Here is how back to Washington County and "Then prepare for battle" goes in Pooh's Adventures of The Myth of Burton.

(we see everyone getting ready to leave)

Nighlock: Alright, she's(Red Chopper)all good to go.(to the new allies) You'll be riding with us. That's me and Indominus.

Colossus: What about us, comrade?

Indominus Rex: X-Men, take the Blackbird. Brotherhood, take the Omega Drone.

Edward: What about us?

Nighlock:(deactivates his mask) You're done.

Thomas the Tank Engine: What do you mean?

Indominus Rex: It means you've done enough.

Nightcrawler: If you had payed more attention to these guys, you would have known Shaw can absorb energy.

Blob: And look what happened to yours and one of our own. They got hurt. Worse, they could've been killed. In a simple word, you're staying here and waiting for the MRD to show and guarding the wounded. We'll call Topham Hat, but you are not coming with us. The mardies will take away the two prisoners but you are not getting involved.

Indominus Rex and Rogue: So in a simple word, you're finished, see ya, goodbye.

Percy: Awww.

James: Come on.

Flynn the Fire Engine: Hey!

Thomas the Tank Engine: That's not fair!

Nighlock: Look soldier, I have said this Celestia and Luna, and now I say it to you: Friendship doesn't always win the war.

Selene: Look you tried to do the right thing. We admire that. But you did it in the wrong way. Sometimes, you have to leave villains who aren't like the ones you face, ones on that threaten the Earth in much worse ways, to more experienced heroes. We hope you understand.(they leave them behind shocked)

Thomas the Tank Engine: (to himself) Then we'll just have to learn how to do it the right way.

Nighlock and X-23: I heard that.

(we then see them land in Washington County, which now looks like fortress for war)

Indominus Rex: You've gotta be kidding me.

(She doesn't see Thomas and his Sodor friends behind them)

Major Malfunction: About time you two got here. While you were gone, Wilson deciphered the page. Who are the trains?

Nighlock: What are you talking boss?(turns and sees Thomas and his friends) What the (bleeps) are they doing here with injured?

Thomas the Tank Engine: We've come to fix our mistake.

Nighlock:(growls) Fine! Take the injured to the infirmary now! Prepare for battle! Man battle stations!

Thomas and the team: Yes, sir!

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