Back to Where You Came From

(Alice wakes up in the Sandlot)

Rai: Seifer, strike a pose, y'know?

Seifer: How's this?

Rai: That's totally perfect, y'know!

(Alice sees Fuu take a picture of a posing Seifer while Rai and Vivi stand around her. She is using Toby's camera)

Rai: How 'bout one more, y'know?

(Alice stands up)

Alice: What's that for!?

Fuu: Keepsake.

Rai: Those freaks in the white jumpsuits are gone, y'know?

Fuu: Cakewalk.

Alice: What were those things?

Seifer: Outsiders, that's what.

(Alice shakes her head)

Seifer: And if they don't wise up to the rules around here, I might have to take "disciplinary measure."

Rai: Oh yeah, Seifer's always lookin' after the town, y'know?

(Alice looks over and sees that Abby, Conner, Randy and Toby have arrived. Conner huffs off)

Alice: Wait up!

(Alice runs to follow them)

Seifer: Hey! No chickening out of the tournament tomorrow!

Rai: We'll be waitin', y'know?

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