's weird, he isn't on Naboo, T7.

T7: [beeps]

Blythe Baxter: I'll try and widen the range. I hope nothing bad happened.

[but unkown to Blythe, she is being watched]

[the scanner then picks up Chris' signal]

Blythe Baxter: Well, I find Chris' signal, but it's on Earth. Earth? [hops out] What in the world is he doing on Earth?! I thought the royals told him to stay on Naboo!

T7: [beeps]

Blythe Baxter: [sighs in frustration] We don;t have much time. Begin transmission! [into Transmitter] Chris! Chris, do you read me? This Blythe Baxter.

[back on Earth, BB-8 picks up Blythe's transmission]

Blythe Baxter (on hologram): Chris please retransmit this message to Canterlot.

[Later, Chris returns holding Margurite in his arms in a body bag]

[chris then carries her inside as every watches in simpathy]

[then Later, we see Chris working on Somtething as Sunset then comes in with a tray of food]

Sunset Shimmer: I brought you something. Are you hungry?

Chris: Why did she had to die? I could had saved her! I know it!

Sunset Shimmer: Well, sometimes in life you have to accept things that die, it's part of life.

Chris: I don't care! Someday I will be very powerful! [turns to her] I promise you that, and I'll stop people from dying! This is all Brian's fault! He's jealous, he's holding me back! [throws a rock at his a wall]

Sunset Shimmer: What's wrong Chris?

Chris: They're dead, I killed them, every single one of those clones InGen created! Not just the males, but the females, and the babies too. Even the eggs! They're animals! Horrible, disgusting animals! I HATE THEM!! [them he collapses down]

Sunset Shimmer: She's part of the Force now.

Chris: I'm a Jedi. I'm better than this. [he hugs Sunset as he cries]

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