Back to the Academy

(Fade into the wood)

Rabbit: Now that my garden's all cleaned up, I'll try to---

(Cut to Pooh, who has honey all over his face)

Rabbit: POOH BEAR!!!

Pooh: Hallo, Rabbit!


Pooh: I'm sorry, but---

Piglet: It-IT's a-a letter from the ATA!

Pooh: Thank ya, Piglet!

Rabbit: It says...

Pooh: WHAT does it say?


(The adventure team enter Rabbit's house)

Genie: What's all the hubbub?


Tigger: Pooh, yer Adventure Team license expired today!

Owl: IF you don't go back to the academy, and renew it,

Pumbaa: the team will be shut down!

Pooh: That's not good...

Rabbit: The academy's down the Poohsticks bridge..


Pooh: Hum-de-dum-dum...

(Pan out to reveal the academy)

Pooh: How nice...

(Doors open)

(Doors open to reveal a futuristic campus)

Pooh: Things changed quite a bit, since I graduated back in 2006...

(Cut to Jaden, the new headmaster)

Jaden: Ah, Pooh Bear, nice to see ya!

Pooh: You too, Jaden!


CP3O: Are ya here to get your license renewed?

Pooh: Yes, CP3O I am!

R2D2: Beep-bewop!

CP3O: R2, please show him the way to the Adventure-ed room!

R2D2: Boop!

Pooh: What am I doing, If I may ask?

CP3O: YOU are going to mentor this new team for an hour...

(CP30 opens door)

Pooh: Why hello!

Jaden: One of the ways to renew your license, is to mentor a new team!

Pooh: I've suppose they've received their hero handbooks, haven't they?

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