Here's how going back to the team and Snowdrop and Arlo have fun in Snowdrop's Dino Movie

[we then return to the team who are inside a bush]

Brian: This is called an ambush.

Hiccup: We want here for our dinosaur to arrive and then when it gets caught, we jump out and surprise it!

Pinkie: Oh boy, a surprise party! Is it the apatosaurus' birthday?

Astrid: NO!! It's not that kind of surprise!

Yuna: Can we just be quiet?! We might alert the Apatosaurs of our presence.

Brian: Shhh!!! Listen.


Vinny: That's it!

[They come out]

Brian: We got it!

[However, they look up and see Zoe!]

Brian: Zoe! Hey, uh have you seen our Apatosaurus?

Zoe Trent: I belive I have. She's HANGING UP HERE IN THE TREE!!!

Pepper Clark: Enjoying the view?


Peter: Okay. [he then shoots the rope holding Zoe up]

Zoe Trent: [hits her head on the ground] OW!!! [picks up her beret and puts it back on]

Sylveon: Are you okay?

Zoe Trent: Oh don't worry, I'm fine. But if that happens to me again (indicating Brian, Peter, and the guys) You'll feel pain that was never invented!

Quagmire: [sees somehting] [as Zini] Look!

[they look and see something up ahead and it runs off]

["Raptors/Meeting the Herd" starts playing]

Peter: What was that, a raptor?

Brian: I don't know.

Vinny: Let's go see.

[Brian and Vinny go to check it out]

Tuffnut: I don't think we'll find anything.

Ruffnut: No one asked you, creepo!

Tuffnut: Says you!

Stoick: [as Thorin Oakenshiled] QUIET!!! ALL OF YOU!! We're being watched!

[then Brian and Vinny see somehting which turns out to be a Velociraptor!]

Brian: A Velociraptor!

[Then, another one appeared. Then Vinny looks to the other side and sees 3 more of them. Then are surrounded by the whole pack and one jumps on a rock]

Vinny: Mabye they're friendly, like Blue.

Velociraptor: ROAR!!!!

Vinny: Than again, maybe not!

[They're about to run but 2 block their way]

Brian: Whoa!

[The pin them in]

Squidward: This is just great, we're surronded by bird-like dinos!

[One leaps out but is hit by Toothless]

Yuna: Go! Go!

[They run from their lives as the pack chases them.]

[one then jumps onto Crystal Heart]

Crystal Heart: RAAAAAHHH!!!

[Then one jumps and snaps at Skyla and falls off]

Belle: Sky! Grab on!

Skyla: I can't reach!

[but Skyla grabs Belle's hand and she pulls her up]

[Then they're was a a roar that scared them off]

Sandy Cheeks: Good, they're gone.

[Back with Snowdrop, Arlo, and the dragons]

Snowdrop: Here's Equestria.

Arlo; Wow! What a classy place to live!

Snowdrop: Yeah, but where's everyone? Yuna? Hiccup? Brian? Mama? Nightstar? Nightstriker? Toothless? Where is everypony?

Arlo: Hey, have you ever played before?

Snowdrop: Well, I have. But I'm blind.

Arlo: Oh. How do you play blind?

Snowdrop: I might not see, but I can hear things really well. But I have Eaglesight here to help guide me around.

Arlo: Alright, you're it. [bops her with his tail]

Snowdrop: Hey, no fair! [chases after him]

[both are laughing as they race around]

[Then they hop in a pond]

[they both swim around, occasionally splashing each other. Then head back to the gate roll down a hill and laugh]

[they both stop at the bottom, and laugh loduly]

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