Here is how Back on Pangea Island goes in Escape from Pangea Island Part 2.

Hugo: I'm sure we'll get you guys home in no time.

Rita the Fox: The sooner the better.

Princess Yuna: So, How far is it to the beach?

Rita the Fox: Not to far from here.

Hugo: We have to build a raft to get to Equestria.

Snowdrop: I hope we'll make it.

Rita the Fox: We will, Snowdrop.

Nyx: Okay, Lead on, you two.

Then, there was a rumble.

Flain: What's that?

Seismo: Uh, I think it was my stomach.

Flain: Are you sure? It's awful loud and even for you.

All: T-Rex!


The foals, their guardians, Hugo and Rita ran for their lives.

Later, they lost the T-Rex.

Flain: That was close. That was really, really close.

Turbo: I think we lost the T-Rex.

Rita the Fox: Don't be too sure, Turbo.

Hugo: That T-Rex won't stop hunting down it's own prey.

Princess Yuna: Let's keep going while we still can.

Magnifo: Okay.

The Mixels climb on board Rita's back.

Rita the Fox: Come on!

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